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1819 Hart County, KY Tax List

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Surnames: A-D    E-H    I-P     R-Z

Tax lists are often overlooked as a genealogy resource.  They don't tell us a great deal at first glance but they can lead to the acquisition of land records which could contain a wealth of information that is helpful in our ancestral pursuit.  This is a list of taxpayers who resided in Hart Co, KY 1819.  If they owned land, the location of the land along with the body of water it was situated on is listed.

ALDERSON Aaron Sr. 100 acres Cumberland River, Cumberland Co.
ALDERSON Aaron Sr. 127 1/2 acres Barren River
ALDERSON Aaron Sr. 114 1/2 acres Barren River
ALDERSON Aaron Sr. 200 acres Barren River
ALDERSON Aaron Sr. 200 acres Barren River
ALDERSON Aaron Sr. 130 acres Barren River
ALDERSON Aaron Jr. 150 acres Barren River
ALEXANDER David none
ALLEN David 400 acres, Barren
ALLEN Luke P. 1/2 acres lot Munfordville
ALLEN Maryann 1 lot, Woodsonville
ALLGOOD Joseph R. none
ALLGOOD Samuel none
AMOS Benjamin 1 lot, Woodsonville
AMOS Charles 200 acres Barren
AMOS Erasmus 110 acres Barren
AMOS Francis none
AMOS J. Bailey none
AMOS James 50 acres Green River
AMOS Johnson none
AMOS Mordeca none
AMOS William 70 acres Green River
ANGEL Martin B. 10 acres Little Barren
ATTEBERRY Elijah 140 acres Nolin
ATTEBERRY Thomas 385 acres Bacon Creek
ATTERBERRY Elisha 150 acres Bacon Creek
ATTERBERRY Michael none
ATTERBERRY Michael 10 acres Bacon Creek
ATTERBERRY Solomon none
ATWELL Richard none
ASHWORTH John 10 acres Little Barren
ASHWORTH Samuel none
BAILEY John none
BAIN Matthew R. none
BARNETT William none
BARTLETT Elijah none
BATES James no location but owned several acres listed in 3 entries
BELL George none
BELL Henry Green River
BELL Jacob none
BELL Jacob none
BIGGS Francis none
BIGGS Stephen Barren
BIGGS Stephen Barren
BIGGS Stephen Barren
BIRD Robin H. 3 entries in Green River
BIRD Robin lot in Woodsonville
BIRD William Green River
BLACK James none
BLACK Moses none
BLACKWELL Robert 381 acres
BLAIR Andrew none
BLAIR Alexander Barren
BLAIR James none
BLISSET George Nolin
BOGARTIN John none
BOLLING John Green River
BOLLING Susannah Green River
BOLLING W.W. Green River
BOMER John 207 acres, Bacon Creek
BRADSHAW Thomas 347 acres Bacon Creek
BROOKS George Green River
BROOKS James Green River
BROOKS James Green River
BROOKS John Green River
BROOKS Miles Green River
BROOKS William Green river
BROWN Isaac none
BROWN Lewis 325 acres, Roundstone
BROWN William M. lot in Munfordville
BRUMFIELD Joel Green River
BRUNK Jacob none
BUCKNER Aylett Bacon Creek
BUCKNER Henry W. none
BUMBAUGH Thomas none
BUMGARDNER Christian none
BUMGARDNER Jacob Green River
BUNNELL Jeremiah Little Barren (3 entries the same)
BUNNELL Jeremiah land owned but no location given
BUNNELL Jeremiah 2 lots in Monroe
BURNER Abraham Lincamp
BURRIS Robert Lot in Woodsonville
BUSH Henry none
BUSH John none
BUSH Thomas Green River
BUTLER Enoch Nolin
BUTLER James none
BUTLER Joel none
BUTLER Shubel none
BUTLER Simon owned land but no location given
BUTLER William none
Cally James Bacon Creek
Cann James none
Cann John none
Carlisle John none
Carter Brittain none
Carter Daniel 4 entries, all Green River
Carter Mainfield 2 entries, all Green River
Carter Robert Sr. Barren
Carter Robert Barren
Carter Robert Jr. none
Caswell Elijah Cub Run
Caswell John owned land-location not shown
Caswell John none
Chadoin David none
Chamberlain Young none
Chandler James Green River and lot in Woodsonville
Chandler Martin Green River
Chandoin Andrew 2 town lots in Somerville
Chastine Peter Green River
Clark George 6 entries, Green River and a lot in Woodsonville
Clark George none
Clark John none
Clark Merrill none
Clark Moses Cub Run
Clemmons Isaac none
Clemmons William Lincamp, 2 entries
Clopton David none
Close Henry lot in Woodsonville
Close John W. none
Clymer James Barren
Clymer Jesse none
Coats George Green River
Coats Thomas Barren
Cogdell John none
Cogdell Joseph none
Cogdell Livingston none
Cogdell Thomas none
Cogdell Wm none
Collins Adam none
Conlee William Green River
Constant William Bacon Creek
Conyears William 2 entried, both Barren
Cook Wm. Barren
Coonrad John none
Coonrod Thomas none
Copland John Roundstone
Cottrell blank Dog Creek
Cottrell John Dog Creek
Cottrell Joshua none
Cox Beverly none
Cox James none
Cradic John none
Craddick John none
Craddock Wm none
Craddock Willis none
Crain Anderson none
Crain George Green River
Creel Elijah 4 entries, all Green River
Crump Archer none
Crump Joshua 2 entries, both Green River
Crump Romeo 1 lot in Woodsonville
Dale Wm none
Davidson Hezekiah Barren, 2 entries
Davis Eilhu Lincamp
Davis George Green River
Davis Israel none
Davis John none
Davore John none
Dawson John Green River
Dawson Thomas none
Dawsey John none
Defever John Green River
Dennison Benjamin Sr. Green River
Dennison Benjamin Jr. none
Dennison Isaac none
Dennsion Zacheriah none
Dennison Zadoc none
Dilles Henry Lincamp Creek
Dodson Jas none
Donan David C. 2 entries, Baren and one lot in Greensburg, Green Co, plus 4 lots in Monroe, KY
Dorsay James 2 entries, Green River
Dorsey Robert W. Bacon Creek
Doyle Richard Green River
Drewery Michael none
Duley William none
Dunagan Alex 2 lots in Woodsonville
Dunavan Peter none
Dunwoodace ? Wm none
Durham John none
Dyers John Barren
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Surnames: A-D    E-H    I-P     R-Z


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