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1819 Hart County, KY Tax List

~ I-P ~

Surnames: A-D    E-H    I-P     R-Z

Ines Alexander Barren (2 entries)
Ireland Peter Nolin
Ireland Wm Nolin
Isaac John none
Isaacs Samuel Green River (2 entries)
Jaggers Levi none
Jaggers Nathan Bacon Creek
Jaggers Wm Bacon Creek
Johnson Jonah none
Jones Barnabas Green River
Jones Elihu none
Jones George Green River
Jones George Green River
Jones Jonah none
Jones Philip none
Jones Robert none
Jones Rodger none
Jones Thomas none
Jones Wm Nolin
Jones Wm none
Keeling James none
Kelling Richard none
Kelly Robert Green River
Kesinger Isaac none
Kesinger Joseph Bacon Creek
Kesinger Peter none
Kesinger Solomon Bacon Creek
Kesinger Solomon Bacon Creek
Kesinger Wm Bacon Creek
King Arthur Bacon Creek
King Hiram none
Lard Heskh. none
Lard Jesse none
Lard John 1 lot in Woodsonville
Lard Joseph Barrens and 4 lots in Munfordville
Lamberton Wm none
Lamkin David Roundstone (2 entries)
Lamkins Jeremiah Bacon Creek (3 entries)
Lee Henry none
Leech Henry none
Leech John Green River
Leech Joseph none
Lemmons Abraham none
Lendsy Lewis none
Leza Henry Dog Creek
Lewis Mary none
Light Jacob none
Lively Canon Green River (2 entries) and 2 lots in Woodsonville
Lively Mark Green River
Lobb Reuben none
Logsdon Elisha none
Logsdon Hiram none
Logsdon James none
Logsdon James none
Logsdon John none
Logsdon John Green River
Logsdon John none
Logsdon John Sr. Green River
Logsdon John K. Jr. none
Logsdon Joseph none
Logsdon Samuel Green River
Logsdon Thomas Green River
Logsdon Wm none
Logsdon Wm Roundstone
Logsdon Wm Green River
McCandler Wm none
McCaniel    OR McDaniel Charity none
McCaul Benjamin J. Barrens
McCary John none
McClain George Bacon Creek (7 entries) and land in Warren Co on Bacon Creek
McClain John none
McCubbin ? Green River
McCubbin John none
McCubbin Joseph none
McCubbin Zacheriah none
McGaughey A Bacon Creek (2 entries)
McGaughey Arthur none
McGurie Jesse none
Mardon Jacob none
Martins J. W. Green River (2 entries)
Maxey Ephraim Barrens (4 entries) and land on the Ohio River in Henderson County
Maxey Phillip Green River (2 entries) and land on the Ohio River and 3 acres in Woodsonville
Mayfield George Green River
Meeks Perdy Nolin
Mellon James none
Melton Joel none
Merritt Thomas none
Merry Owen Big Barren
Middleton Handley Bacon Creek
Miller James none
Miller Robert none
Moore Archibald Bacon Creek (2 entries)
Moore David none
Moore George Green River
Munford Richard Green River (7 entries) and acreage in Munfordville
Munford Richard 4 lots in Munfordville
Munford Thomas Lincamp and 1 lot in Munfordsville
Murphy John none
Murray Charles lot in Munfordville
Mury Eli 1 acre Little Barren, 1 entry for Barrens and 3 lots in Monroe, KY
Newton John none
Norton Wm none
Nut Robert A. none
Oaks John none
Oldham John Roundstone, Buff Creek in Grayson Co.
Ooley Peter Green River (2 entries)
Orchard James Green River
Orchard Wm. Green River
Orol? Wm. Lincamp
Osbourn Daniel Lincamp
Owen Charles B. none
Owen Joseph Barren
Owen Peter none
Palmer James Bacon Creek
Parmer Legrand Bacon Creek
Parrish Little Berry Green River (1 entry), Bacon Creek (1 entry)
Patterson ? 1/2 lot in Munfordville, 1 lot in Munfordville
Pearman Wm. none
Pease Wm. Green River
Peaterson Francis none
Pegg Martin Bacon Creek
Penny James none
Peoples Abraham Bacon Creek
Peoples Bird Bacon Creek
Peoples Jessie Bacon Creek
Peoples John none
Pepper Daniel none
Pepper Joseph Lincamp (2 entries)
Pepper Joseph Lincamp (2 entries)
Pepper Joseph none
Perkins Wm. Green River (2 entries) and 1 lot in Monroe, KY
Perry Bartholomew none
Phillips James none
Pindle Hanay none
Pointer John Green River (3 entries)
Portwood Loyd none
Posey Wm. Green River (3 entries)
Powell Stephen Lincamp
Prewitt Sally Green River
Puckett Polly Green River (2 entries)
Puckett Thomas none
Pulliam ? Green River
Pulliam Ann Green River
Pulliam James none
Pulliam Lucy Green River (3 entries)

Surnames: A-D    E-H    I-P     R-Z


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Hart County, KY Civil War Soldiers


Hart County, KY Civil War Soldiers

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Barren County, KY Databases:

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