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1819 Hart County, KY Tax List

~ R-Z ~

Surnames: A-D    E-H    I-P     R-Z

Ragland Gid Jr. none
Ragland Joel Bacon Creek
Ranny John none
Reace David none
Reams Neddy none
Reams Robert Cain Run
Reaves Thomas C. none
Reed George none
Reynolds Charles none
Reynolds David Green River
Reynolds Edward Green River (2 entries)
Reynolds Matthias Green River
Reynolds Nathan Green River
Rhoades John none
Richardson Isham Barrens
Richardson John none
Richardson Wm. none
Richardson Wm. Green River
Richardson Wm. Green River
Richardson W. Goose Creek in Clay Co  (tax was paid for a non resident - Archibald Murphy by W. Richardson)
Riche Tabitha none
Robertson Wm. Barrens (2 entries)
Robeson Eleanor none
Robeson John none
Robson Allen Barrens
Roe Robert none
Rolston Wm. Green River
Romans Isaac none
Romans Jacob none
Rountree Dudley Green River (15 entries), 1 entry each  for Rolling Fork, Barren River, Paint Lick in Garrard Co, Big Barren, Brush Creek and 1/2 lot in Glasgow
Roundtree Turner R. 2 lots in Monroe, KY
Rowe John none
Rowlett Littleberry Green River
Rowlett Peter Green River
Rowlett Phil Green River
Runnals Bartlett Green River
Runnals Wm. none
Salling Wm. none
Sanders Edward none
Sanders John none
Sanders Joseph none
Sanders Samuel none
Self John none
Self Sally Dog Creek
Shadoin John none
Shirley Daniel Barrens
Shirley Samuel none
Short Moses Green River (3 entries)
Sims John Bacon Creek
Simpson George H. Lot in Woodsonville
Skaggs James none
Skaggs John none
Skaggs Matthew none
Skaggs Nancy Lincamp (2 entries) and 1 entry in Green Co, KY on Brush Creek
Skaggs Richard Barrens (2 entries)
Skaggs Sarah none
Smelcer Jacob none
Smith Benjamin none
Smith Daniel Green River (2 entries)
Smith Henry none
Smith John Green River
Smith Nancy Green River
Smoot John none
Smoot John Roundstone
Stall Joel none
Stewart Richard Green River
Stewart Thomas none
Stewart Wm. none
Stone John none
Strange Bird none
Sturgeon James Green River
Sturgeon James Green River (3 entries)
Sturgeon John JR. none
Sturgeon Squire none
Stute? George none
Sullivan Rachel none
Taylor Andrew none
Taylor Isaac Green River
Taylor James Bacon Creek
Taylor John none
Taylor Ninian Bacon Creek
Taylor Simeon Green River
Tevas Thomas none
Tharp Greenberry Bacon Creek
Tharp Ruthaa Bacon Creek (2 entries)
Thompson Daniel none
Thompson John Barren
Thompson Robert S. Green River (1 entry), Little Barren (1 entry)
Thompson William Little Barren (6 entries), 1for Livingston Co on the Ohio River, 1 lot in Monroe, KY
Trent Alexander none
Trobridge Job Sr. Green River (3 entries)
Trobridge John Jr. none
Trowbridge Sally Barren
Trotter Charles Green River
Trotter Wm. none
Turpin Nathan Green River (2 entries)
Vanmeter Nathan none
Vincimer George none
Waller John none
Walters Jadiah none
Walton Larkin C. Green river (2 entries)
Wardrope Wiatt none
Wardrope Younger Green river (3 entries)
Warfield Caleb Lincamp
Warsing Jacob none
Watkins Elijah none
Watkins James Lincamp
Watkins John Lincamp
Watkins Samuel Lincamp
Webb John none
Webb Martin Green River
Wells John Roundstone
Wells Lewis taxed for land but no location shown
Wells Phil none
Wells Thomas none
Wells Wm. none
West James none
West James Nolin
West John none
West Thomas none
Whitman Daniel none
Whitman Chris Knoxes Creek
Whitman John none
Whitman Richard none
Whitman Thomas Lincamp (2 entries)
Whitman Wm. none
Whitman Wm. 1 entry Lincamp, 1/2 acre Green River, 30 feet in Woodsonville
Williams James none
Williams John D. Little Barren
Willson Christy none
Willson James lot in Woodsonville
Willson John none
Willson John none
Willson John Jr. lot in Munfordville
Willson Wm. Green River
Wilson James Green River and 9 lots in Woodsonville
Wilson Jeremiah Barrens
Wilson John Bacon Creek
Wilson Wm. Bacon Creek
Wiltberger J. W. Green river and 3 lots in Woodsonville
Winlock Wm. none
Winn John none
Wood George T. lot in Munfordville
Wood Isaac W. none
Wood Jesse Green river
Wood William J. Green River (4 entries) and 1 entry in Blue Springs
Woodson Robert S. none
Woodson Thomas Green River (2 entries), 1 entry for Little Barren and 5 lots in Woodsonville
Woosley Joseph Green River and 1 lot in Woodsonville
Wright Allen Bacon Creek
Wright Carter Bacon Creek
Wright John none
Wright John Bacon Creek (2 entries)
Wright Levi none
Wright Tabitha Lincamp
Wright Vincent Bacon Creek
Wright Wm. Green River
Wyett Isaac Lincamp
Wyett James Lincamp
Wyett John M. none

Surnames: A-D    E-H    I-P     R-Z


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Hart County, KY Civil War Soldiers

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