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1850 Dunklin County, Missouri Census

The 1850 census was the very first Federal census that asked for the names of all members in the household.  This makes it one of the most important census to find.  If you find your ancestors on this one, it will be easier to go back in the earlier census where only the head of household is listed.  
This is by far, one of the most "difficult to read" census I have attempted to transcribe.  If you recognize any of these families and I have gotten the surname wrong, I apologize and request that you let me know so it can be corrected.  

Dunklin County was organized February 14, 1845, from that portion of Stoddard County south of the parallel of 36 30".  In 1853 a strip nine miles wide was added to this territory on the north.  The county was named in honor of Daniel Dunklin, Governor of Missouri from 1832 to 1836.
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Notes about this census
Information listed at the end of this census:  
215 households, 1217 (free) persons, 15 Slaves, 1232 Total persons.
In 1848 Dunklin County had 1032 Total persons.

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1 WHITNEY Simon 54 M FARMER SC X      
    John 21 M   MO        
    Dolly 23 F   MO        
    Martha 19 F   MO        
    Elizabeth 17 F   MO        
    Davis 15 M FARMER MO        
    Emily 15 F   MO        
  HENSON Mary N. 32 F   TN        
    Levi 14 M   MO        
    Mary 5 F   MO        
    Minerva 3 F   MO        
    Sarah 2 F   MO        
2 BAKER James 49 M FARMER SC        
    Drusilla 46 F SC          
    James 17 M FARMER MO   X    
    Louisa 12 F   MO   X    
    Delila 10 F   MO   X    
    Burdin ?? 8 M   MO        
    Esther 5 F   MO        
3 HORNER William Sr 55 M FARMER TN        
    Mary 52 F   KY        
    Louisa 28 F   TN     X  
    Elizabeth 24 F   TN     X  
    William 22 M FARMER TN     X  
    Mary 20 F   TN     X  
    Elijah 17 M   TN        
    Latesia 14 F   TN        
    Agnes 9 F   TN        
    Andiomeda 20 F   KY     X  
    James 2 M   MO        
    Casiop ?? 11 mo F   MO        
5 LAYDON E.J. 29 M MERCHANT VT        
    Sarah Ann 19 F   MO        
    Truman 2 M   MO        
6 WHEELER David 50 M   NY        
    Louisa 25 F   IL        
    Martha 19 F   IN        
    Charlotte 17 F   IN        
    John 13 M   MO        
    Levi 11 M   MO        
    Thomas 9 M   MO        
    Caroline 6 F   MO        
7 EVANS David 46 M FARMER KY     X  
    Mary 36 F   IN     X  
    Eliza 16 F   KY        
    Francis 13 M   MO        
    Frederick 11 M   MO        
    Nathomiel (?) 9 M   MO        
    Elizabeth 6 F   MO        
    Solomon 1 M   MO        
8 GREENLEE Abel 34 M FARMER TN     X  
    Martha 24 F   VA     X  
    James 16 M   TN        
    Abel 11 M   TN        
9 Mc DANIEL Anderson 32 M FARMER TN       X
    Mary 30 F   TN       X
    Elizabeth 52 F   AL       X
    Harvy 18 M   TN        
    Julia 25 F   TN        
    James 2 M   MO        
    James 5 M   MO        
    John 1 M   MO        
10 FINDLEY David 27 M FARMER IN       X
    Margaret 22 F   TN       X
    William 8 M   MO        
    Moses 6 M   MO        
    Jessee 4 M   MO        
    Eliza 2 F   MO        
  Mc DANIEL Mary 4 F   MO        
11 GIPSON Samuel 60 M FARMER OH       X
    Racheal 45 F   TN        
    Wilbourn 20 M   IN        
    Joel 15 M   IL        
    Jefferson 13 M   IL        
    Alfred 9 M   IN        
    Rebecca 7 F   MO        
12 MURPHY Nathaniel 54 M FARMER VA        
    Cintha 37 F   TN        
    Nathaniel 11 M   TN        
    Thomas 9 M   MO        
    Andrew 7 M   MO        
    John 5 M   AR        
    Emily 2 F   AR        
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