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1860 Federal Census Transcript of New Hanover Twp, New Jersey

Census Index - Surnames S-Sm

This census was transcribed and donated by Warren Harris Jr.

Thanks to his generosity, many of you will be helped in this area of Burlington County, New Jersey.

Surname Index

A   B-Bri   Bro-Bu   C-Cl   Co-Cu   D-Da   De-Du   E   F   G   H-Har   Hav-Hu   IJK   L  M-N   P   Q-R   S-Sm   So-Sz   TUV   W-Y


All names have been indexed but am in progress of linking to census pages.

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96 Sagers Caleb
60 Sagers David Anthony
96 Sagers Emeline
96 Sagers Hannah
158 Sagers John
96 Sagers Josephine
96 Sagers Maria
96 Sagers Phebe
96 Sagers Samuel
96 Sagers Thomas
96 Sagers William
96 Sagers William Henry
256 Sapp John
256 Sapp Sarah
256 Sapp William
256 Sapp William
308 Scarem George
127 Scarem Joseph H.
127 Scarem Martha Ann
399 Scott Ann
399 Scott George
399 Scott Margaret
399 Scott Walter
437 Scroggy Alfred B.
437 Scroggy Hugh
437 Scroggy Lizzie A.
437 Scroggy Sarah
111 Sephus John
106 Sexton Caroline
68 Sexton Emma
68 Sexton Georgeanna
106 Sexton Horace
68 Sexton Howard N.
120 Sexton Isabella
68 Sexton James C.
68 Sexton Margaret Ann
106 Sexton Maria
115 Sexton Mary Ella
115 Sexton Rachel
115 Sexton Richard
115 Sexton Samuel
106 Sexton Sarah Comelia
120 Sexton William T.
120 Sexton Wilmer Ivins
89 Sharp Alexander
89 Sharp Frances
89 Sharp Isreal
89 Sharp May Matilda
89 Sharp Rachel
79 Sheedy Michael
302 Shinn Adelaid
258 Shinn Barzillai J
302 Shinn Caleb
258 Shinn Charles L.
161 Shinn Elizabeth T.
258 Shinn Frances L
207 Shinn Heate
161 Shinn John B.
258 Shinn Joseph L.
302 Shinn Martha
302 Shinn Rachel
302 Shinn Stacy
302 Shinn Susan
79 Shortell Margaret
79 Shortell Mary
79 Shortell Patrick
79 Shortell Robert
4 Shreeve Alexander
10 Shreeve Mary Emily
10 Shreeve Samuel
4 Shreeve Sarah
10 Shreeve Sarah
10 Shreeve Theodilia
204 Shruby Elizabeth A.
204 Shruby GeorgeAnna
421 Shruby Jeremiah
421 Shruby Mahalah
204 Shruby Michael
204 Shruby Sarah Elizabeth
204 Shruby Theodore
332 Simons Mary
332 Simons Thomas
403 Sims Benjamin
216 Smith Alfred C.
216 Smith Ann
216 Smith Apollo W.B.
324 Smith Arabella
217 Smith Charles P.
217 Smith Elizabeth
324 Smith Elizabeth
363 Smith Henry R.
217 Smith Joel
216 Smith Rebecca
324 Smith Richard
324 Smith Richard W.
217 Smith Sarah Elizabeth
324 Smith Susan
324 Smith Temperance
363 Smith Thomas G.
216 Smith Washington
216 Smith William
368 Smith William
363 Smith Mary B.
193 Smyers Daniel
72 Smyers George
72 Smyers Jane
72 Smyers John L.
193 Smyers Margaret
193 Smyers Robert
72 Smyers William

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Surname Index:  

A   B-Bri   Bro-Bu   C-Cl   Co-Cu   D-Da   De-Du   E   F   G   H-Har   

Hav-Hu   IJK   L  M-N   P   Q-R   S-Sm   So-Sz   TUV   W-Y


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