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1870 Federal Census Records M Surnames

Alphabetical Index of Tarrant County, Texas

There are two different indexes.  

The Alphabetical Index  will show the page number and line number of all heads of household and folks with other surnames in a household.  

The Enumeration Order Index will show the order of enumeration to see who lived near who along with the age and birthplace of the individuals.  I hope these indexes will be a help to Tarrant County researchers.




1870 Federal Census Index of Tarrant County, Texas In Alphabetical Order

Alphabetical Index of all surnames on the 1870 Federal Census of Tarrant County, Texas

M Surnames

Surnames starting with: 

















Birth, Marriage & Death Collection



MABEN, N. M. 514A 11
MACULLOW, W. 503A 12
MADDEN, C. T. 506B 26
MADDEN. H. 506B 33
MAGEE, S. H. 519A 22
MANDY, Mary P. 517B 16
MANSE, Sarah 549A 17
MANSE, T. W. 549A 8
MANSHIP, James 476A 3
MANSHIP, R. 473A 23
MANSHIP, William 536A 19
MAPPIN, F. S. 492A 32
MAPPIN, M. (female) 492B 25
MARCUM, B. 483B 36
MARQUES, C. 476B 34
MARRS, A. R. 534A 24
MARRS, John G. 535B 27
MARSHALL, Isaac 485B 22
MARSHALL, James 528B 5
MARTIN ??, J. 481B 23
MARTIN, A. V. 524B 24
MARTIN, C. (female) 502B 18
MARTIN, G. F. 478A 4
MARTIN, J. H. 480B 4
MARTIN, John 508A 30
MARTIN, L. 490B 16
MARTIN, Millie 524B 25
MARTIN, Thomas F. 499B 27
MARTIN, U. R. 508A 33
MARTIN, Wm. 492A 17
MARTIN, Wm. 542A 11
MARTINS ??, M. (female) 491A 39
MASON, Ann 502A 18
MASON, Mary J. 547A 28
MASSIE, Wm. 497B 29
MASTERS, B. B. 477A 24
MATHEWS, A. J. 500B 32
MATLOCK, L. B.  479B 11
MATTHEWS, Jacob 525A 16
MATTON, M. E. 521B 20
MAUCK, ?. 524B 26
MAY, William 535B 3
MAYHAN, ?. J. (female) 504A 34
MAYHAN, Francis 504A 36
MAYS, M. (female) 508A 18
McBRIDE, C. 475B 1
McCAIN, A. (female) 538B 39
McCAIN, R. E. 507B 28
McCANNE or McCANNEL, R. 519A 26
McCANNE, A. C. 483B 38
McCARTY, C. A. 521A 17
McCLANE, L. L. 543A 29
McCLESKEY, G. W. 514A 1
McCOM??, Jane 476A 18
McCOMAS, S. S. 491A 29
McCORMICK, J. C. 509A 28
McCOY, T. 543A 38
McCRACKENS, A. 484B 34
McCUTCHINS, John 496B 14
McDANIEL, A. 490B 20
McDONALD, A. R. 481B 39
McDONALD, E. B. 508A 19
McDONALD, Jack 473A 26
McDONALD, L. (female) 529A 23
McDOWELL, R. P. 531B 6
McFADDEN, W. R. 477B 13
McGINNIS, J. C. 512A 3
McGINNIS, W. W. 502A 24
McHORD, Flora 488A 38
McHORD, Martha 488A 36
McKINNEY, J. (female) 509B 7
McKINZIE, C. 491B 36
McLAIN, A. B. 483B 5
McMURRY, I. B. or J. B. 504B 6
McMURRY, T. E. 508B 6
McMURRY, W. 544B 7
McMURY, E. (female) 538A 36
McNARRY, W. H. 542A 18
McNEW, Wm. A. 535A 17
McNUTT, H. 502A 14
McNUTT, J. A. or Z. A. 484A 29
McNUTT, W. 501B 2
McVAIN, L. (female 514B 40
McWILLIAMS, James 477B 28
MEASLES, Jack 545A 25
MEDLIN, E. (female) 512B 13
MEDLIN, George 507A 25
MEDLIN, P. J. or P. Z. 512B 7
MEEK, M. S. 542A 28
MERRELL, B. P. 479A 40
MERRELL, D. 477B 35
MERRELL, J. 479B 1
MERRELL, R. B. 506A 21
METCALF, Andrew J. 495A 27
METCALF, J. T. 495A 24
MICHEL, R. T. 516B 11
MICLESS, O. 543B 20
MILBURN, D. 543B 32
MILBURN, Dave 520A 1
MILBURN, J. G. 530B 21
MILBURN, Jack 522A 12
MILBURN, S. R. 530B 12
MILICAN, M. D. 536A 35
MILLARD, J. M. 489B 13
MILLBREN, S. W. 518B 5
MILLER, Ann 493A 26
MILLER, Charles 487B 18
MILLER, J. H. 530A 33
MILLICAN, Katy 545B 6
MILLS, J. M. 498A 13
MILSAP, Florence E. (female) 498A 4
MILTON, Ezekiel 496B 39
MILTON, J. C. H. 492B 3
MILTON, Jacob 549A 1
MINTER, G. W. 509B 19
MITCHAEL, W. A. 487B 4
MITCHEL, E. M. 524A 32
MITCHEL, J. T. 520B 9
MITCHEL, W. W. 500B 26
MITCHELL, R. A. 540A 36
MITCHELL, S. 538B 19
MITHCELL, F. (female) 541B 27
MONDAY, Rosco 484B 18
MONTGOMERY, Lewis 499B 15
MOODY, M. (female) 510B 36
MOON, A. T. 482A 22
MOON, B. 482B 37
MOON, H. D. 482A 16
MOORE, M. 510B 5
MOORE, Nancy H. 522A 24
MOORE, Wm. A. 496B 22
MOREHEAD, J. L. 493A 19
MORGAN, Alford 499A 12
MORGAN, G. (female) 20
MORING, N. (female) 492A 38
MORRIS, J. S. 485B 5
MORRIS, T. W. 522A 33
MORRIS, W. 492A 19
MORRISON, Juda (female) 503B 19
MORRISON, M. (female) 503B 23
MORROW, Joseph W. 495B 31
MORROW, Robert 496B 31
MOSES, David 474B 1
MULLIKEN, J. L. 494B 10
MULLINGHOUSE, Daniel 519A 16
MULLINS, A. B. 542B 15
MURPHY, Mary 537B 30
MURPHY, Nathaniel 537B 34
MURPHY, S. B. 505B 6



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