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1870 Federal Census Records N-P Surnames

Alphabetical Index of Tarrant County, Texas

There are two different indexes.  

The Alphabetical Index  will show the page number and line number of all heads of household and folks with other surnames in a household.  

The Enumeration Order Index will show the order of enumeration to see who lived near who along with the age and birthplace of the individuals.  I hope these indexes will be a help to Tarrant County researchers.




1870 Federal Census Index of Tarrant County, Texas In Alphabetical Order

Alphabetical Index of all surnames on the 1870 Federal Census of Tarrant County, Texas

N-P Surnames

Surnames starting with: 


















Birth, Marriage & Death Collection




Texas, 1851-1900 Marriage Index


NANCE, G. 528A 1
NASH, T. J. 530B 5
NEAL, Alonzo 522A 38
NEAL, C. J. 476B 16
NEAL, Joseph 498B 15
NEICE, C. C. 482B 14
NEICE, J. R. 505B 26
NEICE, T. 505B 22
NELSON, H. M. 492B 30
NELSON, Jourdan 520A 13
NEUGENT, Joseph 534B 10
NEW, A. (female) 494B 39
NEWLY, S. C. 480B 8
NEWMAN, R. 531A 8
NEWTON, A. 530B 27
NEWTON, T. D. 529B 37
NICHOLS, J. T. 513A 8
NORMAN ??, G. W. 520B 25
NORRIS, John 487B 25
NORRIS, Martin 487B 32
NORRIS, R. (female) 536A 20
OGLEHER, J. N. 540A 16
OLDHAM, J. 482B 39
OLDHAM, John N. or John A. 520A 14
OLDHAM, S. W. 520A 22
OLIVER, A. 513B 12
OLIVER, S. L. (female) 513B 3
OLIVER, W. N. 513B 19
O'NEAL, Wright 524B 20
ONSLEY or OUSLEY, F. 476A 36
ORICK, E. M. 528A 18
ORICK, T. R. 517B 4
OUSLEY, Wm. 519A 7
OVERTON, A. W. 523A 6
OVERTON, W. H. 520A 5
OWEN, Hesaki 497B 7
OWENS, J. H. 481A 32
OWENS, Zachariah 473A 14
OXFORD, J. W. 517B 11
OZEE, J. P. 527B 10
PAGE, H. ? 510B 21
PANKEY, P. M. (female) 528A 40
PARISH, J. M. 531A 1
PARKER, A. 489A 8
PARKER, Catherine 495B 7
PARKER, Dan 526A 1
PARKER, Elizabeth 497B 28
PARKER, Isaac 495A 36
PARKER, J. 486A 32
PARKER, J. G. 492B 34
PARKER, L. or T. 514A 15
PARKER, M. H. (female) 477B 19
PARKER, S. 544A 7
PARKEY or PORKEY, Pleasant 521A 40
PARMAN, G. F. 524A 3
PARMON, J. W. 475A 1
PARSONS ??, Dennis 536A 7
PASCHAL, J. B. 507A 33
PATRICK, E. 545A 5
PATTERSON, Robert 518B 28
PAYNE, B. R. 490B 28
PAYNE, C. G. 519A 1
PEAK, C. M. 523A 14
PEARSON, F. 521B 23
PEETE or BEETE, Richard 519B 30
PEGRAM, L. (female) 501A 37
PENNETTON, J. B. 543B 28
PERKINS, L. S. 543B 25
PERKINS, L. T. 479A 3
PERKINS, Lenton 535B 11
PERKINS, W. 478A 30
PERKINS, W. A. 535A 27
PERRY or PENNY, F. S. 482B 25
PERRY, N. B. 543A 10
PETTIE, Shortel ?? (female) 536B 19
PEW, J. H. 477B 22
PHILLIPS, J. M. 501B 28
PHILLIPS, W. A. 475B 28
PIERCE, L. J. 478B 33
PIERSALL, George 502A 38
PLUMMER, Wm. 495A 13
POE, W. 479A 31
POPE, J. P. 484B 6
PORTER, A. 513A 34
PORTER, Charles B. 488A 31
PORTER, W. B. 509B 21
PORTWOOD, D. O. 483A 6
POZER ?, M. R. 492B 16
PRATHER, G. W. 490A 23
PRATHER, H. M. 473A 18
PRATHER, J. D. 510A 14
PRATHER, J. T. 510A 12
PRATT, John 523B 33
PRICE, James 522A 32
PRICE, James 522B 33
PRICE, W. W. 481B 29
PRICE, Wm. 522A 25
PROCTOR, H. W. 492B 40
PROCTOR, R. (female) 489A 36
PROS?, T. 481A 25
PUGH, A. E. 532B 10
PULLIAM, W.  540B 5
PURVIS, D. 541B 32
PURVIS, Ned 525A 30



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