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1870 Federal Census Records Q-S Surnames

Alphabetical Index of Tarrant County, Texas

There are two different indexes.  

The Alphabetical Index  will show the page number and line number of all heads of household and folks with other surnames in a household.  

The Enumeration Order Index will show the order of enumeration to see who lived near who along with the age and birthplace of the individuals.  I hope these indexes will be a help to Tarrant County researchers.




1870 Federal Census Index of Tarrant County, Texas In Alphabetical Order

Alphabetical Index of all surnames on the 1870 Federal Census of Tarrant County, Texas

Q-S Surnames

Surnames starting with: 

















Birth, Marriage & Death Collection




QUAYLE, ?. A. M. 493A 21
QUIRL, J. N. 494B 17
RAGLAN, T. J. 538B 12
RAGSDALE, F. L. 481A 3
RAMSEY, E. W. 544A 27
RAMSEY, S. S. 541A 34
RAY, A. D. 543A 1
RAY, Jane 527A 15
RAY, Joel 543A 6
RAY, John C. 527A 11
RAY, M. R. (female) 483B 8
RAY, W. N. or H. N. 515A 1
RAYBORN, D. 482A 1
RAYBORN, M. 482B 18
REAMS, John 543A 3
REED, F. N. or J. N. 518B 17
REED, George 523B 1
REES, Thomas 488A 4
REEVES, Geo. F. 495A 20
REUSHING, Daniel 545B 8
REYNOLDS, Henry 475A 5
REYS, Josiah 487B 37
RHODES, J. D. 514A 35
RHODES, W. A. 479B 23
RICE, R. F. 545B 9
RICHARDSON, G. A. (female) 489A 32
RICHEY, R. C. 537B 28
RICHEY, Sarah 537B 33
RICHEY, Thomas 521B 26
RICHEY, V. S. or H. S. 508A 10
RICKETS, L. (female) 523B 16
ROBERTS, A. 541B 35
ROBERTS, Hugh 474A 32
ROBERTS, R. M. 537A 34
ROBERTSON, E. J. 500B 22
ROBINS, Joseph 487A 38
ROBINS, Thomas 487A 28
ROBINS, W. J. 511B 20
ROBINSON, C. 476A 30
ROBINSON, E. Z. 478A 23
ROBINSON, J. B. 487A 20
ROBINSON, Jane 525A 38
ROBINSON, W. A. 478A 22
ROBINSON, W. M. or H. M. 520B 13
ROBSON, Newton 518B 11
ROGERS, A 480A 19
ROGERS, D. C. 498A 8
ROGERS, E. T. ?? 491A 20
ROGERS, Elijah 498B 21
ROGERS, G. W. 490A 24
ROGERS, J. M. 491A 18
ROGERS, J. N. 491A 11
ROGERS, Michael 500B 1
ROGERS, P. 514B 13
ROGERS, R. B. 491A 25
ROGERS, T. F. 544A 20
ROGERS. H. 482B 12
ROLIN, W. C. 531A 14
ROLSTON, A. S. 478B 39
RONSON, Sarah 536A 37
RONSSON, Nathan 536B 7
ROSE, J. B. or I. B. 506A 25
ROSS ?, ?. ?. 477A 5
ROSS, H. W. 496B 17
ROSS, M. J. (female) 484B 14
ROUCK, Antonio 523B 6
ROUCKER, A. 545A 1
ROWDEN, C. A. 544B 38
RUCKER, Virgil 526A 38
RUDD, E. 478B 34
RUSH, Reuben 526B 1
RUSHING, Elizabeth 487A 39
RUSSAW, Green 499A 11
RUSSELL, G. H. 532A 13
RUSSELL, J. 481B 1
RUSSELL, J. G. 543B 8
RUSSELL, J. T. 544A 39
RUSSELL, S. B. 544A 34
SAMS, C. A. 501A 18
SANDERS, J. (female) 530B 4
SANDERS, Thomas 485B 11
SANSOM, S. D.   473A 1
SAORS ??, Lucinda 535A 4
SAVAGE, Rosalin 488B 24
SAWYERS, M. J. 511A 40
SCHERING, M.  491B 27
SCOTT, J. J. 532A 19
SCOTT, J. L. 494B 35
SCOTT, J. T. 506B 22
SCOTT, T. 529B 19
SCOTT, Tilford 521A 25
SCRIBNER, Wm. 493B 5
SEARBRO, W. P. 532B 28
SEXTON, John 496B 30
SHARP, J. W. 519A 12
SHARPO ??, W. H. C. 518A 27
SHELTON, B. 492A 1
SHELTON, J. F. 524A 20
SHERIDAN, L. E. 542A 32
SHERMAN, J. 514B 9
SHOCKEY, G. W. 531B 1
SHOCKEY, John 531B 14
SHOFNER, W. C. 529A 33
SHORT, W. C. 539B 9
SIMES, O. 544B 5
SIMMONS, J. H. 489B 24
SIMMONS, J. R. 485A 17
SIMMONS, Jane 489B 27
SIMMONS, R. P. 489B 22
SIMPSON, D. M. 493B 36
SIMPSON, J. W. 494A 2
SINNS, R. S. 491A 31
SITTEN, James 498B 35
SITTEN, Wm. 498B 29
SLOCUM, George 535B 20
SLOCUM, R. C. 476A 9
SMALL, T. 492B 18
SMALLWOOD, Porter B. 536A 27
SMART, Andrew 535B 35
SMART, J. 538A 22
SMART, J. W. 509B 8
SMART, Jonathan C. 535B 30
SMITH, B. M. 487B 20
SMITH, C. M. 505A 27
SMITH, D. 513B 10
SMITH, Ed 519A 21
SMITH, Eli 474A 13
SMITH, G. W. 538B 1
SMITH, H. 544B 14
SMITH, Handy 496A 14
SMITH, Isom 474A 16
SMITH, J. 541B 25
SMITH, J. H. 527A 39
SMITH, J. P. 527B 31
SMITH, James 518B 12
SMITH, James W. 527A 1
SMITH, Jeff 524B 32
SMITH, L. A. (female) 516A 28
SMITH, L. H. 525A 21
SMITH, M. 493B 30
SMITH, Morgan 489A 33
SMITH, S. R. 506B 7
SMITH, Tasha OR TASKA 519A 20
SMITH, U. A. 479B 22
SMITH, W. W. 497B 32
SNELLEN, Clark 517A 11
SNIDER, R. M. 478A 31
SNODEN, Fannie 545A 39
SNOW, F. M. 476B 26
SNOW, Jack or Zack 526B 17
SNOW, R. 475A 26
SNOW, Sarah C. 475A 23
SNUGG ?, M. M. (female) 494B 11
SNYDER, Joel 485A 29
SOVINEY ?, W. B. 477A 18
SOWELL, ? 492B 20
SPANGLE, W. A. 495B 19
SPENCER, J. 515A 20
SPENCER, R. (female) 515A 25
SPLAWN, S. C. 512A 32
STARR, Daniel 493B 19
STARR, J. D. 493B 26
STATUM, D. 501A 38
STEED, M. 512A 15
STEPHENS, A. D. 509A 18
STEPHENS, Isaac 486A 7
STEVENS, E. (female) 503B 36
STEVENSON, M. (female) 540A 22
STEWARD, J. A. 531A 4
STEWARD, L. (female) 533A 10
STEWART or STEWARD, James A. 528B 32
STILE, Lorenzo 536A 30
STINNET, R. 483A 27
STOCKDALE, Amanda 523B 32
STOCKDON, W. O. 534B 27
STONCIFER, Joseph 495B 24
STONE, M. A. (female) 530A 39
STONE, Margaret 519B 32
STOUT, Julia A. 497B 12
STOWEL, Serena 474B 38
STRAHAN, J. A. 486A 15
SUBLETT, J. W. 479A 24
SULIVAN, Thomas I. or O. 519A 15
SUMMERS, S. H. 542B 9
SWEET, S. M. 515B 11
SWEET, W. L. 515B 1
SWINGLE ??, A. C. 504B 25
SWISHER, H. B. 538A 37



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