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1870 Federal Census Enumeration Index of Tarrant County, Texas

There are two different indexes.  

The Alphabetical Index  will show the page number and line number of all heads of household and folks with other surnames in a household.  

The Enumeration Order Index will show the order of enumeration to see who lived near who along with the age and birthplace of the individuals.  I hope these indexes will be a help to Tarrant County researchers.




1870 Federal Census Records Index of Tarrant County, Texas Pages 545A - 549A

This index has been left in the same order in which it was enumerated so you can see possible family relationships by looking at neighbors.  All surnames found in this census are included in the index. 

An * indicates they are living with someone and are not the head of household.  All names are male unless I have noted them as a female.

Note:  There seems to be some confusion as to the precinct numbers.  Some are scratched out as if they were confused.  Happy Hunting!

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Pages 545A - 549A
ROUCKER, A. Pct. 1 Ft. Worth 53 M TN 545A 1
PATRICK, E. Pct. 1 Ft. Worth 34 W MA 545A 5
BROWN, James H. Pct. 1 Ft. Worth 20 W AL 545A 9
BROWN, David M. Pct. 1 Ft. Worth 24 W AL 545A 12
GUINN, Antony Pct. 1 Ft. Worth 42 B KY 545A 15
WEDDINGTON, R. M. Pct. 1 Ft. Worth 32 W TN 545A 22
*MEASLES, Jack Pct. 1 Ft. Worth 10 W TX 545A 25
ATTY, Mary A. Pct. 1 Ft. Worth 55 W KY 545A 26
FRANCIS, W. S. Pct. 1 Ft. Worth 36 W AR 545A 30
EDWARDS, E. (female) Pct. 1 Ft. Worth 57 W TN 545A 34
*SNODEN, Fannie Pct. 1 Ft. Worth 19 B MO 545A 39
*CRISWELL, M. Pct. 1 Ft. Worth 17 W TX 545B 1
HILBURN, W. P. B. Pct. 1 Ft. Worth 32 W MO 545B 3
*MILLICAN, Katy Pct. 1 Ft. Worth 10 B GA 545B 6
*HALL, G. (female) Pct. 1 Ft. Worth 11 B TX 545B 7
*REUSHING, Daniel Pct. 1 Ft. Worth 19 W TN 545B 8
RICE, R. F. Pct. 1 Ft. Worth 41 W TN 545B 9
~~BLANK PAGE~~           546A  
~~BLANK PAGE~~           546B  
BARKLEY, B. F. Pct. 4 Ft. Worth 47 W KY 547A 1
CROSS, Robert Pct. 4 Ft. Worth 62 W KY 547A 9
TUCKER, Dan Pct. 4 Ft. Worth 27 B TX 547A 16
FRETWELL, G. Pct. 4 Ft. Worth 41 B KY 547A 23
MASON, Mary J. Pct. 4 Ft. Worth 57 W TN 547A 28
~~BLANK PAGE~~           547B  
~~BLANK PAGE~~           548A  
~~BLANK PAGE~~           548B  
MILTON, Jacob Pct. 4 Ft. Worth 36 W MO 549A 1
MANSE, T. W. Pct. 4 Ft. Worth 45 W TN 549A 8
WALLER, B. H. Pct. 4 Ft. Worth 32 W MO 549A 14
MANSE, Sarah Pct. 4 Ft. Worth 42 B VA 549A 17
HUDGINS, B. F. Pct. 4 Ft. Worth 42 W MS 549A  



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