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1885 State Census Transcript of New Hanover Twp, New Jersey

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This census was transcribed and donated by Warren Harris Jr.

Thanks to his generosity, many of you will be helped in this area of New Jersey.

You will find 20 households transcribed in enumeration order on each page.

A complete index will be forthcoming as soon as I get all households online.

House # Fam # Last name First name Sex Under












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201 216 Carson, Sr. Thomas m     x  
    Carson Rebecca  f     x  
    Carson, Jr. Thomas m   x    
    Carson Hannah   f   x    
    Carson Lide f   x    
    Carson Sallie f   x    
    Carson John m   x    
    Carson Mettie f x      
202 217 Gibeson Isiah m     x  
    Gibeson Lydia f     x  
203 218 Harker Davis m     x  
    Harker Rebecca Ann f     x  
    Harker Martha A. f   x    
    Harker William W. m   x    
    Harker Charles H. m   x    
    Harker Ellis m x      
    Harker Mary E. f x      
204 219 Shumard Mary f     x  
    Shumard Ivins m   x    
    Shumard Elvin m   x    
205 220 Harker Whitting m       x
206 221 Mick William m     x  
    Mick Josephine f   x    
    Mick Nellie f x      
207 222 Huss Thomas m     x  
    Huss Hannah   f     x  
    Huss Thomas m   x    
    Huss Benjamin m x      
208 223 Burk Edward m     x  
    Burk Catherine f     x  
    McNamara Wennie f       x
    Burk David m   x    
    Burk Anna f   x    
    Burk Eddie  m   x    
    Burk John m   x    
    Burk James m   x    
209 224 Glover Jacob m     x  
    Glover Sarah f     x  
    Woolsey Owen m       x
    Lippincott Beulah f   x    
210 225 Davis Charles M. m     x  
    Davis Jane f   x    
    Davis Elizabeth P. f   x    
    Davis Harvey m x      
211 226 Harris Zackius m     x  
    Harris Mary f     x  
    Hopkins Frank m     x  
212 227 Poinsett Job S. m     x  
    Poinsett Rebecca H. f     x  
    Poinsett Elmer m   x    
    Poinsett Joseph m x      
    Poinsett John J. m   x    
213 228 Poinsett Charles m     x  
    Poinsett Andrena f     x  
    Poinsett Elizabeth S. f     x  
    Poinsett Laura P. f   x    
214 229 Emley Acsah m       x
    Emley Sexton m     x  
    Emley Fannie f     x  
    Emley Josephine f     x  
    Emley Beulah f     x  
    Reed Daniel m     x  
    Clark Bridget f     x  
    Reed Emma f   x    
    Reed Orlando m   x    
    Lake Charles m   x    
    Carter Peter m   x    
    Turner John K. m     x  
215 230 Haines John R. m       x
    Haines Sarah N. f     x  
    Bird Mary f   x    
216 231 Woodward Collin m     x  
    Woodward Elizabeth J. f     x  
    Woodward Elizabeth f   x    
    Woodward Abner B. m   x    
    Woodward Hattie f x      
217 232 Morris William K. m     x  
    Morris Paul m       x
    Morris Alice f     x  
    Morris Josephine B. f   x    
    Morris Ira K. m   x    
    Morris Amy B. f x      
    Morris Winfield H. m x      
218 233 Chalender Charles m     x  
    Chalender Sarah B. f     x  
    Chalender Caroline f   x    
    Taylor Emily f   x    
    Chalender Stacy m   x    
  234 Dennis William m     x  
    Dennis Anna f     x  
219 235 Dunphey Charles m     x  
    Dunphey Sarah f     x  
220 236 Kester Walter N. m     x  
    Kester Ella f     x  
    Kester Sarah E. f x      
    Witcraft Kate f     x  
    Stevens William m   x    

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