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1885 State Census Transcript of New Hanover Twp, New Jersey

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This census was transcribed and donated by Warren Harris Jr.

Thanks to his generosity, many of you will be helped in this area of New Jersey.

You will find 20 households transcribed in enumeration order on each page.

A complete index will be forthcoming as soon as I get all households online.

House # Fam # Last name First name Sex Under












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301 318 Branson Lewis


    Branson Hannah f     x  
    Branson Thomas m   x    
    Branson Ellis f   x    
    Branson Robert m   x    
    Branson Joseph m x      
    Branson Anna f x      
302 319 Murphy John m       x
    Murphy Margaret f       x
303 320 Jobes James m     x  
    Jobes Emily W. f     x  
    Brown Rebecca E. f     x  
    Fenton Thomas m     x  
304 321 Sager Caleb m     x  
    Sager Mary f   x    
    Bird Ellis m   x    
    Bird Holmes m   x    
    Innman George m   x    
305 322 Taylor Theodore bm     x  
    Taylor Edward bm   x    
    Taylor Mary bf   x    
    Taylor Elwood bm   x    
    Taylor Nathaniel bm   x    
    Taylor Augustus bm   x    
    Taylor Harry bm   x    
306 323 McClow Charles bm     x  
    McClow Mary bf     x  
    McClow George bm     x  
    Stevens William bm     x  
307 324 Nixon Samuel bm     x  
308 325 Pearce John m     x  
309 326 Southard Gilbert m       x
310 327 Stout Samuel bm     x  
    Stout Sarah bf     x  
    Stout James bm   x    
    Stout William bm   x    
    Stout Edward bm x      
    Stout Jennie bf x      
311 328 Naylor Charles m     x  
    Naylor Mary f     x  
    Naylor Howard m   x    
    Naylor Matilda f   x    
    Naylor Edward m   x    
    Naylor Ida f x      
    Naylor Joseph m x      
    Naylor Henry m       x
312 329 Stockton Samuel m       x
    Davis Anna L. f     x  
    Stockton Lydia R. f   x    
    Stockton Ella M. f   x    
    Davis Lee C. m     x  
    Parent Elmer m   x    
    Havens Charles m     x  
    Southard Lydia  f       x
313 330 Sager John C. m     x  
    Sager Ruth A. f     x  
    Sager Walter m     x  
    Sager Edward m   x    
    Sager Samuel m   x    
    Sager Ella m   x    
    Sager William m   x    
    Sager Huffman m   x    
    Sager Carrie f   x    
    Sager Harley m x      
    Denney Walter m     x  
314 331 Hartshorn Joseph m     x  
    Hartshorn Hannah f     x  
    Hartshorn Henry E. m     x  
    Hartshorn Lizzie A. f   x    
    Hartshorn Laura F. f   x    
    Hartshorn Angeline P. f   x    
315 332 Burtis Abner m     x  
    Burtis Harriet f     x  
    Burtis Mary H. f     x  
    Burtis Sallie T. f     x  
    Burtis Wesley B. m   x    
    Curtis Walter m     x  
316 333 Kirby Charles m     x  
    Kirby Isabelle f     x  
317 334 Poinsett Noah m     x  
    Poinsett Jane f     x  
    Poinsett F. Howard m   x    
    Poinsett Mary L. f   x    
    Hopkins Beulah f       x
318 335 Newbold Joseph m     x  
    Newbold Emeline f     x  
    Poinsett Thomas m     x  
    Poinsett Sarah f     x  
    Poinsett Clara f   x    
    Poinsett Jennie f   x    
    Poinsett Thomas m   x    
319 336 Hendrickson Henry H. m     x  
    Hendrickson Mary A. f     x  
    Hendrickson Franklin m   x    
    Hendrickson Carrie E. f   x    
    Davis Sarah W. f       x
    Branson Thomas m     x  
320 337 Luke Joseph W. m     x  
    Luke Phoebe f     x  
    Pritchard Ella f   x    
    Luke George m     x  
    Luke Harry m   x    
    Luke Charles m   x    
    Luke Hannah f   x    
    Luke Eddie m   x    

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