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Shoal Creek Cemetery, White County, Georgia K-N

Located at Hwy 115 W, 6 miles west of Cleveland, Georgia

Canvassed October 27th, 2003 by Dana Kinsey.

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Shoal Creek Cemetery, White County, Georgia

Surnames starting with:  A-B   C-J   K-N   P-W
Kabaci Jane L. Harkins 09-May-29 31-Mar-84
Kanaday A.G. 3-2-1833 no death date H/O Martha R
Aaron 12-8-1790 8-20-1882 H/O Mary
Martha R 10-4-1837 18-Oct-09
Mary 8-2-1800 3-25-1888
Kanady Gertrude Allison 6-6-1897 22-Jun-65
Mira B 12-8-1831 no death date
Rev. E.L. 1-12-1893 20-Mar-68
Keith Hazel E 17-Dec-06 23-Jan-13
Hermon Ernest 11-12-1884 22-Mar-06
Kelly Morris B 05-Aug-21 04-Apr-99
Mammie Lee 04-Oct-27 still living
Kenmore P. 4-30-1857 5-20-1878
Kimsey Emilene 2-12-1820 10-19-1885 W/O Thomas M
J.H. no dates
Thomas M 5-16-1802 5-18-1861
Kimzey Patsey dates unreadable can make out born in June and died in Dec.
A.C.P. no dates
Knight John (Mr. & Mrs.) no dates
Lurah 1878 1941
Lackey Nancy 7-27-1866 31-May-50
Noah 3-19-1863 02-Nov-22
Lee Alvin 1929 1938
Daniel J 1883 1944
John Henry 1925 1993
Joseph Lewis 12-May-27 05-Mar-87
Lewis Bennie 3-7-1890 22-Apr-53
Georgia N 6-28-1890 22-Feb-53 W/O Bennie
R. Edward 25-Jul-22 Still Living
Ethel Christy 16-May-21 13-Dec-89
Ralph E 02-Jul-17 30-May-94
Annie Ozelle 12-May-21 03-Jun-86
Martin Infant no dates C/O S.G. & Charity
Charity S 8-29-1870 06-Feb-60 W/O Starling
Elizabeth Stover 1-11-1874 02-Nov-38
George 8-31-1879 22-Jun-06
H.H. 4-21-1869 12-Jan-38
John C 7-29-1838 5-2-1890 H/O S.M
Mary C 10-2-1861 7-21-1898
S.M. 12-15-1884 20-Feb-33
Starling G 12-26-1865 14-Jun-38
Eunice J 19-Mar-11 13-Jun-97
Hubert L 24-Jun-09 November 30, 2002
John Ralph 1913 1987
Claudia Nix 1914 1999
McGee Ben L 6-13-1878 03-Sep-61 H/O Lula
Bonnie L 12-Apr-06 08-Nov-34 W/O J. Price
Jasper Price 12-Oct-05 20-Aug-78
L.M. (Mack) 26-Oct-02 23-Apr-75
Lula V. 10-25-1881 25-Nov-61
Magdalene 6-1-1855 12-Apr-26
Manda Lou 26-May-29 21-Apr-30 D/O Bonnie & Price
Silvey F 07-Oct-07 10-Oct-80 H/O Mary W
W.A. 9-5-1851 07-May-32
Grady 09-May-17 04-Feb-29
F.A. 11-May-25 08-Oct-26
Luther 8-12-1894 2/19/1926
Ollie A 8-10-1896 5/25/1987
Runie S 1/16/1905 9/24/1997 W/O L.M. (Mack)
McGhee Benj. L 10-4-1854 14-Aug-36
F.A 11-May-25 08-Oct-26
Luther 8-12-1894 19-Feb-26
Mary Anne 9-3-1855 23-Apr-25
McKinney Debra 11-Sep-56 13-Sep-56 Infant D/O Mr. & Mrs. J.D.
Donny 11-Sep-56 11-Sep-56 Infant S/O Mr. & Mrs. J.D.
J.D. 21-Nov-19 04-Jan-93
Nell C 16-Jun-22 29-Jan-87 W/O J.D.
Miller John D 5-11-1826 9-18-1862
Morales Pauline C 01-Jan-32 26-May-73
Morris Belle 4-19-1893 19-Oct-44
Clarence Lee 06-Feb-02 21-Dec-74
Clayborn 04-Nov-31 15-Aug-77 S/O Paula S
Edward E 20-Dec-10 26-Jun-67
Essie M 5-16-1895 12-Apr-69
George 4-17-1893 17-Apr-75
James M 6-9-1857 03-Nov-34
John N 2-26-1884 17-Apr-27
Mary M 10-5-1879 29-Jun-61
Paula S 12-13-1897 02-Mar-92
Mary Belle 07-Feb-05 14-Apr-93
Netherland Delia Bowen 8-25-1858 01-Dec-40 W/O James A
James A 7-10-1835 30-Aug-11
Willie H 12-1-1899 13-Jun-01 S/O James & Delia
Nix Earnest 19-Mar-07 26-Jan-26 S/O O.T. & Ida
Edgar Guy 27-Jul-00 08-Jan-18 S/O A.W. & Callie
Emmitt T 05-Oct-20 09-Jun-44 WWII  101 Airborne Div.  502 Parachute INF
Everett Grady 25-May-09 15-Oct-75 H/O Burnice Simmons
Ida H 4-16-1884 27-Nov-76 W/O Ollie T
M.C. 8-24-1858 06-Jun-50 H/O Tursey
O. Grady 11-5-1890 16-Nov-04 S/O M.C. & Tursey
Olley T 7-9-1881 04-Nov-65
T.M. no dates
Tursey L Bowen 12-13-1858 16-Mar-25 W/O M.C.
Nola Mae 22-Mar-19 07-Apr-95 W/O M Eldon
M. Eldon 20-Jun-17 still living
Elmer F 08-Oct-11 10-Feb-87
Bedelle Cain 20-Jun-17 still living W/O Elmer F
E. Gerald Nix D.D.S., P.A. 21-Feb-38 19-Oct-96 S/O Elmer F & Bedelle
Elizabeth 12-1-1833 23-Jan-21
Francis Ray 15-Oct-21 07-Jul-22 S/O D.D. & Dora
Gibbs Hughes 8-13-1883 09-Jul-30
Gibbs Hughes ,Jr. 27-Aug-26 29-Aug-47
Grady V 06-Sep-23 27-Feb-44 PVT
John A 12-17-1852 24-Dec-32
Lenora 12-9-1876 8-12-1892
Martha Pearl 3-29-1896 30-Jan-75 W/O Gibbs Hughes, Sr.
Nancy C 12-6-1855 19-Aug-40 W/O William W
William W 11-14-1828 12-Aug-08
Young T 11-11-1888 14-May-72 WWI Pvt. US ARMY



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