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Alabama marriage records database containing thousands of marriage records in over a dozen counties.  Indexed by groom and searchable.

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Alabama Marriage Records before 1825 B

This is the most comprehensive genealogy database of early Alabama marriage records to be found online FREE.

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Babb, William Lewis, Elvira 10 Oct 1824 Madison
Badger, Robert Hopkins, Sally 14 Jan 1817 Madison
Baggett, John Robinson, Elizabeth 13 Feb 1823 Bibb
Baggett, Silas Williams, Nicy 17 May 1822 Perry
Bagley, William Fergusons, Nancy 6 Aug 1822 Jefferson
Bagwell, Furney Bayles, Fathey 18 Oct 1818 Jefferson
Bagwell, Wylie York, Polly 27 May 1823 Jefferson
Bailey, Edward Edmunds, Anne 21 Jun 1810 Madison
Bailey, Hiram H. Anderson, Sarah 30 Nov 1820 Lauderdale
Bailey, Matthew M. Allen, Salley 2 Dec 1820 Madison
Bailey, Pleasant Parker, Elizabeth 7 Feb 1820 Bibb
Bailey, William Street, Susannah 10 Jan 1810 Madison
Bailey, William Vance, Polly 27 Feb1810 Madison
Baily, Brittain Baily, Nancy 17 Jan 1821 Shelby
Baily, John Burnes, Jemina 16 Jan 1821 Madison
Baily, Robert Mills, Rebeca 22 Nov 1819 Madison
Baily, Samuel B. Daughtery, Elizabeth 23 Jun 1822 Madison
Baily, Thomas L. Hail, Betsy 6 Jun 1822 Shelby
Bain, John J. Mitchell, Sally 15 Aug 1822 Madison
Bainbridge, James Robinson, Mary 1 Jan 1818 Baldwin
Baird, Samuel McNeely, Jiney 22 Apr 1820 Madison
Baker, Denny McNeeley, Phebee 11 Sep 1821 Lauderdale
Baker, Henry Riddle, Esther 16 Dec 1825 Madison
Baker, Joel Moody, Ann 18 Dec 1823 Tuscaloosa
Baker, John Glover, Mahala 11 Jan 1821 Madison
Baker, John Wilson, Nancy 17 Apr 1811 Madison
Baker, Joseph Ellison, Nancy 26 Feb 1812 Madison
Baker, Nathan Land, Elizabeth 24 Feb 1821 Madison
Baker, Samuel Edwards, Rebecca 24 Mar 1817 Madison
Baker, William Coble, Martha 10 Nov 1824 Madison
Balkham, Alexander Ward, Mary 24 Oct 1822 Henry
Balkham, Walter P. Ward, Brasley 14 Mar 1822 Henry
Balkmon, James J. Irwin, Basaba 2 Sep 1824 Henry
Ballard, Thomas Forrest, Anna Statia 15 Jan 1822 Montgomery
Ballin, David Logan, Malinda 9 Jun 1813 Madison
Ballow, John Ashburn, Nicy 22 Feb 1819 Madison
Ballow, Jonathan Young, Mary 30 Mar 1818 Madison
Bamber, Ephraim L. Carden, Elizabeth G. T. 29 Apr 1823 St. Clair
Bancroft, Charles Weathers, Rebecca 6 Jan 1820 Mobile
Bane, Andrew Phillips, Temperance 16 Jan 1823 Morgan
Banister, Wynn Aday, Nancy 27 Jul 1822 Madison
Banks, Asa McKemie, Susan 12 Dec 1822 Tuscaloosa
Barbee, James Reedy, Sarah 4 Aug 1825 Morgan
Barclay, Samuel Wilks, Nancy 5 Feb 1825 Morgan
Barefield, Alfred Perkins, Matilda 25 Oct 1823 Marengo
Barefield, Elijah Ward, Martha 26 Sep 1822 Bibb
Barger, Isaac McClerkin, Veste 5 Apr1825 Jefferson
Barkley, George White, Liddia 4 Sep 1821 Clarke
Barksdale, Alexander Scruggs, Mary S. 21 Aug 1823 Lauderdale
Barnard, Timothy Daniel, Elizabeth 7 Jan 1820 Madison
Barnard, Timothy Daniel, Elizabeth 9 Jun 1819 Madison
Barnes, Davis Dowdy, Jane 28 Aug 1822 Lauderdale
Barnes, Jacob Wardlon, Jane 3 Jun 1819 Madison
Barnes, John Crowson, Sally 2 Apr 1822 Dallas
Barnes, John Patterson, Mary 7 May 1822 Henry
Barnes, Samuel T. Patterson, Caroline 15 Feb 1825 Clarke
Barnes, Sterling B. Mitchell, Martha Ann 8 Dec 1825 Lauderdale
Barnes, Thomas Miller, Frances 23 Jan 1821 Madison
Barnes, Washington Parrish, Fanny 20 Mar 1823 Lauderdale
Barnett, Glen Day, Priscilla 5 Sep 1821 Perry
Barnett, James Brown, Margaret 12 Dec 1820 Montgomery
Barnett, James Fisher, Betsy 25 Apr 1820 Perry
Barnett, James H. Barnett, Elizabeth 6 Dec 1819 Madison
Barnett, John Stevens, Mary 4 Aug 1824 Greene
Barnett, Robert Milwee, Lucinda 24 Apr 1823 Morgan
Barnett, Thomas Bishop, Fereby 13 Nov 1821 Bibb
Barnett, Thomas Fisher, Susanna 13 Feb 1823 Perry
Barnett, Thomas William, Nancy 15 Dec 1823 Lauderdale
Barnett, Timothy Daniel, Elizabeth 7 Jan 1820 Madison
Barney, James Dilworth, Abby 20 Jan 1812 Madison
Barnhill, William H. Hardwick, Sydney 16 Oct 1822 St. Clair
Barns, Thomas Armour, Elizabeth 28 Jan 1823 Lauderdale
Barrah, George Harper, Elizabeth 29 Feb 1824 Henry
Barrett, Peter Wilson, Elizabeth 8 Apr 1822 Morgan
Barrett, Richard Cummings, Betsey 23 Dec 1824 Bibb
Barrett, William Berry, Nancy 12 Oct 1825 Tuscaloosa
Barron, Benjamin Nations, Polly 10 Apr 1823 Jefferson
Barron, John Bilborn, Elizabeth 5 Jun 1821 Lauderdale
Barron, John Hume, Mary 15 Aug 1823 Clarke
Barrott, Timothy Willis, Mary 1 Aug 1823 Montgomery
Bartlett, James R. Hall, Patience 8 Nov 1824 Mobile
Bartlett, John L. Jobe, Jane 27 Nov 1825 Lauderdale
Barton, Hiram Willis, Sally 25 Oct 1820 Jefferson
Barton, Isaac Snow, Nancy 27 Nov 1819 Jefferson
Barton, James Nabors, Nancy 14 Aug 1823 Jefferson
Barton, John Daniel, Cynthia 13 Mar 1823 Henry
Barton, Joshua Bradley, Elizabeth 5 Dec 1820 Jefferson
Barton, William Roberts, Sarah 22 Dec 1824 Tuscaloosa
Bartwell, George Coker, Sally 15 Jul 1821 Marengo
Bass, William C. Price, Eliza C. 17 Jan 1817 Madison
Basset, Kilby Clowers, Rebeccah 6 Feb 1821 Bibb
Bates, James Brown, Anna 22 Dec 1825 Jefferson
Bates, James P.  Bates, Lidia 15 Feb 1821 Mobile
Bates, John Graham, Delilah (Mrs.) 3 Mar 1814 Baldwin
Bates, John M. Patton, Elizabeth 11 Aug 1824 Greene
Bates, William Carson, Ann 12 Feb 1814 Baldwin
Batiste, John Pierre Williams, Nancy 19 Apr 1824 Mobile
Batre, Charles Macre, Adele 25 Dec 1824 Mobile
Battle, Alfred Beale, Millicent B. 4 Mar 1824 Tuscaloosa
Battle, James Evans, Eliza D. 6 Apr 1825 Wilcox
Battle, James Hatcher, Amelia E. 26 Jul 1820 Dallas
Battle, Nathan W. Beaseley, Elizabeth Ann 29 Aug 1821 Dallas
Battles, Archibald Southerland, Amelia 20 Feb 1821 St. Clair
Battles, Littleberry Varnon, Anna 20 Feb 1823 Jefferson
Battles, Obadiah Stewart, Kesiah 2 May 1823 Jefferson
Baty, Sidner Honeycutt, Lucinda 19 Nov 1818 Montgomery
Baugh, Daniel March, Elizabeth 1 May 1820 Clarke
Baugh, Dutoy Chapman, Eliza Ann 21 Jun 1821 Montgomery
Baugh, Elisha P. Green, Sally 5 Sep 1822 Madison
Baugher, Jacob Hilliard, Mahala 13 Feb 1822 Madison
Baugher, John Hilliard, Susanna M. 26 Oct 1822 Madison
Baugher, William Barnett, Veney 19 Feb 1811 Madison
Bauldwin, John Harmon, Catherine 22 Sep 1822 Lauderdale
Bausley, John Gooden, Betsy 31 Oct 1815 Madison
Baxter, Alexander Fitzgerald, Nancy 17 Jan 1812 Madison
Bayles, Abraham Stone, Louisiana 23 Aug 1821 Lawrence
Bayles, George W. Potter, Cynthia 10 Jan 1825 Jefferson
Bayles, Lucas Snow, Temperance 19 Oct 1820 Jefferson
Bayless, Elbert H. McAdams, Catherine 4 Jan 1825 Jefferson
Bayzer, Edward Hill, Elizabeth 19 May 1816 Clarke
Bayzer, Thomas Layfield, Sarah 29 Mar 1820 Clarke
Bayzer, William B. Edwards, Mary Ann 3 Feb 1824 Montgomery
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