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Alabama marriage records database containing thousands of marriage records in over a dozen counties.  Indexed by groom and searchable.

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Alabama Marriage Records before 1825 He

This is the most comprehensive genealogy database of early Alabama marriage records to be found online FREE.

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Heacock, James D. Garmer, Rachel M. 10 Dec 1824 Madison
Heralson, William Bearding, Frances 3 Jan 1824 Lauderdale
Hearley, James Hill, Elizabeth 3 Dec 1820 Dallas
Hearly, Thomas Strawn, Rebecca 23 Dec 1823 Lauderdale
Hearn, Ebenezer T. Powell, Elizabeth 24 Oct 1822 Montgomery
Hearn, George Hearn, Sarah S. 13 May 1824 Clarke
Hearn, George Coker Powell, Frances 19 Dec 1822 Montgomery
Hearn, William Patterson, Sarah 29 Oct 1822 Montgomery
Hearston, Thomas Graves, Isabella 24 Feb 1820 Lauderdale
Heavington, Archibald Yocum, Elizabeth 17 Jan 1823 Lauderdale
Hefington, Thomas Smith, Susannah 1 Dec 1825 Lauderdale
Helverson, Godfrey Debosh, Fanny 15 Aug 1823 Mobile
Helverson, Richard Fountain, Susan 21 Sep 1824 Mobile
Hemeter, Michael Harbour, Jemima 16 Mar 1824 Perry
Henderson, Arthur M. Russell, Ann Frances 26 Apr 1822 Madison
Henderson, Daniel Garrett, Rebecca 26 Feb 1820 St. Clair
Henderson, Ichabod Purtle, Elmira 24 Oct 1819 Bibb
Henderson, James Guilbert, Rebecca 28 Sep 1824 Lauderdale
Henderson, John McJohnson, Isabella 27 Nov 1820 Madison
Henderson, Joseph Thomas, Mary 8 Jan 1824 Blount
Henderson, Lewis Cox, Nancy 6 Apr 1817 Clarke
Henderson, Marcus C. Rev. Harrison, Susan L. 10 Mar 1825 Jefferson
Henderson, Pleasant McGuire, Sofey 6 Jan 1820 Bibb
Henderson, Robert Blake, Sarah 5 Aug 1823 Bibb
Henderson, Robert Brown, Mary 14 Aug 1824 Wilcox
Henderson, Robert Elroy, Narcissa M. 22 Aug 1822 Bibb
Henderson, William Caskill, Polly 19 Sep 1822 Bibb
Hendley, Daniel J. Montgomery, Margaret 5 Jun 1824 Perry
Hendon, William Stovall, Elizabeth 25 Nov 1824 Morgan
Hendricks, John Boon, Betsy 2 Sep 1820 Madison
Henley, Henry Honeycut, Sally 12 Oct 1820 Bibb
Henry, Hugh Hargiss, Lydia 1 Nov 1821 Bibb
Henry, James H. Jones, Nancy F. 20 Jan 1825 Tuscaloosa
Henry, Joshua Riggins, Mary 24 Dec 1819 Bibb
Henry, Lemuel Linder, Sarah 25 Dec 1802 Washington
Henry, Robert Medley, Mary 3 Jul 1824 Madison
Herring, John A. H. Weedon, Sarah E. 28 Jan 1824 Blount
Heskill, David Scott, Polly 22 Feb 1822 Madison
Hester, David McCown, Tirzah 21 Jun 1825 Tuscaloosa
Hester, John Patterson, Celey 9 Dec 1816 Madison
Hester, William Corcason, Peggy 8 Oct 1816 Madison
Hewit, John Strother, Louisa 12 Feb 1824 Tuscaloosa
Hewitt, John Donaldson, Betsy 25 Feb 1819 Montgomery
Hewitt, William Duncan, Martha 13 Aug 1818 Montgomery
Hews, Reddick Hines, Susannah 15 Oct 1821 Montgomery
Hewston, Evan Barton, Hannah 7 Jan 1820 Madison
Hickely, Wiley Hammond, Elizabeth 4 Mar 1816 Clarke
Hickenbotham, Robert Little, Elizabeth 15 May 1817 Madison
Hickinbottom, William W. Little, Nancy 7 Mar 1822 Jefferson
Hickman, Daniel Brock, Susan 1 Oct 1823 Montgomery
Hickman, Jesse H. Pullen, Clarissa 29 Jan 1822 Jefferson
Hickman, Nathaniel L. Lee, Sally 29 Dec 1820 Madison
Hickman, Thomas Frissel, Elisabeth 17 Mar 1823 Montgomery
Hicks, George Jourdan, Cynthia 14 Jul 1822 Henry
Hicks, Isaac Patterson, Polly 23 Feb 1819 Madison
Hicks, John Latham, Catey 18 Jun 1821 Bibb
Hicks, Joseph Cox, Jemima 3 Jul 1823 Bibb
Hicks, William Blakeley, Winney 25 Sep 1819 Montgomery
Hicksey, William Childs, Nellie 27 Sep 1814 Madison
Higgins, John Captain Rules, Diana Price 28 Aug 1819 Montgomery
Higgins, Michael Donelson, Jane 1 Feb 1825 Lauderdale
Higgins, William Y. Wooten, Phebia 15 Sep 1819 Montgomery
High, Frederick Miffet, Margaret 23 Oct 1822 Marengo
High, John Stripling, Sarah 24 Jul 1825 Morgan
High, Robert Lile, Nancy 29 Feb 1820 Madison
High, Robert A. Lane, Jane 20 May 1824 Morgan
Hightower, Raleigh Easley, Emily 4 Oct 1821 Marengo
Hilburn, William Bryan, Peggy 5 Dec 1824 Montgomery
Hildreth, John Williams, Elizabeth L. 17 Nov 1824 Marengo
Hildreth, Reubin Samples, Mary 14 Nov 1822 Marengo
Hildreth, William Yarborough, Martha 24 Jan 1822 Marengo
Hildreth, Wilson Yarbrough, Mary 5 May 1825 Marengo
Hill, Abner Hudgens, Mary 20 Feb 1825 Dallas
Hill, Benjamin Hill, Cassey 14 Jan 1819 Dallas
Hill, David Craft, Polly 13 Feb 1824 St. Clair
Hill, Ellis Perkins, Elizabeth 4 Nov 1819 St. Clair
Hill, Henry Austin, Charity 9 May 1825 Morgan
Hill, Henry Waugh, Rosey 2 Apr 1823 Dallas
Hill, John Click, Sarah 11 Dec 1821 Jefferson
Hill, John Wigginton, Polly 3 Dec 1824 St. Clair
Hill, John C. Taylor, Eliza A. 28 May 1823 Clarke
Hill, John Green Martin, Dicy 4 Dec 1823 Lauderdale
Hill, Joseph May, Anna 21 Mar 1820 St. Clair
Hill, Middleton, M. Walker, Julia F. 16 Oct 1825 Tuscaloosa
Hill, Moses Robert, Elizabeth 11 Dec 1817 Clarke
Hill, Robert Coleman, Martha 22 May 1823 Bibb
Hill, Shadrack Smith, Fanny 2 Dec 1818 Clarke
Hill, Valentine Fisk, Betsy 2 Feb 1823 Madison
Hill, Wiley Graves, Ann 13 Aug 1823 Montgomery
Hill, William Dearman, Nancy 9 Apr 1822 St. Clair
Hill, William Reaves, Martha J. 20 Jan 1825 Madison
Hill, William Green Hall, Mary Catherine 10 Feb 1825 Madison
Hillard, John Shackleford, Mary Davy 28 Sep 1815 Baldwin
Hillburn, Henry Bryant, Keziah 9 Aug 1819 Montgomery
Hilliard, Woodward Ready, Susan 1 Apr 1824 Madison
Hillin, Andrew McKey, Margaret 16 Jul 1812 Madison
Hilverson, George Hickelhany, Susan 16 Jul 1812 Madison
Hinckly, Jacob Gamble, Mary Jane 28 Jul 1825 Wilcox
Hind, Jabez Roberts, Polly 28 Dec 1820 Lawrence
Hindenberg, A. Conway, Delilah 3 Dec 1819 Mobile
Hindenberg, Antonio Kreps, Genevieve 23 May 1815 Mobile
Hinds, Calvin Culp, Sophia C. 7 Nov 1822 Madison
Hinds, John H. Glass, Rhody 19 Jan 1813 Madison
Hinds, Josiah Moore, Sophia 22 Dec 1825 Bibb
Hine, Wildman Love, Sally B. 1 Oct 1818 Madison
Hinkle, Battis Downing, Ann 3 Jan 1820 Madison
Hinton, John Montgomery, Esther 14 Sep 1823 Tuscaloosa
Hinton, Thomas Cox, Mary 9 Nov 1819 Clarke
Hinton, Zachariah Russell, Patsy 20 Jul 1820 Jefferson
Hix, Mason Renfroe, Vashtie 21 Mar 1825 Henry
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