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Alabama marriage records database containing thousands of marriage records in over a dozen counties.  Indexed by groom and searchable.

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Alabama Marriage Records before 1825 M

This is the most comprehensive genealogy database of early Alabama marriage records to be found online FREE.

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Machen, Enoch Ashcraft, Sarah 22 Sep 1825 St. Clair
Mack, John Bryant, Matilda 19 May 1820 Montgomery
Mackey, Charles H. Bert, Eliner 5 Mar 1825 Lauderdale
Mackey, David Mount, Mary 25 Nov 1823 Madison
Macon, Gidion A. Pugh, Nancy 20 Oct 1820 Clarke
Maddon, Benjamin Smith, Lucy J. 24 Dec 1823 Madison
Madison, Strother Sample, Catherine 13 Jan 1824 Marengo
Madkins, Durham Love, Malinda 29 Sep 1825 Morgan
Madkins, Zedekiah Majors, Sarah 31 Dec 1819 Madison
Madon, Archer T. Vest, Susan H. 8 Mar 1821 Madison
Maybe, Robert Sutherlin, Hannah 31 Aug 1816 Madison
Magee, James Mary Conner 5 Feb 1819 Mobile
Magee, James Sheffield, Susan 28 Jun 1824 Wilcox
Magaha, William Dunn, Elizabeth 30 May 1819 St. Clair
Mahan, Thomas Weaver, Elizabeth 30 Aug 1816 Madison
Mahan, William Box, Polly 1 Jul 1817 Madison
Mahan, William McCutchan, Susan 23 Aug 1816 Madison
Mahe??, James Autrey, Polly 23 Dec 1821 St. Clair
Mail, Andrew Coil, Lucinda 18 Aug 1818 Madison
Mallet, Elisha Tatum, Nancy 15 Mar 1825 Montgomery
Mallory, Joel H. Harper, Elizabeth 22 Dec 1818 Clarke
Mallory, John Jr. Blackbourne, Sally 3 Mar 1811 Madison
Malloy, David M. Thomson, Mary 17 Apr 1822 Madison
Malone, Drury Campbell, Anny 18 Jul 1822 Jefferson
Malone, Edward Cain, Lavina 2 Mar 1822 Morgan
Malone, George H. Brown, Hulda 29 May 1822 Madison
Malone, Hugh Moore, Sarah 18 Aug 1817 Madison
Malone, Ivy Fountaine, Sarah 16 Oct 1823 Mobile
Malone, James C. Binford, E. F. H. 16 Nov 1824 Madison
Malone, Nashville Rainey, Sarah 27 Dec 1820 Madison
Malone, Solomon Moore, Jane 24 Nov 1816 Madison
Malone, William L. Weathered, Sarah S. 7 Nov 1821 Tuscaloosa
Malorn, Daniel Pierce, Rebecka 23 Mar 1818 Montgomery
Manasco, David Kirkland, Jane 18 Sep 1823 Morgan
Manasco, Joel Williams, Hetty 30 Nov 1824 Morgan
Mandal, Lodrick Reed, Betsey 13 Aug 1816 Madison
Mandavall, Samuel Dodd, Sarah 30 Jul 1815 Madison
Manderville, Elisha Carrel, Fanny 3 Jan 1812 Madison
Maners, Enoch Autry, Lidia 16 Nov 1820 Wilcox
Maness, Bailey Hardy, Sarah 8 Jun 1824 Wilcox
Maness, Uriah B. Theid, Henrietta 3 Oct 1825 Wilcox
Mann, John Brown, May 28 Apr 1823 Mobile
Manning, Andrew Holly, Martha 9 Dec 1825 Wilcox
Manning, Robert Holly, Sally 12 May 1825 Wilcox
Manning, Samuel Evans, Nancy 30 Nov 1816 Madison
Manson, William Manson, Rebecca T. 2 Jun 1821 Madison
Mansony, Charles G. Desoto, Merced 22 May 1824 Mobile
Manuel, William N. Duke, Harriett 10 Jun 1822 Perry
Maples, Stephen W. Williams, Sarah 1 Jul 1823 Bibb
Maples, Thomas Erwin, Susan 14 Sep 1824 Madison
Maples, William Turrentine, Elizabeth 15 Jan 1825 Morgan
Marcum, Samuel Scarborough, Elizabeth 6 Nov 1821 Clarke
Marler, Abinadab Graves, Jane 11 Jul 1819 Montgomery
Marler, Abinadab Lee, Mary H. 18 Nov 1825 Montgomery
Marsh, Robert Caldwell, Nancy 16 Sep 1825 Blount
Marsh, William Hines, Mary D. 8 Jan 1822 Lawrence
Marshall, Alfred Standifer, Elizabeth 8 Feb 1825 Madison
Marshall, Andrew Russell, Polly 9 Apr 1824 Morgan
Marshall, James Novel, Hannah 10 Nov 1810 Madison
Marshall, Lewis Shelton, Jane 29 Dec 1820 Lauderdale
Marshall, Solomon Humphries, Susan 1 Oct 1818 Madison
Marston, Timothy Manyon, Mary A. 11 Jul 1820 Madison
Martain, John Jackson, Mary 5 Apr 1818 Clarke
Martain, John A. Penter, Amy 16 Jan 1823 Clarke
Martin, Abraham Windham, Mary 10 Mar 1822 Wilcox
Martin, David Campbell, Elizabeth 27 Jun 1825 Morgan
Martin, George Eastland, Parmelia 30 Dec 1819 Madison
Martin, Henry Callens, Ann 23 Dec 1824 Dallas
Martin, Henry Mann, Elizabeth 7 Jan 1822 Madison
Martin, Henry Milligan, Betsy 23 Aug 1817 Madison
Martin, Hiram M. Hague, Susan 21 Apr 1819 Madison
Martin, James Griffin, Ester 26 Dec 1822 Madison
Martin, James Mason, Louisa 29 Dec 1824 Blount
Martin, James White, Amy 18 Jan 1825 Lauderdale
Martin, Jeremiah Mardis, Betsey 11 Jan 1812 Madison
Martin, Jesse Wood, Betsy 31 Jan 1814 Madison
Martin, John Glasgow, Clarinda 3 Sep 1822 Madison
Martin, John R. Farror, Milly B. 9 Jan 1820 Dallas
Martin, Lewis Price, Betsy 25 Jul 1822 Lauderdale
Martin, Nathan Izard, Catharine 7 Jul 1819 Madison
Martin, Peter Burrel, Rebecca 18 Oct 1824 Morgan
Martin, Peter Griffin, Sarah 26 Dec 1820 Madison
Martin, Richard Fitts, Lydia 11 Jul 1814 Madison
Martin, Robert N. Presley, Eleanor 23 Dec 1825 Jefferson
Martin, Royal Stephens, Polly 26 Feb 1812 Madison
Martin, Shadrack Ruthedge, Betsey 14 Feb 1821 Dallas
Martin, Thomas Hodges, Jane 5 Jul 1821 Lauderdale
Martin, Thomas Malloy, Flora 15 Sep 1823 Madison
Martin, William Waller, Rebecca 6 Mar 1823 Montgomery
Martin, Woody Ward, Susan 13 Jan 1820 Madison
Martindell, George Martin, Agnes 4 Dec 1823 Lauderdale
Martino, Peter Run, Susanna 23 Dec 1824 Mobile
Marywethers, Stephen Stone, Kesiah J. 14 Jan 1820 Montgomery
Mason, Calderwood Lott, Sally 24 Dec 1821 Mobile
Mason, Howell B. Lewis, Martha 10 Feb 1825 Montgomery
Mason, John Hewlett, Susannah 2 Mar 1825 Madison
Mason, Joseph Graves, Louisa 4 May 1824 Montgomery
Mason, Joseph Robinson, Mary 13 Jun 1824 Madison
Mason, Micajah Bolling, Eliza 3 Jan 1822 Madison
Mason, William Blackaby, Juda 20 Jun 1822 Shelby
Mason, William Gullett, Mary 24 Apr 1822 Wilcox
Mason, William Lewis, Matilda 18 Nov 1823 Madison
Massey, James Lockart, Sarah 30 Sep 1823 Dallas
Massingale, John Rogers, Jane 10 Dec 1810 Madison
Massingale, Stokeley D. Blassingame, Sally 5 Sep 1820 Lawrence
Mastin, William Loftin, Acenith 25 Jul 1825 Montgomery
Mate, Thomas Farley, Mary 24 Dec 1822 Lawrence
Mathews, Joseph Watters, Ruth 8 Jan 1818 Madison
Mathews, Moses Smithson, Malinda 15 Apr 1824 Tuscaloosa
Matthews, Charles B. Carrel, Catherine 13 Nov 1822 Perry
Matthews, George Barnett, Lucey M. 20 Oct 1820 Montgomery
Matthews, George Titus, Polly 12 Sep 1811 Madison
Matthews, James E. McDaniel, Jane 22 Apr 1823 Morgan
Matthews, Robert Davis, Jane 14 Feb 1822 Madison
Matthews, Samuel Anderson, Drewsilla 12 Nov 1815 Clarke
Matthews, Samuel McDaniel, Jane 15 Jan 1825 Morgan
Matthews, Walter Underwood, Polly 11 Sep 1823 Lawrence
Matthews, William Ray, Polly 20 Feb 1820 Lauderdale
Matthewson, Daniel Lauderdale, Mary 20 Dec 1825 Morgan
Mauldin, Westley Clark, Bethuny 2 Mar 1818 Madison
Maxey, Stephen Collier, Polly 24 Feb 1824 Lauderdale
Maxwll, David Gray, Peggy 22 Jan 1812 Madison
Maxwell, James Blackburn, Jane 30 Nov 1818 Madison
Maxwell, Janes Novel, Hannah 1 Nov 1810 Madison
Maxwell, Thomas Lovelady, Betsy 9 May 1819 Jefferson
Maxwell, William Griffith, Nelly 20 Jul 1820 Madison
May, Henry Gilmore, Sarah M. 25 Apr 1825 Greene
May, James B. Patterson, Mahala 8 May 1824 Greene
May, John Stephens, Polly 16 Dec 1818 Marengo
May, John W. Paulk, Elizabeth 17 Nov 1825 Lauderdale
May, Lewis May, Margaret 17 Nov 1825 Greene
May, Patrick Bogen Grizzle, Charlot 30 Aug 1824 Greene
May, William Hammons, Rhody 18 Dec 1813 Madison
Mayberry, James Walton, Nancy 6 Dec 1819 Dallas
Mayberry, Michael Walton, Polly 12 Apr 1818 Bibb
Mayes, Elijah McCaleb, Harriett 25 Jan 1825 Madison
Mayfield, James Kirk, Jane 29 Jul 1820 Lauderdale
Mayfield, Obadiah Mills, Harriett 23 Sep 1824 Tuscaloosa
Mayner, John Y. Spears, Elizabeth 25 May 1823 Bibb
Mayo, Daniel Pickens, Nancy 30 Dec 1817 Madison
Mays, Andrew Dean, Elizabeth 18 Feb 1823 St. Clair
Mays, Andrew Waters, Polly Ann 25 Jun 1819 Dallas
Mays, Claiborn Coffee, Mary K. 13 Jun 1820 Lauderdale
Mays, Jason Bates, Martha 24 Apr 1816 Baldwin
Mays, Lewis Cash, Mary 30 Jan 1823 Madison
Mazy, Thomas Roberts, Ruah 24 Dec 1821 Jefferson
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