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Alabama marriage records database containing thousands of marriage records in over a dozen counties.  Indexed by groom and searchable.

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Alabama Marriage Records before 1825 R

This is the most comprehensive genealogy database of early Alabama marriage records to be found online FREE.

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Rabb, W. Bell, Margery 4 Jun 1820 Marengo
Rabia, Kinchen Gilmore, Betsey 15 Nov 1814 Clarke
Rackley, Allen H. Dean, Polly Garner 9 Jun 1825 Morgan
Rackley, William H. Smith, Nancy 1 Sep 1825 Morgan
Radford, Reuben Wilbanks, Sarah 2 Aug 1823 Perry
Raffin, Joseph Currie, Rose 20 Oct 1824 Mobile
Ragan, Charles Burford, Elizabeth 22 Jan 1825 Jefferson
Ragland, Benjamin Canterberry, Peggy 10 Aug 1818 Bibb
Ragland, Benjamin Thornton, Elizabeth 22 Apr 1824 Bibb
Ragland, John Stuart, Polly 28 Nov 1822 Madison
Ragsdale, James Fitts, Susannah 20 Apr 1822 Madison
Ragsdale, William H. Moore, Nancy 7 Feb 1818 Madison
Rainbolt, Isaac Cain, Jane P. 27 Jul 1824 Madison
Rainbolt, Joseph Fillgo, Sarah 11 Oct 1820 Madison
Rainwater, William Lucas, Elizabeth 15 Nov 1823 Marengo
Rammer, John Medford, Elizabeth 17 May 1816 Madison
Ramsey, George Cunningham, Patsey 13 Dec 1820 Jefferson
Ramsey, Henry G. Evans, Martha 7 Sep 1820 Montgomery
Randall, Benjamin F. Wilson, Nancy 22 Jan 1822 Shelby
Randall, Isaiah Randall, Elizabeth Mrs. 2 Apr 1825 Baldwin
Randle, Benjamin J. Davis, Martha H. 21 Oct 1821 Madison
Randle, David Bryant, Catharine 22 Dec 1818 Madison
Randle, Willis Huckaby, Telitha C. 18 Apr 1824 Dallas
Randolph, Harrison Hancock, Mary 22 Sep 1818 Madison
Randolph, John Cooper, Frances 16 Sep 1824 Madison
Raney, David Lawson, Elizabeth 15 Nov 1823 Greene
Raney, Thomas Bishop, Jane 11 Sep 1822 Jefferson
Rankin, Robert Hayley, Nancy M. 29 Jul 1824 Tuscaloosa
Raoul, Nicholas Sinibaldi, Theresa A. 29 Nov 1824 Mobile
Raser, William Pfister, Amanda L. 19 Apr 1821 Marengo
Ratliff, James Cooper, Polly 24 Feb 1825 Jefferson
Ratliff, John Hopper, Fereby 3 Aug 1820 Jefferson
Rawlings, John Tingle, Writty 25 Jun 1822 Bibb
Rawlins, Eldred Lanier, Ann 11 Aug 1820 Madison
Ray, Hall Wilkerson, Salina 22 Feb 1821 Clarke
Ray, James Watkins, Lucinda 18 Nov 1824 Tuscaloosa
Ray, Martin M. Mason, Nancy 26 Oct 1815  Madison
Ray, William Webb, Eady 28 Feb 1822 Bibb
Rayfield, Daniel Horne, Louisa 4 Aug 1825 Bibb
Rea, Lewis Holloway, Patsy 8 Dec 1823 St. Clair
Rea, Spencer Pate, Elizabeth 22 Dec 1825 Bibb
Read, Daniel Lyon, Martha 9 Sep 1823 Lauderdale
Read, James Norwell, Jane 25 Jan 1824 Lauderdale
Read, Josiah Woods, Elizabeth 12 Mar 1821 Dallas
Read, Thadeus A. Diffey, Abigale 5 Oct 1818 Madison
Read, William Price, Elizabeth 2 Aug 1825 Greene
Readman, Samuel Hill, Celey 31 Oct 1819 Clarke
Ready, John Ellis, Elizabeth 21 Nov 1822 Morgan
Ready, Nicholas Wise, Martha 24 Jan 1822 Morgan
Rece, John B. Evans, Elizabeth 19 Sep 1818 Madison
Rece, Joseph Bayless, Johanna 5 Feb 1818 Madison
Rector, Joseph Heard, Harriet B. 22 Sep 1825 Morgan
Redford, Anderson Baily, Sally 13 Dec 1825 Lauderdale
Redin, George South, Fanny 15 Aug 1824 Tuscaloosa
Redman, John Henderson, Dorcas 21 May 1818 Bibb
Reed, James Wills, Pheariba 16 Jan 1816 Clarke
Reed, John Evans, Peggy 21 Sep 1820 Perry
Reed, Levi Rusher, Eleanor 23 Dec 1819 Jefferson
Reed, Reddin Powell, Nancy 3 Feb 1820 Jefferson
Reed, Robert Staton, Ann 27 Oct 1825 Blount
Reed, William Hooks, Rutha 12 Jul 1825 Clarke
Reedy, James Gallaway, Sarah 25 Oct 1824 Morgan
Rees, A. F. Matthews, Sarah 31 May 1822 Perry
Reese, Kannon Butts, Elizabeth Mrs. 6 Jan 1825 Montgomery
Reeves, Joseph Hendrick, Sally 2 May 1822 Lauderdale
Reeves, Richard Lloyd, Jemima 4 Jul 1820 Bibb
Reeves, Willis A. McDowell, Harriet C. 15 Nov 1825 Morgan
Reid, Allen Powell, Lanty 6 Aug 1821 Jefferson
Reid, Eli Lockridge, Sinthy 17 Jan 1819 Jefferson
Reid, Elias Powell, Letia 24 Feb 1824 Blount
Reid, Greenberry Taylor, Polly 15 Mar 1821 Jefferson
Reid, James Reid, Polly 7 Feb 1819 Jefferson
Reid, Lewis W. Hargiss, Jane 12 Oct 1820 Bibb
Reid, Reuben Milwee, Margaret 27 Feb 1823 Jefferson
Reid, Thomas Coleman, Mary 23 Sep 1819 Bibb
Reives, Eli Lowrey, Mary 9 Jan 1817 Clarke
Reives, James Floyd, Sally 19 Dec 1821 Madison
Reneau, James B. Lowrey, Rachel 19 Jul 1819 Lawrence
Renfro, John Griffin, Emily 12 Feb 1824 Lauderdale
Renfroe, Elijah Mathews, Lidia 17 Feb 1824 Henry
Renfroe, Phillip Strickland, Lovely 17 Jul 1823 Henry
Renick, William Rodgers, Ann 27 Aug 1817 Madison
Renno, George Renno, Elizabeth 20 Jul 1820 Madison
Renno, James Gazway, Sally 21 May 1819 Madison
Renno, John Lewis, Mary 10 Apr 1819 Madison
Rennoe, Adam Huston, Nancy 4 Apr 1815 Madison
Rennoe, William Robbins, Elizabeth 13 Apr 1811 Madison
Reno, Moses Murphy, Polly 3 Jan 1820 Madison
Renova, Francis Antonio, Betsey 28 Apr 1820 Mobile
Rentz, Michael Spearbin, Barbara 19 Mar 1821 Marengo
Rey, William D. Benson, Sally 11 Mar 1824 Madison
Reynold, Silvester Stringer, Elizabeth 15 Jul 1819 Clarke
Reynolds, Benjamin Litchfield, Susan 4 Dec 1823 Perry
Reynolds, Isaac Garrett, Elizabeth 2 Jan 1822 Lauderdale
Reynolds, Millage Flatt, Nancy 29 Sep 1824 Lauderdale
Reynolds, Thomas Iler, Nancy 1 Jul 1820 St. Clair
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