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Alabama marriage records database containing thousands of marriage records in over a dozen counties.  Indexed by groom and searchable.

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Alabama Marriage Records before 1825 Se

This is the most comprehensive genealogy database of early Alabama marriage records to be found online FREE.

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Seahorn, Thomas Brooks, Rhoda 4 Feb 1823 Madison
Seal, William Eliott, Jane 3 Jan 1822 Tuscaloosa
Seale, Darling Smith, Sally 17 Oct 1822 Wilcox
Seale, Eli Mabry, ????? 30 May 1822 Perry
Seaman, Edward Shackelford, Martha E. R. 1 May 1822 Perry
Searcey, Jesse Burris, May 26 Sep 1814 Madison
Searcy, Aaron Jones, Martha 21 Sep 1819 Bibb
Searcy, James Booth, Martha A. 18 Jul 1820 Lawrence
Seaton, Henry Ashburn, Clora 17 Feb 1819 Madison
Seaton, John Jackson, Rachel 8 Aug 1817 Madison
Seaton, Samuel Baker, Sally 10 Sep 1819 Madison
Seaton, Solomon King, Elizabeth 11 Sep 1820 Madison
Seay, Jennings Milwell, May 29 Jul 1819 Madison
Secrest, Michael Hammond, Charlotte 26 Oct 1817 Clarke
Seifert, Joseph Bonderant, Rosalie 24 Apr 1821 Mobile
Self, Alfred Martin, Elizabeth 6 Feb 1825 Bibb
Self, Isaac Miles, Patsey 21 Dec 1820 Jefferson
Self, Job Burleson, Peggy 18 Jan 1824 Jefferson
Self, Nathaniel Loggins, Parmelia 19 Aug 1824 Jefferson
Self, Spencer Brown, Frances 25 Jan 1823 Jefferson
Self, William Burleson, Mary 23 Nov 1822 Jefferson
Self, William Felton, Rebecca 19 Dec 1821 Jefferson
Sellars, James Short, Polly 11 Jan 1812 Madison
Selman, John H. Cook, Letitia 22 Dec 1824 Marengo
Sevier, Julian Block, Mary 11 Oct 1822 Lauderdale
Sewell, Hardy H. Allen, Nancy F. 19 Aug 1818 Madison
Sexton, James E. Wray, Martha 2 Jan 1822 Madison
Sexton, Robert B. Wray, Matilda 23 Jan 1819 Madison
Seymoure, John F. Abernathy, Rachael 13 Apr 1825 Greene
Shackelford, John W. Wynn, Lucretia 24 Nov 1823 Perry
Shackelford, Paschal Hickman, Betsy Ann 8 Feb 1825 Jefferson
Shackleford, Charles J. Haynes, Sarah 10 Jun 1817 Montgomery
Shackleford, George Jeter, Annetta 14 May 1824 Montgomery
Shackleford, James Seaton, Polly 12 Jan 1820 Madison
Shaffer, John Smith, Dolly 16 Feb 1823 Perry
Shaffer, William Wemyss, Narcissa 11 Oct 1824 Greene
Shaggins, William Young, Eliza 21 Jun 1822 Perry
Shamburger, Elijah Spinks, Kissar 9 Dec 1822 Clarke
Shamburger, Joshua Dees, Nancy 12 Dec 1822 Clarke
Shamburger, Joshua Pugh, Jane 26 Oct 1820 Clarke
Shanault, William Teague, Elizabeth 15 Feb 1816 Madison
Shannon, Drury Haynes, Elizabeth 27 Jan 1825 Madison
Shares, Robert Rodgers, Margaret 11 Nov 1824 Lauderdale
Sharp, Archibald James, Rachel 23 Mar 1814 Madison
Sharp, Isaac White, Marge 16 Sep 1825 St. Clair
Sharp, John Gillespie, Rebecca 5 Aug 1819 Lawrence
Sharp, John McKnight, Nelly 10 Sep 1820 St. Clair
Sharp, John Wiley, Martha 2 May 1812 Madison
Sharp, Samuel Sharp, Sarah 15 Dec 1824 Morgan
Sharp, Thomas Maxwell, Mary 7 Feb 1822 Morgan
Sharp, Thomas H. Rabb, Charlotte 20 Dec 1824 Henry
Sharp, William J. Logan, Margarett 10 Aug 1824 Madison
Sharpe, William D. Couch, Rebecca 26 Dec 1822 Morgan
Shaver, Eli Grissette, Unice 10 Feb 1825 Montgomery
Shaver, Geroge Swan, Matilda 11 Jun 1819 Montgomery
Shaver, James McDade, Nancey 9 Jan 1821 Montgomery
Shaw, Francis Ghormley, Ann 24 Apr 1809 Madison
Shaw, Hugh Leetham, Mary 11 Nov 1822 Clarke
Shaw, Jepthah Baley, Elizabeth 18 Jun 1819 Mobile
Shaw, John Lawly, Polly 13 Jun 1822 Jefferson
Shaw, Thomas Hughes, Sarah H. 3 Jan 1825 Madison
Sheans, Thomas Harrison, Fanny 27 Sep 1819 Clarke
Sheeley, John Pearce, Lidia 8 Nov 1825 Shelby
Sheets, Hiram Johnson, Elizabeth 21 Dec 1824 Jefferson
Shelby, John Stokes, Mary 24 Dec 1822 Montgomery
Shelton, James Owens, Joicey 19 Feb 1822 Shelby
Shelton, Mark Howard, Elizabeth 21 Sep 1825 Lauderdale
Shelton, Robert B. McArley, Jane 30 Mar 1820 Lauderdale
Shelton, Samuel Tatul, Martha 19 Apr 1824 Dallas
Shepherd, James Graham, Rebecca 2 Oct 1822 Jefferson
Shepherd, Jeremiah Rogers, Kizziah 16 Jan 1825 Jefferson
Shepherd, Robert Johnson, Elizabeth 1 Sep 1825 Shelby
Sherrod, Benjamin Watkins, Tabitha 12 Jul 1821 Madison
Shields, Theodore C. Holt, Nancy 17 Jul 1825 Marengo
Shipley, Eli McClure, Jane 28 May 1824 Jefferson
Shipp, Coleman Ford, Jane W. 16 Sep 1813 Madison
Shirley, Aaron Melton, Polly 10 Sep 1825 St. Clair
Sthoat, John Carmicael, Peggy 24 Aug 1820 St. Clair
Shoat, William Callen, Polly 1 Mar 1825 Dallas
Shoemaker, Joseph Webb, Eady 16 May 1824 Tuscaloosa
Shoemaker, Thomas Moore, Mary 1 Sep 1823 Lauderdale
Shook, Noah Dickinson, Charity 29 Apr 1824 Blount
Shoone, William Brown, Polly 18 Jun 1817 Madison
Short, Marcum Low, Mary 12 Feb 1825 Greene
Shoultz, Christly Duff, Polly 12 Sep 1819 Bibb
Shoultz, Felty Lindsey, Abby 19 Feb 1825 Bibb
Shrader, Henry Weathrly, Polly 6 Apr 1820 Madison
Shropshire, Naman Perry, Patsey 3 Dec 1819 Montgomery
Shuffield, Wesley Wilson, Martha 27 Dec 1825 St. Clair
Shuffle, Nathan Conn, Celey 3 Aug 1819 St. Clair
Shuger, Edward Allen, Nancy 14 Jan 1813 Madison
Shuttlesworth, Martin White, Eliza 5 Jul 1821 Jefferson
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