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Alabama marriage records database containing thousands of marriage records in over a dozen counties.  Indexed by groom and searchable.

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Alabama Marriage Records before 1825 St

This is the most comprehensive genealogy database of early Alabama marriage records to be found online FREE.

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Stacy, Alexander Hathcock, Rebecca 15 Aug 1821 Madison
Stacy, David Beasley, Aplha 5 Nov 1823 Morgan
Stafford, John Lincoln, Isabell 21 Sep 1819 Madison
Staggs, John Rutledge, Patsy 19 Sep 1822 Jefferson
Staggs, Samuel Speer, Catharine 19 Sep 1825 Jefferson
Stagsdale, William Brown, Nancy 24 Feb 1821 Madison
Stallings, Cader Kennard, Sally 3 Jun 1819 Marengo
Stamps, william Jones, Rachel E. 30 Sep 1822 Madison
Stand, John Jourdin, Patsey 20 May 1812 Madison
Standifer, Thomas F. Spence, Rebecca 12 Feb 1825 Madison
Standifer, William Evans, Sarah 3 Jun 1819 Madison
Stanford, George McCallahan, Betsy, Ann 15 Jul 1821 Lauderdale
Stanley, David B. Faircloth, Patience 27 Feb 1825 Henry
Stanley, Stephen Perkins, Jane 6 Jan 1825 Bibb
Stanmire, William Latson, Winifred 29 Feb 1820 Mobile
Stapp, William Daniel, Sarah 19 Dec 1822 Jefferson
Stapp, William Maxwell, Polly 25 Feb 1824 Jefferson
Starke, John D. Chambers, Mary 28 Jul 1825 Clarke
Starke, Lewis D'Olive, Louise 8 Jun 1825 Baldwin
Starkey, Jesse Birdsong, Nancy 10 Apr 1823 Lauderdale
Starling, John Haggard, Prudence 21 Mar 1824 Bibb
Starling, Shadrach Vannald, Elizabeth 7 Oct 1824 Bibb
Starnes, Jonathan B. Mattison, Elizabeth 5 May 1825 Jefferson
Startley, Jonathan Tealman, Nancy 24 Dec 1816 Madison
Statom, Daniel Pierce, Rebecker 26 Mar 1818 Montgomery
Staylor, William Monk, Rhody 19 Sep 1825 Mobile
Stead, George adams, Nancy 17 Dec 1821 Clarke
Stedham, Benjanin Welch, Elizabeth 17 Nov 1815 Baldwin
Stedham, Isaac Halmark, Polly 13 Nov 1809 Madison
Stedman, John Mays, Ruth 22 Feb 1821 St. Clair
Stedman, William Turvin, Margarett 2 Apr 1824 Madison
Steele, George Weaver, Eliza Ann 24 Dec 1823 Madison
Steele, Jospeh Erquhart, Sarah 4 Dec 1817 Madison
Steele, Stephen Ribers, Elizabeth J. 30 Dec 1821 Dallas
Steelman, William Stanford, Mary 27 Jul 1818 Madison
Stegall, Benjamin McFarland, Patsey 6 Apr 1812 Madison
Stegall, James T. Stone, Oapley 7 Jun 1825 Madison
Stegall, Kelly Wilbourn, Nancy 13 Jan 1810 Madison
Stegar, Benjamin Hank, Agness H. 22 Nov 1820 Madison
Stegate, Benjamin Tripten, Nancy 29 Jan 1819 Lauderdale
Stephens, James Turner, Edney 16 Jul 1825 Greene
Stephens, John Brantley, Martha 29 Dec 1825 Montgomery
Stephens, John Hearn, Pricilla 28 Nov 1822 Montgomery
Stephens, Moses McCall, Mary 5 Apr 1825 Montgomery
Stephens, Willis Walker, Cynthia 24 May 1819 Madison
Stephenson, Arthur Garrett, Elizabeth 19 Sep 1820 Madison
Stephenson, John Randolph, Sillar 29 Jun 1819 Lawrence
Stephenson, William Henderson, Ruthie 24 Jan 1822 Lawrence
Stephins, William Phillips, Sally 28 May 1821 Madison
Stergeon, Elias Kenamore, Starberry 21 Dec 1824 Lauderdale
Sterman, Joel Williams, Phebe 12 Aug 1819 Madison
Stevens, Enoch Reed, ????? 11 Mar 1824 Perry
Steward, Abraham Kelly, Sally 28 Mar 1815 Madison
Steward, Richard Kelly, Elizabeth 30 Jun 1817 Madison
Stewart, Aaron Brook, Sarah 19 Apr 1819 Dallas
Stewart, Alexander Tally, Martha 5 Aug 1824 Montgomery
Stewart, Allen Stewart, Nancy 29 Mar 1824 Lauderdale
Stewart, Aloysius Barney, Elizabeth 13 May 1819 Mobile
Stewart, Beniah Respress, Mary Ann 10 Feb 1824 Montgomery
Stewart, Charles Lancaster, Keziah 14 Apr 1820 Perry
Stewart, Elias Neighbors, Ailsey 5 Mar 1820 Jefferson
Stewart, Hazel Curry, Eliza 11 Sep 1824 Greene
Stewart, Isaac Talbot, Obedience 17 Mar 1817 Madison
Stewart, James Philips, Sarah Ann 15 Dec 1825 Lauderdale
Stewart, Joab Smith, Eliza 22 Oct 1819 Dallas
Stewart, John Barnard, Sarah 19 Apr 1824 Mobile
Stewart, John Binyan, Cynthia 17 Sep 1820 Madison
Stewart, Joseph Sheffer, Mary 14 Arp 1824 Blount
Stiggins, George Adcock, Elizabeth 30 Jan 1814 Baldwin
Still, John Lancaster, Marriah 2 Dec 1824 Lauderdale
Stinson, Jedediah Ray, Darcas 25 Aug 1825 Morgan
Stinson, John Lyon, Rebecca 12 Aug 1819 Marengo
Stinson, William Ray, Mary 23 May 1823 Morgan
Stocking, John Jr. Beard, Keziah E. 18 Apr 1823 Baldwin
Stoker, Allen Melton, Jane 24 Mar 1825 Tuscaloosa
Stokes, John Allbrittain, Mary 8 Sep 1824 Wilcox
Stokes, John Dunbar, Sarah 2 Apr 1813 Madison
Stone, Alfred Huggins, Sally 14 Jun 1825 Lauderdale
Stone, David C. Evans, Lucinda  19 May 1818 Montgomery
Stone, Jesse Jourdin, Winny 6 Jul 1812 Madison
Stone, Joel E. Biddle, Martha 24 Nov 1816 Clarke
Stone, John Jr. Stone, Lucinda B. 8 Oct 1822 Lawrence
Stone, Samuel Chun, Mary Ann 14 Aug 1823 Morgan
Stone, Simmon Medcalf, Polly 26 Oct 1816 Madison
Story, Robert Smith, Martha 10 May 1824 Greene
Stovall, James S. McAdams, Rebecca 9 Jun 1824 Jefferson
Stovall, William P. McAdams, Linney 5 Sep 1825 Shelby
Stover, Elisha Alley, Betsy 26 Mar 1821 Lawrence
Stover, Obediah Logan, Sarah 13 Jul 1824 Morgan
Strahan, William Miller, Eliza 20 Nov 1822 Lauderdale
Strange, John Wheeler, Agnes Mrs. 25 Nov 1822 Baldwin
Strawn, George Steadham, Hannah 10 Oct 1809 Madison
Strawn, Reuben McCool, Sarah 27 Apr 1824 Montgomery
Street,  Ishmael Martin, Sarah 20 Apr 1818 Montgomery
Street, William Simmons, Elizabeth 8 Jul 1812 Madison
Stringer, James C. D. Paine, Julia Ann 3 Sep 1825 Clarke
Stringer, William Parks, Ann 9 Jul 1820 Clarke
Stringer, Zachariah Cooper, Martha 22 Dec 1825 Marengo
Strong, George Jackson Nall, Caroline Eliza 16 Jan 1823 Perry
Strong, John Montgomery, Margaret 9 Jan 1823 Madison
Stroud, John Cato, Nancy 3 Apr 1825 Wilcox
Stroud, John Faircloth, Cathrena 12 Oct 1819 Clarke
Stuart, Histaspus Nunn, Eliza 3 Feb 1825 Morgan
Stubblefield, Nathaniel Armstrong, Polly 12 Jan 1820 Madison
Sturtevant, Thomas Hinson, May 3 Aug 1825 Mobile
Styers, John Middleton, Mary 10 Jun 1818 Madison
Suddeth, Benjamin Worrell, Lucy 30 May 1824 Marengo
Sudduth, Jared Henderson, Cathrine 1 Jan 1824 Tuscaloosa
Sugg, Rollen Young, Elizabeth 10 Sep 1818 Marengo
Suggs, Andrew Mayberry, Mary 10 Jan 1822 Lawrence
Suggs, William Presnail, Mary 30 Jun 1816 Clarke
Sulem, Henry Childress, Sarah 22 Jan 1822 Madison
Sullivan, Dunklin Maybry, Polly 22 Jan 1822 Perry
Sullivan, Spencer L. Hardy, Susannah 18 Sep 1817 Madison
Sullivan, William McReynolds, Eliza 6 Jan 1825 Greene
Sullivant, Owen Farr, Elizabeth 23 Oct 1816 Baldwin
Sullivant, Stephen Duff, Joan 28 Jul 1818 Baldwin
Summerford, Edward C. Devault, Polly 7 Jan 1822 Morgan
Summers, Hezekiah Smith, Mary 16 May 1824 Morgan
Summers, Jessee Mealls, Mary A. 20 Feb 1823 Madison
Summors, John Summors, Elizabeth 5 Oct 1824 Clarke
Sute, James Scags, Sealy 10 Nov 1825 Lauderdale
Suttle, William Allen, Mary 22 Sep 1821 Bibb
Suttles, Samuel McCormack, Nancy 21 Oct 1823 Bibb
Sutton, Hugh Roberts, Catherine 12 Jul 1821 Lawrence
Sutton, John McCain, Christena 20 Jun 1822 Tuscaloosa
Swain, Stephen Prescott, Nancy Ann 24 Mar 1825 Mobile
Swear, Peter Gamble, Margaret 31 Aug 1818 Mobile
Swearingen, Seaborn Dunn, Lucy D. 22 Dec 1825 Greene
Swearingham, Frederick Crayton, Margaret 20 Nov 1820 Clarke
Swearingin, William Brown, Polly 14 Nov 1822 Lauderdale
Swindle, Enoch Clements, Eliza 25 Apr 1823 Tuscaloosa
Swindle, Jesse Washington, Betwey 8 Apr 1824 Tuscaloosa
Switza, Leonard Holloway, Sally T. 27 Feb 1815 Madison
Sydingham, Berchet Blackwell, Lucy 11 Mar 1819 Montgomery
Sykes, Benjamin Fox, Lucy 2 Apr 1821 Madison
Synco, Edward Sanders, Lucy 31 Mar 1821 Madison
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