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Alabama marriage records database containing thousands of marriage records in over a dozen counties.  Indexed by groom and searchable.

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Alabama Marriage Records before 1825 We

This is the most comprehensive genealogy database of early Alabama marriage records to be found online FREE.

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Weaks, James Hill, Dicy 16 Feb 1825 Morgan
Weans, James McDaniel, Gince 17 Sep 1817 Madison
Wear, John McCarley, Ann D. 4 Dec 1823 Morgan
Wear, Samuel Lorgains, Sarah 24 Sep 1822 Jefferson
Weason, James Watkins, Frances 4 Sep 1821 St. Clair
Weathers, James Stafford, Polly 25 Aug 1824 Lauderdale
Weathers, Reuben Harden, Nancy 19 Sep 1824 Lauderdale
Weathers, Thomas Barnett, Betsy 25 Aug 1819 Mobile
Weaver, Daniel Hines, Milley 23 Dec 1824 Madison
Weaver, Isaac Lee, Acksa 17 Mar 1825 Tuscaloosa
Weaver, Philip J. Gardner, Ann 8 May 1823 Dallas
Webb, Gidion White, Mary 13 Nov 1823 Clarke
Webb, Henry Clemmons, Rhody 26 Jun 1817 Madison
Webb, Jacob Williams, Elizabeth 3 May 1815 Madison
Webb, James Houston, Sarah 28 May 1824 Dallas
Webb, John Lynn, Cynthia 8 Oct 1817 Madison
Webb, Richard Lackey, Malinda 5 Aug 1825 Lauderdale
Webster, James White, Agnes 13 Jun 1820 Lawrence
Webster, John H. Pool, Nancy M. P. 28 Nov 1822 Madison
Webster, Joseph Hansley, Sarah 17 Sep 1821 Morgan
Webster, Peter C. Brooks, Susanna E. 7 Jul 1825 Madison
Webster, Reubin Owens, Polly 5 Aug 1824 Madison
Wedgeworth, Daniel B. Atkinson, Sarah 17 Dec 1825 Greene
Weeden, Frederick Thompson, May 6 Oct 1817 Madison
Weekley, Edmund Weekley, Hannah 21 Nov 1825 Baldwin
Weeks, David Fulcher, Betsy 21 Mar 1822 Perry
Weeks, P. White, Rebecca 27 Mar 1820 St. Clair
Weir, Isaac H. Springer, Thena 24 Apr 1824 Greene
Weir, John McCorley, Ann D. 4 Dec 1823 Morgan
Welborn, George Keeton, Mahala 12 Mar 1825 Tuscaloosa
Welch, Demarcus Watson, Anna 5 Dec 1822 Montgomery
Welch, Dempsey Young, Elizabeth 28 Dec 1820 Clarke
Welch, George W. Sherrod, Sarah 7 Nov 1823 Madison
Welch, Jenkins H. Latham, Sarah 9 Oct 1821 Clarke
Welch, John Arnold, Frances 7 Aug 1815 Clarke
Welch, John Cornish, Martha 28 Jan 1823 Lauderdale
Welch, John South, Jane 8 Sep 1824 Lauderdale
Welch, Joshua Suttles, Linney 2 Feb 1819 Montgomery
Welch, Thomas Taylor, Milla 11 Jun 1819 Dallas
Welder, William Moxon, Rebecca 5 Jan 1818 Madison
Wellbourn, William Canady, Cassy 4 Jul 1815 Madison
Wellburn, Elias tillman, Ann 27 Oct 1821 Madison
Wellburn, Felix G. Beller, Lydia 11 Apr 1823 Madison
Wells, Benjamin May, Matilda 14 Mar 1824 Marengo
Wells, Isaac Hines, Jane 19 Nov 1819 Madison
Wells, Jesse Jones, Nancy 22 Dec 1824 St. Clair
Wells, John Childress, Rachel 5 Mar 1815 Madison
Wells, Littleton Johnson, Rilla 6 Oct 1825 Henry
Wells, Starling Ray, Pheby 1 Aug 1822 Clarke
Wesson, William N. Willingham, Patsy 11 May 1820 Madison
West, Benjamin French, Milley 12 Feb 1818 Madison
West, George Childress, Creecy 11 Aug 1812 Madison
West, James H. Lawley, Christiana 24 Mar 1819 Jefferson
West, Samuel Bond, Lucinda 31 Jul 1822 Madison
West, Simon H. Thompson, Nancy 12 May 1822 Dallas
West, Walter Burnett, Patience 25 Mar 1823 Lauderdale
West, Willis Buchannan, Mary 18 Feb 1821 Jefferson
Westbrook, Hudson Hudson, Mary 22 Dec 1819 Clarke
Westbrook, John Coney, Ellender 5 Mar 1825 Blount
Westbrook, Stephen Dixon, Elizabeth 2 Jan 1821 Clarke
Westbrook,  Thomas Seals, Anne 6 Dec 1823 Greene
Westmoreland, Edwin B. Mitchell, Lucy 25 Dec 1822 Lauderdale
Westmoreland, Hartwell Rossin, Rhoda 12 Apr 1825 Lauderdale
Weston, Alfred Polls, Eliza 24 Jan 1816 Madison
Weyer, David Hodges, Elizabeth 2 Sep 1812 Madison
Weyss, Alexander Peck, Sophia 28 Feb 1822 Perry
Whatley, Allen J. McGuire, Rhoda 14 Jan 1823 Tuscaloosa
Whatley, Harris Thomas, Barbara 19 Oct 1820 Bibb
Whatley, Leonard Gragg, Lelia 5 May 1819 Bibb
Whatley, Lewis Mixon, Abigail 1 Dec 1825 Montgomery
Whatley, Wilson Brown, Hannah W. 25 Nov 1824 Tuscaloosa
Wheat, Benjamin Jolly, Mary 17 Aug 1812 Madison
Wheat, Joseph Bruster,  Malinda 3 Feb 1815 Clarke
Wheat, Josiah Flecher,  Martha 15 Oct 1812 Madison
Wheat, Samuel Stephenson, Cynthia 13 Nov 1814 Madison
Wheat, William Stephenson, Esther 15 Sep 1813 Madison
Wheeler, Alexander Farmey, Mary 18 Jul 1822 Henry
Wheeler, Joseph Snyder, Agnes 19 Oct 1821 Mobile
Wheeling, William Arnett, Ester 24 Oct 1825 Greene
Whistanunt, William Green, Louisa 29 Aug 1824 St. Clair
Whitaker, James Trouton, Treesa 12 Jan 1823 Lauderdale
White, Anderson Davis, Polly 31 May 1825 Lauderdale
White, Bryan Baker, Rhoda 3 Feb 1814 Madison
White, Carroll Nelson, Rosa 12 Feb 1824 Lauderdale
White, Chilion Cabiness, Sarah 11 Sep 1821 Madison
White, David Pennington, Elizabeth 23 Sep 1824 Marengo
White, David L. Pape, Catherine 5 Nov 1824 Henry
White, Ely Reed, Polly 1 Mar 1817 Madison
White, Henry Anderson, Sally 20 Feb 1818 Clarke
White, Hiram White, Leah 21 Sep 1820 Clarke
White, James Fann, Betsy 11 Jul 1822 Wilcox
White, John Barnett, Cynthia 19 Dec 1822 Lauderdale
White, John Lofton, Ann 6 May 1819 Clarke
White, John S. Ellis, Elizabeth 20 Apr 1820 Lawrence
White, John W. Watkins, Elizabeth 7 Nov 1821 Bibb
White, Joseph Goodwin, Milley 18 Nov 1819 Bibb
White, Joseph Wilson, Barbara 5 Jul 1819 Clarke
White, Julias Moore, Mary S. 23 Dec 1824 Tuscaloosa
White, Larkin Vaughan, Lucy O. 9 Aug 1824 Madison
White, Martin Graham, Harriett 28 Jul 1823 Madison
White, Nathan York, Deborah 21 Sep 1820 Lawrence
White, Philemon Grissom, Elizabeth 27 Jul 1822 Lauderdale
White, Pleasant Samuels, Ann 19 Jun 1823 St. Clair
White, Rees P. Carroll, Susannah 18 May 1819 Lawrence
White, Reubin Norwood, Jane 10 Oct 1824 Madison
White, Samuel Blackburn, Mary 28 Dec 1820 Madison
White, T. Raid, Nancy 30 Jun 1815 Madison
White, Thomas Byrd, Sophia R. 14 Dec 1824 Dallas
White, Thomas Lee, Elizabeth 7 Aug 1821 Dallas
White, William Churchwell, Eliza 25 Jul 1817 Madison
White, William Jorden, Betsey 1 Aug 1821 Marengo
White, William Miller, Catherine 29 Sep 1819 Lawrence
White, William Vaughn, Elizabeth M. 1 Apr 1821 Blount
Whitehall, Littleton Copeland, Lucinda 11 Oct 1822 St. Clair
Whitehead, James King, Elizabeth 2 Jul 1820 Lauderdale
Whitfield, Benjamin Hatch, Lucy Eliza 21 Aug 1821 Clarke
Whitlow, James Oneel, Pherriba 9 Jan 1819 Clarke
Whitson, Joseph Irby, Lucinda 27 May 1821 Lawrence
Whitter, Charles Draper, Elizabeth 30 Dec 1825 Madison
Whittington, Wilburn McWilliams, Eleanor 4 Apr 1822 Jefferson
Whittle, James Gardner, Sarah 3 Jun 1823 Bibb
Whittworth, Edmund Earnest, Henrietta 19 Jun 1825 Madison
Whitworth, William Easter, Polly 13 Aug 1819 Lawrence
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