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Barren Co, KY Death Certificates 
 Mostly 1920-30's
**** Surnames S-Z ****
NOTE** All spelling has been left as shown on documents.
Names: A-I Names: J-R Names: S-Z

SARTIN, Louis L., Male, White, Married, Farmer, Age 79 years, 9 months, 18 days.  Born 10 Sep 1931.  Died 28 Jun 1931.  Cause: Pellagra.  Physician: MD S. M. Bowman.  Burial: Baldock Cemetery.  Parents: Joel Sartin & Mary Payne.


SARTIN, Mary A., Female, White, Widowed, Housekeeper, Age 81 years, 28 days.  Born 16 Sep 1851 in Summer Shade, Metcalf Co, KY.  died 14 Oct 1932.  Cause: Pneumonia.  Physician: MD W. G. Depp.  Burial: Apple Grove.  Parents: James Shives born Summer Shade, KY.  Parents Amanda Shirley born Summer Shade, KY.


SARTIN, Minnie Jane, Female, White, Married, Age 75 years, 3 months, 15 days.  Born 28 Jan 1856.  Died 12 May 1931.  Cause: Killed by lightening.  Burial: Summer Shade, KY.  Parents: Samuel Hood & Spicie Pedigo.


SARTIN, William T., Male, White, Widowed, Farming, Age 76 years, 11 months, 28 days, born Barren Co, KY.  Died 3 Oct 1932.  Cause: Organic heart disease.  Physician: MD S. M. Bowman.  Burial: summer Shade, KY.  Parents: Joel Sartin born Barren Co, KY and Mary Payne born Barren Co, KY.


SHIVE, Jovenie, Female, White, Married - L. F. Shive, Housewife, Age 63 years, 2 months.  Born 8 Jun 1866 in KY.  Died 7 Aug 1929.  Cause: Typhoid Fever (Influenza).  Physician: MD W. G. Depp.  Burial: Union No 2.  Parents: Granville Scott born KY & Patsy Terry born KY.


SHIPLEY, Gertie F., Female, White, Married, Housekeeper, Age 43 years, 8 months, 1 day.  Born 30 Jun 1879 in KY.  Died 1 Mar 1923.  Cause: Appoplexy.  Burial: Poplar Springs, 88, KY.  Parents: J. M. Piercy born TN & Crit Wade born KY.


SHIPLEY, Nancy M., Female, White, Wid - G. M. Shipley, Housewife, Age 77 years, 8 months, 3 days.  Born 7 Dec 1851 in TN.  Died 11 Aug 1929.  Cause: Ulcer of the stomach.  Physician: MD C. W. Froedge.  Burial: Poplar Springs.  Parents: Hagan Conkin born TN & Barbara Motton.


SIKES, C. C., Male, White, Single, Retired Farmer, Age 76 years, 9 months, 13 days.  Born 21 Dec 1852 in KY.  Died 8 Sep 1929.  Cause: Frachured Hip (Organik heart leasions).  Physician: MD Richards.  Burial: Huffman Cemetery.  Parents: Daniel Sikes born VA & Elizabeth McKinney born NC.


SIKES, Joseph K., Male, White, Farmer, Age 90 years, 7 months, 27 days.  Born 1 Aug 1844 in NC.  Died 27 Mar 1935.  Cause: Chronic Nephritis.  Physician: MD C. W. Froedge.  Burial: ?? Parents: Daniel Sykes born NC.


SIKES, Kitty Bird, Female, White, Married-Ben Sikes, Housekeeper, Age 59 years, 10 months, 21 days.  Born 30 Dec 1868 in KY.  Died 19 Nov 1928.  Cause: Pulmonary Tuberculosis of standing developing pneumonia.  Physician: MD W. G. Depp.  Burial: Huffman Cemetery.  Parents: George H. Bellamy born KY & Carolina Ford born KY.


SIKES, Lucy Witmoth, Female, White, Single, Age 88 years, 5 months, 2 days.  Born 2 May 1840.  Died 19 Sep 1928.  Cause: Infirmities of old age.   Physician: MD W. G. Depp - Summer Shade, KY.  Burial: Clark Cemetery.  Parents: D. H. Sikes born VA & Elizabeth McKinney born NC.


SMITH, Harmon T., Male, White, Married, Age 71 years, 2 months, 9 days.  Born 20 Nov 1849 in Monroe Co, KY.  Died 9 Jan 1921.  Cause: suffered a severe attack of Lagrippe, followed by Nephritis.  Physician: W. G. Depp.  Burial:  Bethlehem Cemetery, Glasgow, KY.  Parents: George W. Smith born Monroe Co, KY & Hannah E. Robinson born Monroe Co, KY.


SMITH, James Martin, Male, White, Married, Date of Birth 1841, Age 79, Farmer, Birthplace: Monroe County, KY, Name of Father: Elick Smith, Father's Birthplace: Monroe County, KY, Maiden Name of Mother: Clarkson, Birthplace of Mother: Monroe County, KY, Date of Death: 12 June 1920, Cause of Death: Convulsions, Physician: E. D. Garner of Cave City, KY, Place of Burial" Bethlehem, KY, Date of Burial: 14 June 1920, Undertaker: J. F. Geralds of Cave City, KY.


SMITH, Mary Ann, Female, White, Married, Housewife, Age 68 years, 8 months, 22 days.  Born 16 Apr 1852in Monroe Co, KY.  Died 6 Feb 1921.  Cause: An accute indigestion with severe cramps and collic (probably due to eating too much).  Physician: MD W. G. Depp - Summer Shade, KY.  Burial: Summer Shade, KY.  Parents: Ben Sluckler born TN and Maneryie Elzie born TN.


SMITH, Nancy Glass, Female, White, Married-Robert M. Smith, Housewife, Age 75 years, 5 months, 13 days.  Born Barren Co, KY.  Died 14 Jul 1932.  Cause: Cerebral Appoplexy.  Physician: MD S. M. Bowman.  Burial: Family Cemetery.  Parents: Joseph Perkins born Barren Co, KY & Nancy Whitlow.


SMITH, Robert Madison, Male, White, Married, Farmer, Age 74 years, 8 months, 21 days.  Born Barren Co, KY.  Died 23 Aug 1933.  Cause: Old Age - neglect.  Physician: MD Louis Fisher.  Burial: 88, KY.  Parents: G. W. Smith born KY & Martha Smith born KY.


SOWERS, Charles Robert, Married - Julia Sowers, Farmer, Age 76 years, 9 months, 20 days.  Born in Metcalf Co, KY.  Died 8 Dec 1935.  Cause: Cardiac Dellatation followed with dropsy and chronic nepharitis.  Physician: MD C. W. Froedge.  Burial: Family Cemetery.  Parents: James F. Sowers born VA & Mary Crenshaw born VA.


SPEAR, Fanney, Female, White, Widowed, Housekeeper, Age 63 years.  Born 1860 in Kentucky.  Died 11 May 1923.  Cause: Tuberculosis.  Physician: MD W. G. Depp - Summer Shade, KY.  Burial: Shirley Yard, 88, KY.  Parents: Dave Glass born NC & Lourena Taylor born KY.


SPEER, Samuel D., Male, White, Married, Farmer, Age 82 years.  Born KY.  Died 6 Jun 1930.  Cause: Cardiac Dropsy.  Physician: MD W. G. Depp.  Burial: Perkins Burial Ground.  Parents: Harvey Speer born KY.


THOMAS, Florence, Female, White, Widowed, Worked at home.  Born 15 Jan 1874 in Monroe Co, KY.  Died 4 Nov 1954.  Address: Happy Valley Rd, Rural Glasgow, Barren County, KY.  Burial: 4 Nov 1954 at Bethlehem Cemetery, Monroe Co, KY.    Parents Silas Emberton & Sarah Simpson.  Husband: Smith Register Thomas.  Informant: Son - Joe M. Thomas.


THOMAS, Smith R., Male, White, Married - Florence Emberton, Farmer.  Born 16 Apr 1874 in Monroe Co, KY.  Died 28 Jun 1952.  Cause: Arteriesclerotic Heart.  Burial: 29 Jun 1952 at Bethlehem Cemetery, Monroe Co, KY.  Parents: Joseph Monroe Thomas & Martha Louisa Fitzgerald (Geralds).  Informant: Son - Joe M. Thomas.


TUMBLIN, George, Male, White, Married - Fannie Tumblin.  Age 42 years, 5 months, 7 days.  Born Metcalf Co, KY.  Died 24 Feb 1935.  Cause: Died suddenly.  Heart attack.  Physician: MD Charles M. More.  Burial: Old Glasgow.  Parents: Marcus Tumblin & America Gooden.


WALKER, Joseph D., Male, White, Married, Blacksmith, Age 61 years, 6 months.  Born 14 Mar 1871 in KY.  Died 1932.  Cause: Valular heart trouble and nephritis.  Physician: MD W. G. Depp.  Burial: Mt. Gilliam.  Parents: Samuel Walker born KY & Martha Emerton born KY.


WATSON, John, Male, White, Married, Farming, Age 68 years, 10 months.  Born 19 Oct 1852 in Clay Co, TN.  Died 30 Jul 1920.  Cause: Tuberculosis of lungs.  Physician: MD L. C. Biggers - Glasgow, KY.  Burial: Poplar Springs, KY.  Parents: Father born VA and mother is Ruth Smith born KY. 


WHITE, Mary L. S., Female, White, Widowed, Age 72 years, 7 months, 29 days.  Born 13 Mar 1857 in Barren Co, KY.  Died 11 Nov 1929.  Cause: Labor Pneumonia.  Physician: MD Edwin Palmore - Glasgow, KY.  Burial: Harrison Cemetery.  Parents: Nehemiah Meadow born VA & Susan Ritter born Barren Co, KY.


WILBORN, Brent Ellis, Male, White, Farmer, Age 17 years, 3 months, 14 days.  Died 8 Jun 1935.  Cause: Sarcoma leg.  Physician: MD C. G. Follis.  Burial: Union.  Parents: Otis Wilborn.


WILBORN, Henrietta, Female, White, Married - C. W. Wilborn, House-Wife, Age 62 years, 8 months, 2 days.  Born 22 Sep 1868 in KY.  Died 24 May 1931.  Cause: Softening of bone.  Physician: MD W. G. Depp.  Burial: Union #2.  Parents: L. B. Kingery born KY ^ Rusha Whitey born KY.


WILBORN, Jewell Haden, Male, White, Single, Farmer, Age 20 years, 24 days.  Born KY.  Died 21 Feb 1929.  Cause: an attack of Sinus Inflamation of frontal and facial bones of head and face following influenza.  Physician: M. D. W. G. Depp.  Burial: Union #2.  Parents: J. H. Wilborn born KY & Alice Norris born KY.


WILBORN, John Frank, Male, White, Single, Age 56 years, 3 months, 10 days.  Born 5 Oct 1864 in Nobob, KY.  Died 15 Jan 1921.  Cause: Bright's Disease.  Physician: MD W. G. Depp - Summer Shade, KY.  Burial: Webb, Glasgow, KY.  Parents: Heulet Wilborn born Nobob, KY & Lizzie Gentry born Nobob, KY.


WILBORN, Rachel Helen, Female, White, Single, Age 2 months, 2 days.  Born 8 Sep 1935 near Nobob, KY.  Died 11 Nov 1935.  Cause: Death sudden. Cause unknown.  Physician: MD W. G. Depp.  Burial: Union.  Parents: Leo Wilborn born Nobob, KY & Thelma Mae Miller born Monroe Co, KY.


WILLBORN, George Henry, Male, White, Married, Farmer, Born Ky.  Died 21 Feb 1921.  Cause: Chronic Bright Disease (inherited tendancy).  Physician: MD W. G. Depp - Summer Shade, KY.  Burial: Union #2, Glasgow, KY.  Parents: W. H. Wilborn born KY & Francis Gentry born KY.


WITTY, Isic James, Male, White, Married - Betty Witty, Farmer, Age 60 years, 13 days.  Born 27 Feb 1873 in Barren Co, KY.  Died 10 Mar 1933.  Cause: Paralysis - Hemplegia.  Physician: MD C. W. Froedge.  Parents: Linda Witty born Barren Co, KY & Mickie Nunnally born Metcalf Co, KY.  Burial: Summer Shade, KY.


WORD, Barbara Shipley, Female, White, Married, Housewife, born 29 Oct 1871 in KY.  Died Feb 1934.  Cause: Enfluenza and Pneumonia.  Physician: MD S. M. Bowman.  Burial: Poplar Springs.  Parents: G. M. Shipley born TN & Nancy Couh born TN.


YATES, Causila (Cawila?) Ann, Female, White, Housekeeper, Married, Age 65 years, 5 months, 5 days.  Born 21 Oct 1865 in KY.  Died 26 Mar 1931.  Cause: Gall bladder infection and gall stones.  Physician: MD W. G. Depp.  Burial: Union No 2.  Parents: John A. Yates born KY & Mary Bragg born KY.

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