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Black hawk County, Iowa Civil War Soldiers A 

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ADAMS, Horace N.

Co C, 9th IA Infantry Private, age 18, born IL.   Enlisted 3-10-1864.  Wife was Lucinda E. Adams. 
ADAMS, John Q. Iowa 3rd Light Artillery Private, age 38, born PA.  Enlisted 2-23-1864.  Also served Co A, 21st IA Infantry previously.
ADAMS, William Iowa 3rd Light Artillery Private, age 33, born  NY.   Enlisted 1-4-1864.  Wife was Henrietta Adams.
ALBAUGH, Daniel W. Co C, 32nd IA Infantry 5th Corporal, age 24, born PA.  Enlisted 8-13-62.  Promoted 12-25-62 to 4th Sgt.  Promoted 12-21-63 to 3rd Sgt.  Promoted 9-2-64 to 2nd Sgt.  Killed 12-16-64 at Nashville, TN.  
ALDER, Philip Co B, 7th IA Cavalry Private, age 30, born VA.  Enlisted 3-17-63.  Killed 6-14-65 at Horse Creek, DT.  
ALDER, William Co B, 7th IA Cavalry Private, age 45, born VA.  Enlisted 3-17-63.  Promoted 12-12-65 to Wagoner.  
ALEXANDER, Orra Co C, 32nd IA Infantry 5th Corporal, age 38, born NY.  Enlisted 8-12-62.  Promoted 12-25-62 to 4th Corp.  Promoted 12-21-63 to 3rd Corp.  Promoted 7-1-64 to 2nd Corp.  Promoted 12-16-64 to 5th Sgt.  Promoted 5-1-65 to 4th Sgt.  Promoted 6-15-65 to 1st Sgt.  Later lived in Michigan.
ALLEN, Hiram Co A, 3rd IA Infantry Private, age 16, born NY.  Enlisted 1-4-64.  Died 8-20-64 of disease.  Mother was Polly Allen
ALLINE, Alfred A. Co G, 1st IA Cavalry Corporal, age 29, born ME.  Enlisted 6-13-61.  Promoted 9-19-61 to 4th Sgt.  Promoted 6-18-62 to 3rd Sgt.  Promoted 5-11-63 to 2nd Sgt.   Wife was Lida H. Alline.
ALTHAUS,  Henry Co G, 16th IA Infantry Private, age 22, born Germany.  Enlisted 12-10-63.  Wife was Mary T. Unknown.
AMBURN, Allen Co D, 31st IA Infantry Private, age 24, born IN.  Enlisted 8-9-62.  Promoted 3-1-63 to 8th Corp.  Promoted 6-18-63 to 6th Corp.  Wounded 11-27-63 at Ringgold, IA.  Discharged 6-15-64 for wounds at Madison, IN.  Later lived in SD.  Widow is Mary E.
ANDERSON, George W. Co A, 17th IA Infantry Private, age 18, born IL.  Enlisted 2-18-1864.  Also had service in Co B, 31st IA Infantry.
ANDREWS, Hiram R. Co B, 12th IA Infantry Private, age 22, born OH.  Enlisted 10-12-61.  Missing 4-6-62 at Shiloh, TN.  Re-enlisted 1-5-64.  
ANDREWS, James Co E, 12th IA Infantry Private, age 39, born ME.  Enlisted 10-19-61.  Promoted 1-1-62 to Corporal.  Discharged 5-22-62 for disability at St. Louis, MO.  
ARNOLD, Thomas Co A, 7th IA Infantry Private, age 19, born PA.   Enlisted 12-20-1861.  Deserted 4-23-62 at Pittsburg  Landing, TN.
ATKINSON, Thomas Co C, 32nd IA Infantry Private, age 31, born PA.  Enlisted 8-9-62.  Transferred 11-20-63 to Veteran Reserve Corp.  Discharged 9-23-64 for disability at Davenport, IA.  Wife was Jane S. Unknown.
AYER, Frederick Co A, 2nd IA Cavalry Corporal, age 30, born VT.  Enlisted 8-1-61.  Promoted 10-1-61 to 3rd Sgt.  Promoted 12-1-61 to 2nd Sgt.  Killed 5-9-62 at Farmington, MS.  
AYERS, Jonathan D. Co I, 3rd IA Infantry Private, age 24, born NY.  Enlisted 12-10-63.  Died  4-14-64 of pneumonia at Vicksburg, MS.  Interred in National Cemetery, Vicksburg, MS. (section 1, grave 424).
AYRES, James Co L, 1st IA Cavalry Private, age 18, born England.   Enlisted 12-14-1863.  Deserted 6-25-65 at Alexandria, LA.
Names: A   B   C-D   E-G   H   I-K   L   M   N-O   P   Q-R   S   T   U-Z
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