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Buckner Children's Home 1930 Census Records

Located on East Pike St. in Dallas, Texas,

This is a complete transcription of all 14 census pages.

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Buckner Children's Home 1930 Census Records 

Page 13 of 14

1930 Dallas County, Texas Census. 

ED 57-117, Sheet 7A, Enumerated 25Apr 1930 by John P. MOSS

East Pike Street

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De HAY Tom Inmate m w 14 TX TX TX
  Margaret Inmate f w 16 TX TX TX
  Lee Inmate m w 13 TX TX TX
MASON Lloyd Inmate m w 9 TX TX TX
  C. B. Inmate m w 14 TX TX TX
SACHSE W. D. Inmate m w 6 TX TX TX
THOMASON Maurice Inmate m w 13 TX TX TX
WORK Joyce Inmate m w 3 CA CO TX
JONES Gladys Inmate f w 12 OK TX TX
LEWIS Fred W. Employee m w 50 KY KY KY
  Loula Employee f w 51 TX GA AL
FREEMAN Jessie M. Employee f w 19 TX TX AL
WHITFIELD Lula H. Employee f w 39 KY KY KY
DOUGGAN Elizabeth Employee f w 54 TX GA TX
BADDEN Imma Employee f w 44 TX TX TX
KNOX Lucy Employee f w 37 TX AL AR
DEAL Sadie Employee f w 33 NC NC NC
ORR Jennie Employee f w 44 AR AR AR
PONDER Tiny Employee f w 41 TX SCOT SCOT
DAUDELIN Mammie ?? Employee f w 46 TN TN TN
STOVALL Gordon Employee f w 45 TX TX TX
WALLACE Mary Employee f w 41 TX LA TX
PORTER Lucy Employee f w 47 GA GA GA
HELM Florence Employee f w 46 MO MO MO
DANIEL Avil Employee f w 42 TX TX TX
De HAY Ruby Employee f w 40 TX AL TN
SACHSE Hazel Employee f w 33 TX AL TX
WORK Eunice Employee f w 40 TX AL TX
LONGACRE Nannie Employee f w 49 TX TN TN
STAMPS Susie Employee f w 44 TX TX GA
GREAT Louise Employee f w 42 VA KY VA
WEBB Lula Employee f w 67 TN TN TN
CLAYCOMB Sudie Employee f w 50 TN TN TN
LUTER Addie Inmate f w 87 KY KY KY
HUNT Cassie Inmate f w 85 MS MS MS
LANE Bertha Inmate f w 71 VA VA VA
DANIEL Bertha Employee f w 27 TX TX TX
CLENDENING Hattie L. Employee f w 62 GA GA GA
KIMBERLEY Jane Employee f w 38 TX GA TX
PARKER James E. Employee m w 39 TX KY AR
  Artie Employee f w 35 TX AL AL
  James E. Son m w 14 TX TX TX
ROUSE Margarett Employee f w 21 TX TX TX
HUNT Louise Employee f w 25 TX TX TX
HICKS Pearl Employee f w 41 TX TN MO
SHIRER Neva Employee f w 23 TX TX KS
La GRONE Lorene Employee f w 25 TX AR AR
JACKSON Minnie Employee f w 23 TX TX TX
TALMA Buster Employee f w 25 TX TN TX
WALKER Lennie W. Employee f w 24 TX TN TX
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