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Buckner Children's Home 1900 Census Records

Located on East Pike St. in Dallas, Texas,

This transcription is complete and indexed.

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Buckner Children's Home 1900 Census Records 

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1900 Dallas County, Texas Census.  

ED 147, Sheet 1A, Printed Page #40A, Enumerated 6 June 1900 by Robert C. Buckner.

East Pike Street

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Other Data

BUCKNER, Robert C. Orphanage W M Jan 1833 67 TN SC NC Preacher & Philanthropist.  Married 46 years.  Included in 1900 State Fair Photo
BRITTON, Sallie A. Inmate W F Jan 1861 39 TN TN TN Matron.  Widow.  Mother of 7 children, 3 living.
BRITTON, Sudie J. Inmate W F Nov 1878 21 TN TN TN At School.
BRITTON, Mamie B. Inmate W F Oct 1880 19 TN TN TN At School.
SIMONS, Lura A. Inmate W F Sept 1870 29 AL AL AL Nurse
SIMONS, Earnest Inmate W M Aug 1890 9 TX AL AL At School.
SIMONS, Elmo Inmate W M Mch 1893 7 TX AL AL  
SIMONS, Gus Inmate W M Mch 1895 5 TX AL AL  
SIMONS, Annie Inmate W F June 1897 2 TX AL AL  
HARBOR, Henrietta Inmate W F Dec 1869 30 IL OH OH Nurse.  Widow, married 13 years.  Mother of 6, 3 living.
HARBOR, Irene Inmate W F Feb 1898 2 TX IL IL  
POWER, Stella Inmate W F Dec 1872 27 MO VA MO Music Teacher.  Married 9 years, mother of 2, 1 living.
LYSICH, Eliza A.  Inmate W F Dec 1869 30 AL AL GA Seamstress.  Widow, mother of 3, 2 living.
LYSICH, Caddie Inmate W F Feb 1884 16 TX AL GA At School.
LYSICH, Ludie Inmate W M Nov 1889 10 TX AL GA At School.
WILLOUGH, Mattie A. Inmate W F Nov 1873 26 AL un un Widow, mother of 2, 2 living.
WILLOUGH, Ila Inmate W F Sep 1895 4 TX MO AL  
WILLOUGH, Ada   W F Nov 1897 2 TX MO AL  
MILLER, Mary A. Inmate W F Aug 1869 30 TX IRE TX Widow.  Mother of 7, 7 living.
MILLER, Alice Inmate W F Apr 1888 12 TX TX TX  
MILLER, Beckie Inmate W F Oct 1889 10 TX TX TX  
MILLER, Frank Inmate W M Sept 1891 8 TX TX TX  
MILLER, Ira M. Inmate W M Aug 1893 6 TX TX TX  
MILLER, Annie  Inmate W F Feb 1895 5 TX TX TX  
MILLER, Dow or Don ?? Inmate W M Sept 1897 2 TX TX TX  
MILLER, Pearl A. Inmate W F July 1898 1 TX TX TX  
ATKEISON, Hattie Inmate W F July 1886 13 AR TN TN At School.  Included in 1900 State Fair Photo
ADAMS, Burton Inmate W M Dec 1886 13 TX un un At School. 
ADAMS, Dee Inmate W F Jan 1889 11 TX un un At School. 
ANGLYNE, Essie Bell Inmate W F Aug 1891 8 IL IL IL At School. 
ALLEN, Elsie or Effie Inmate W F Dec 1884 15 TX un un At School. 
ALLEN, Carrie Inmate W F Jan 1887 13 TX un un At School. 
BARTUNEK, Clara Inmate W F Jan 1888 12 MS MS MS At School
BURKITT, Delore Inmate W F Jan 1889 11 TX un un At School. 
BRADLEY, Lula Inmate W F Dec 1890 9 I.T. un un  
BRAZZELL, Eddie Inmate W F Aug 1890 9 AR un un At School
BALDWIN, Mattie Inmate W F Dec 1884 14 TX un un At School. Included in 1900 State Fair Photo
BALDWIN, Johnie Inmate W M Dec 1885 14 TX un un At School. Included in 1900 State Fair Photo
BENSON, Allie C. Inmate W F May 1889 11 TX un un At School. 
BONDS, Dollie Inmate W F Aug 1883 16 TX TN MS At School. 
BACK, Sadie L. Inmate W F June 1896 5 TX I.T. I.T. At School. 
BISHOP, Claud Inmate W M Dec 1892 7 TN TN TX At School. 
BISHOP, Robert Inmate W M Apr 1894 6 TN TN TX  
CURRY, Smith Inmate W M Sept 1887 12 TX un un At School. 
CURRY, Sonderman J?? Inmate W M Mch 1889 11 TX un un At School. 
CAMDIFF, Dorothy E. Inmate W F Dec 1885 14 KY KY KY At School. 
CHAVEDE, Charlie Inmate W M Sept 1884 15 TX MEX TX At School. Included in 1900 State Fair Photo
CHAVEDE, Frank Inmate W M Feb 1887 13 TX MEX TX At School. 
CHAVEDE, Mary J. Inmate W F Aug 1895 6 TX MEX TX  
COLLIER, Ida Inmate W F May 1890 10 TX un un At School. 
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SEE:  "BUCKNER BAPTIST BENEVOLENCES." The Handbook of Texas Online.


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