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September 18, 2009

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GenStuff GiveAway  8 Lucky Winners  for the month of September have been posted.

Stop by to see if you a winner of one of our great genealogy prizes this month.  Prizes include genealogy tote bags, genealogy t-shirts, mouse pads and other goodies of value to genealogy researchers.



New Family Bibles have been posted.  These Bible records contain many vital records, obituaries, funeral cards, old photos and other genealogical tidbits which cannot be found elsewhere in public records.  Stop by and take a look at the Bible Records Page . 

New Bibles include the following surnames and more:  

Kellogg, Lowerre, Mack, Mitchell, Monbeck, Monks, Mowery, Norton, Ottstadt, Park, Peck, Pine, Reeves, Reid, Roberts, Roten, Sawyer, Scott, Skiff,

These Bible records contain many many more surnames which are found in each Bible.  With 19 new Family Bibles we have placed online, you will find hundreds of new names.  View the complete index to all names in our family Bibles .  Perhaps you will find one of your missing links! 

If you haven't stumbled onto the poems posted at, take a peek and perhaps you will find a little inspiration.  We have posted a few of our favorites at Genealogy Poems and Prayers .  I hope you will enjoy them.  Just click on Next at the bottom of each one to move on to the next one.



New links to free census records found online are added to Census Finder  every week.  If you know of free census resources we have overlooked, please let us know so we can make this a better research tool for everyone!  See Census Findings  to learn what information can be found in each Federal census year and some helpful tips on using Federal census records for genealogical research.

Fall is a good time to dig into the genealogy files and add new twigs and branches to the family tree.  The cool, relaxing weather is superb for settling into a blanket with a warm drink and browsing the web for new information on your ancestors!


Wishing all of you the best of luck in your genealogy research!

Brenda Hay



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