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Collin County, Texas marriage records transcribed from the county courthouse records and indexed by groom.  Use the search feature to find Collin Co., TX ancestors.

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Collin Co, Texas Marriage Records G-K

Surnames:  A-F     G-K     L-P     Q-Z
Gentry, Martin W. Daniel, Eliza ?. 13 Sep 1874
Gipson, Frank L. Huff, Elizabeth 31 Jan 1875
Glass, Moses Chapman, Hannah 21 Feb 1874
Goode, J. B. or J. D. Stewart, Mollie 13 Jan 1876
Goodner, Jim Herrington, Mary Ann 12 Jul 1874
Graves, Albert Robinson, Sara 28 Sep 1872
Graves, James M. Coffman, Martha 24 Mar 1849
Gray, John Sparks, Elizabeth 13 Jun 1850
Grayum, James A. Merrill, Ellen 8 Jul 1852
Guest, John Martin Anderson, Nancy 25 Sep 1875
Haggard, J. H. Martin, Mariah T. 7 Nov 1872
Hammock ?, Archibald ????on, Mary 21 Feb 1874
Hankins, T. A. Adamson, ?. ?.  19 Feb 1874
Hannah, Dr. A. J. O'Brien, Julia A. 17 Jun 1875
Hannah, George Derrick, Mary ?? 22 Oct 1874
Hargrove, D. L. Little, S. A. 19 Jan 1875 or 1876
Harper, Z. I. of Denton Co. Harper, Jane 31 Oct 1853
Harrington, Peter Ford, Mary ?. 23 Sep 1875
Harrington, Silas S. Rodgers, Sally 10 Oct 1872
Harris, B. B. Hagin, Lilla Liewlen 14 Sep 1874
Harris, G. W. Kerley or Korley, E. H. 26 Nov 1874
Harris, J. ?. Hagin, Lilla Liewlen 14 Sep 1874
Harris, Jesse Foster, Louisa J. 28 Jan 1852
Harris, Jesse L. Glass, Elizabeth Ann 17 Dec 1868
Harris, William Riley, Emeline 3 Nov 1875
Harrison, Francis E. Sowell, Mary Ann 21 Jun 1848
Harvey, James Pate, Jane 4 Dec 1870
Harvey, Stephen Brown, Mary F. A. 24 Aug 1874
Hayes, George P. Bridges, Mary A. 26 Feb 1875
Heam, Joseph Stewart, Lydia A. 16 Dec 1875
Hedgecoxe, John C. Atkinson, Shelby A. 22 Oct 1851
Hedgecoxe, John O. Stimpson, Abigal O. 18 Feb 1858
Hedgecoxe, Oliver Atkinson, Louisa 1 Oct 1851
Hendrix, G. W.  Eden, Missouri 25 Oct 1874
Herndon, Henry Clay Fitzhugh, Sarah Elizabeth 7 Mar 1871
Herring, Sherwood Merril, Olive Sophronia 5 Oct 1851
Hall, M. J. Hampton, W. T. 18 Oct 1891
Harwick, Martin Daniel, Mary E. 8 Apr 1851
Herron, Wm. H. Wilson, Mary Jane 24 Dec 1851
Hicks, Alfred Burch, Polly 10 Feb 1853
Hill, A. J. ??ow, Emma 27 Sep 1872
Hodges, Benjamin R. Hawes, Louisa Jane 29 Feb 1852
Hogan, Charles E. Douglass, Klizzie 15 Dec 1874
Holladay, Wm. H. Melton, Polly 19 Apr 1851
Holland, B. Hughes, M. 8 Sep 1874
Holt, John M. McClure, Laura M. 22 Oct 1875
Honeycutt, J. B.  or J. S. Sanders, Sarah W.  9 Feb 1875
Horn, James Hose, Becky 10 Apr 1853
Horn, William T. Margaret Ledbetter 10 Feb 1847
Housewright, Robert Dunlap, Mary A. 27 Jun 1875
Howard, Lewis A. ??Key, Alice E. 9 Aug 1875
Howard, M. D. Boulware, Loudie ?? 11 Oct 1875
Huey, R. A. Philips, Julia  9 Nov 1874
Huffman, John Perrin, Mary E. 8 Nov 1848
Humphries, W. H. Davidson, Rhoda 11 Jul 1875
Hunter, J. R. Howard, Virginia E. 1 Mar 1875
Jackson, M. A. Seabourn, Martha A. 16 Jul 1874
Jenkins, James M. Melvin, Lucinda 28 Oct 1847
Johnson, Henry Fickle, Mary Anna 20 Aug 1851
Johnson, J. H. Searcy, Ella M. 2 Sep 1874
Johnson, Jas. S. Pool, Catherine 21 Nov 1872
Jones, A. J. Woody, Julia A. 23 Sep 1874
Jones, J. C. Roberts, Vera 5 Sep 1874
Jones, J. L. Gotcher, M. J. 31 Aug 1874
Jones, J. S. Graves, R. M. 15 Jul 1874
Jones, J. W. Lucker, Molly 17 Aug 1873
Jones, S. W. Dotson, M. M. 9 Dec 1874
Joy, James Alexander Hart, Elizabeth 22 Apr 1849
Kelly, Josiah L. Mckinney, Emily Jane 22 Jan 1852
Kendall, J. R. ??rch, Sarah Jane 15 Oct 1875
Kendrick, John T. Barnett, Mrs. Kate 23 Dec 1875
Kerby, George D. Coffey, Josie 10 Nov 1875
Kerby, John C. Coffey, Margaret 14 Aug 1873
Kerr, A. ?.  Franklin, M. A. 9 Oct 1874
Kerr, Americus W. Jones, L. 2 Apr 1874
Kerr, Robert Clarence Vance, Cornelia 24 Jul 1901
King, James A. Coffey, Margaret 15 Dec 1875
King, Rufus Y. Martin, Virginia Francis 10 Dec 1849
Kirkpatrick, Elbert W. Olive, Emily 5 Nov 1874
Surnames:  A-F     G-K     L-P     Q-Z

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