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abkcivilwardiary.gif (14609 bytes) A Diary from Dixie
by Mary Boykin Miller Chesnut, Mary B. Chestnut
The original diary of Mary Chesnut, an important work that was repeatedly quoted during the famous television documentary The Civil War, provides an insightful look into how the war affected the daily lives of the people of the South.

Belle Boyd in Camp and Prison
by Belle Boyd, Sharon Kennedy-Nolle (Introduction), Drew Gilpin Faust
First published in 1865, Belle Boyd's memoir of her experiences as a Confederate spy has stood the test of time. Belle first gained notoriety when she killed a Union soldier in her home in 1861. During the Federal occupations of the Shenandoah Valley, she mingled with the servicemen and, using her feminine wiles, obtained useful information for the Rebel cause. In this new edition, Sharon Kennedy-Nolle and Drew Gilpin Faust consider the domestic side of the Civil War and assess the value of Boyd's memoir for social and literary historians .
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abkcwblueandgray.gif (4739 bytes)
The Blue and the Gray
The best collection of Civil War primary documents
The Story of the Civil War As Told by Participants :
The Battle of Gettysburg to Appomattox 
(The Classic History of the Civil War)
by Henry Steele Commager (Editor), Douglas Southall Freeman
Five Star ranking


Advance and Retreat :
Personal Experiences in the United States and Confederate States Armies
by John Bell Hood, Bruce J. Dinges (Introduction)
Four Star ranking (cover picture not available)

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Hell on Belle Isle : Diary of a Civil War Pow
by Jacob Osborn Coburn, Don Allison
Hell on Belle Isle tells the story of the life and suffering of a soldier, whose heart Don came to know -- but whose face he had never seen. In all of his searching, Don was never able to find a picture of Sgt. Coburn. "One weekend, Don and his wife, Diane, were traveling through Southern Michigan visiting antique shops. They were nearly back home in Ohio when they noticed a small antique shop along the road. Was it divine intervention that made them pull into the parking lot even though they had said they were too tired to stop and anxious to get home? Was it just luck, that as they prepared to leave the shop after a brief visit, Don's eyes made contact with eyes of a Civil War soldier's picture that turned out to be Osborn Coburn? He knew it was time to finish the book.



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