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Fannin Co, Texas Marriage Records W

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Walcott, B. S. Bagby, Amanda 1-25-1866
Walcott, Benjamin S. Gilmer, Betsy G. 5-25-1848
Waldrum, L. M. Marlow, Sarah 12-15-1865
Waldrum, Littleton Butler, Olivia E. 4-21-1855
Waldrum, Wiley G. Massagee, Hila Ann 7-31-1853
Walker, Charles C. Sowell, Susie 10-9-1870
Walker, G. S. Roberts, Mary H. 9-7-1865
Walker, John E. Holland, S. J. 4-21-1867
Walker, John N. Stone, Cassey, Jane 12-6-1849
Walker, Marquis Debomer Davis, Mrs. Mary Ann 8-4-1858
Walker, W. B. Byron, Mary Jane 12-1-1870
Walker, W. H. Roth, C. B. 9-21-1856
Wall, James B. Hill, Louisa 6-5-1855
Wall, W. D. Pettit, Mary M. 11-1-1866
Wallace, Allen S. Freeman, Mary A. 1-2-1858
Wallace, Robert S. Cantwell, Milly 5-5-1857
Wallace, W. R. Wiley, T. E. 1-3-1867
Wallace, William J. Wakefield, Frances J. 10-11-1861
Waller, Charles H. Ring, Julia A. 1-17-1861
Walls, Nathan Morgan, Elizabeth 12-9-1843
Walls, Theophilus M. Webber, Martha E. 12-13-1855
Ward, A. J. Jolley, Emily A. 11-4-1858
Ward, Andrew Q. Jolly, Emily A. 4-15-1860
Ward, William Johnson, Sylvia Maria 5-30-1848
Warden, Hezekiah Johnson, Jerusha B. 12-13-1848
Warden, William Smith, Hester Ann 3-15-1849
Warren, J. Q. A. Cox, Martha 7-31-1859
Warren, James M. Price, Emily E. 3-20-1870
Warwick, Isaac Brown, Lydia Jane 3-25-1846
Washburn, Samuel Hutchins, Sarah 7-30-1854
Washburn, Samuel S. Anthony, P. J. 1-12-1860
Watkins, Taylor Darnell, Narcissus 9-11-1865
Watkins, William Buckhannan, Julia A. 12-12-1854
Watson, E. W. Williams, Martha 2-28-1869
Watson, J. S. Hodge, Sally Ann 11-8-1847
Watson, Jas. T. Hart, Roxanna 7-28-1846
Watson, John M. Howell, Mary A. 8-8-1869
Weathersbee, Reuben Martin, Hilry 12-18-1849
Weathersby, R. Grant, Rachel 12-16-1869
Weaver, Cornelius Davis, Elizabeth 12-30-1866
Webb, Bennett, H. Freeman, Barbary 6-5-1853
Webb, George C. Browder, Mary A. 9-5-1865
Webb, Reuben P. Roswell, Orlena 8-4-1870
Webber, Wm. J. Baker, Sarah C. 6-9-1861
Weddington, Jacob Elkins, Elizabeth 3-6-1866
Welch, Wm. F. Aldridge, Nancy Jane 9-28-1860
Weldon, John W. Austin, Lucinda J. 1-8-1868
West, John M. Hundley, Nancy E. 11-4-1869
West, William Moore, A. E. 1-25-1866
Westbrooks, William Moore, Mary J. 6-30-1870
Wetzell, Ephraim P. Pendergrass, Mary A. E. 3-6-1862
Whaley, James. Saunders, Nancy W. 8-1-1854
Whatley, J. W. Pyle, Lou 12-20-1866
Whatley, J. W. Wolf, Lou M. 1-31-1870
Whatley, Jonathan S. Bourland, Lucinda M. 10-31-1859
Wheatstim, J. D. Williams, Susan 5-8-1867
Wheeler, Arch Bloomer, Amanda M. 1-30-1866
Wheeler, B. F. McCarty, Mary 1-21-1869
Wheeler, Peyton Hamil, Martha Jane 2-7-1861
Wheeler, Prior L. Watson, Jane S. 9-1-1853
Wheeler, S. R. Hamill, P. C. 1-19-1868
Wheeler, Thomas B. Shanklin, Jenetta M. 12-25-1870
Wheeler, Wm. H. Goings, Mary C. 9-7-1859
Whelenberg, Joseph B. Yeager, Lucy A. 7-19-1870
Whetbee, D. B. Howard, M. J. 3-26-1868
White, Bryan S. Stafford, Maria 5-25-1854
White, Francis C. Adams, Sarah E. 9-15-1870
White, James D. Reams, Mary E. 11-4-1857
White, John D. Butcher, Mrs. Margaret 5-15-1870
White, John H.  Wallen, Annie 9-20-1870
White, John M. Atkins, Mary A. 7-18-1869
White, M. P. Wilks, Rebecca 4-4-1869
White, Samuel L. Stewart, Sarah F. 40-25-1859
White, Samuel L. Mayo, Nancy P. 12-22-1869
White, Thomas B. Davis, A. C. 2-9-1868
Whitestine, David McFarland, Olly 12-14-1864
Whisenhunt, A. B. Merriman, Anna Eliza 11-17-1870
Whisenhunt, James M. Davis, Juliet G. 8-7-1867
Whisenhunt, Noah Kelly, Madara F. 2-14-1867
Whisenhunt, William M. Battan, Manerva J. 2-20-1868
Whittaker, Elijah Wear, M. J. 9-24-1868
Whitten, C. P. Yeager, C. R. 12-6-1866
Whitworth, Thomas J. Kimball, Sarah E. 8-10-1868
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