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Genealogy 101: How to Trace Your Family's History and Heritage

How To Find Your Family Roots

Aimed at the beginning genealogist, this guide to tracing ancestry and writing a family history offers step-by-step instructions for bringing the past to life. A discussion of various categories of records-including library holdings, church and cemetery records, local and state records, and naturalization and census records-provides a starting point. Instructions for organizing research material, interviewing family members, conducting research in libraries, and translating these findings into an entertaining family history are detailed. Included in this revised edition are pointers toward the latest Internet resources. 

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Genealogy Online
Millennium Edition
by Elizabeth Powell Crowe
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Review:    What a marvelous book!
Reviewer: A reader from Madison, Wisconsin......

I've really enjoyed this book. I knew nothing about genealogy when I got it. But the directions and advise were a great help to me in starting to research my family's surnames. In just a couple hours on the Web I was able to discover why my family has so much in common with the Pennsylvania Germans (although we don't live in PA), as well as discover that some of my father's ancestors may have immigrated from a particular area in Scotland. It was fun find these things on the Web, and the book was a great help in doing so. I'd definitely recommend it!

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Genealogy Online for Dummies

Includes a CD ROM
Review: Great Book for any starter genealogist!!!
Reviewer: Vera Jo Bauer from W. Virginia

I truly enjoyed this book. My daughters been trying to buy it for me for quite some time. Of course that was the previous version...I didn't think I needed it AND then I hit a brick wall. I asked her to get it for me for Mother's Day, sure enough, it helped! Matthew and April, Thanks!!!

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To Our Children's Children :
Preserving Family Histories 
for Generations to Come.
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Review: A priceless gift
Reviewer: A reader from Indiana, USA
I bought this book for my Father in November for a Christmas gift but gave it to him as soon as I received it. and he got busy right away on his computer and wrote a 13 page history of his life. He passed away December 29th. My gift for him turned into a gift for me, my siblings and others.I can't express my appreciation for this book!

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To Our Children's Children
Journal of Family Memories
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A gift for your whole family, January 10, 2000
Reviewer: Connie Ostler from Chicago, IL

This is the most amazing book I have ever purchased. For Christmas, I gave this book to almost every member of my family. The stories this book inspires, the thoughts and memories you see go through your family's minds is truely the most rewarding gift. Their stories and memories will live on forever.

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