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These are the books most often used in Genealogy research by U.S. researchers and we highly recommend them.  Get a couple of these to use at home for reference and your research will go so much faster!  No more waiting to get to the library to look things up.
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The American Census Handbook
We heartily recommend this book!  

William Dollarhide, Editor, Genealogy Bulletin
The American Census Handbook contains the most complete listing of published census indexes ever compiled.

The Amercian Census Handbook 

Ancestry's Red Book :    5 star rating5.0 out of 5 stars
American State, County and Town Sources
by Alice Eichholz (Editor), William Dollarhide (Designer)
Book Description:
So you're making a little progress in your family history research, having interviewed most of your older relatives. NOW you need to begin looking at the records created in the localities where your ancestors once lived! For US researchers, the RED BOOK is an essential reference book.

Map Guide to the U.S. Federal Censuses, 1790-1920
An excellent tool to help you with census research.
Contains maps showing the state and county borders the way they were in each census year.
by William Thorndale, William Dollarhide

The Source : A Guidebook of American Genealogy
An excellent book you will use over and over again in your research
by Sandra H. Luebking (Editor), Loretto D. Szucs

The Handy Book for Genealogists (9th edition)  5.0 out of 5 stars
published by Everton Publisher's 
This book ordered to ship in 24 hours!
Every genealogist needs one of these.  I have an old one and have used it so much, the pages are coming out.    If you don't have one of these it is a MUST HAVE BOOK for all genealogists.  It gives county maps for every state and tells when each county was formed.  This helps you know  where to look for your ancestors.  It also tells what records are available in each county and where to write for records.  It is a great genealogy tool and reference book!

Recommended: The Librarian's Guide to Public Records: 
The Complete State, County and Courthouse Locator 2000 edition
This is the librarian's guide to locate public records!  
2000 edition puts all the current addresses for public records at your fingertips. 

More Great Genealogy Books

To Our Children's Children
Preserving Family Histories for Generations to Come
by Bob Greene, D. G. Fulford
Book Description:
Bob Greene and his sister, D.G. Fulford, have created an attractive and engaging guidebook that makes recording one's personal history for grandchildren and subsequent descendants as uncomplicated and easy as writing a letter.

To Our Children's Children - second in this series
Journal of Family Memories
Usually ships in 24 hours
Bob Greene, D. G. Fulford / Main Street Books / October 20, 1998
The long-awaited companion volume to the bestselling "To Our Children's Children" poses 365 questions, with ample space for families to write down their own answers.

The Book of Myself: 
A do-it yourself autobiography in 201 questions.

Strong is the urge to write one's life story as a keepsake for oneself and one's family. The difficulty is knowing where to start, and then where to go from there. Carl and David Marshall, a grandfather-grandson team, have created a fine and fun do-it-yourself autobiography.

Genealogy Online : Millennium Edition
by Elizabeth Powell Crowe

Virtual Roots :
A Guide to Genealogy and Local History on the World WideWeb
by Thomas Jay Kemp


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