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Hill County, Texas marriage records database transcribed from the county courthouse records and indexed by groom. 



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Hill Co, Texas Misc. Marriage Records H-M
These marriages are additional miscellaneous years obtained from various sources.  If you have a marriage that occurred in Hill Co, TX, we would love to add it here.  Send your information to me and they will be added here.

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Hardin, J. W. Epps, Sarah 24 Nov 1901
Hawkins, W. D. Hurlock, W. V. 23 Aug 1883
Hendrix, C. C. Rich, Lon 5 Dec 1886
Hendrix, S. W. McDaniel, Lydia 20 Aug 1891
Hendrix, T. A. Rose, Tenny 28 Nov 1899
Hol, Noble Epps, Elizabeth 5 Nov 1924
Hughs, W. M. Boyd, N. C. 29 Mar 1882
James, Brice Davis Cox, Minnie 19 Sep 1937
James, J. D. Gunter, Billie 1 Jan 1941
Jenkins, Claude Timothy Wood, Edna Grace 28 Aug 1921
Jenkins, R. A. (Reuben Albert) Wood, Sallie (Sarah Ann) 18 Jan 1893
Jenkins, T. J. Harris, Ola 6 Jan 1900
Johnson, W. B. Perkins, M. A. 11 Dec 1884
Jones, H. R. Mayfield, R. A. 18 Nov 1888
Jones, Hardy Sparks, P. A. L. 15 Dec 1881
Jones, James Files, Mary Lee 12 May 1889
Jones, James R. Jr. Walton, Ida E. 11 Dec 1892
Jones, Vernon Fielder, Maslen 21 Dec 1922
Keesee, W. M. Perkins, Viola 2 Aug 1899
Keith, T. W. Bromley, Cora 20 May 1897
Key, Phillip R. McDaniel, G. A. 14 Jan 1892
Keys, J. T. Oliphant, Ella 23 Dec 1894
Kissick, T. M. Campbell, Dora 1 Feb 1926
Koenig, C. C. Brannan, Ruby 14 Dec 1932
Landrum, J. D. Daniel, Lizzie 30 Jul 1896
Landrum, W. H. Newsom, Ida E. 2 Sep 1892
Lawson, Morris H. Greenwade, N. R. 22 Dec 1933
Lawson, Vernon C. Reid, M. K. 25 Dec 1936
Leary, Lem Hill, Mattie D. 5 Feb 1911
Lee, D. W. Morris, Beulah 24 Jan 1904
Lee, F. L. Arnett, Ida 3 Mar 1887
Marsh, I. D. Barker, Pearl 5 Oct 1913
Marshall, Charlie Brown, Hannah 25 Mar 1904
Marshall, Earlie Richardson, B. 16 Sep 1912
Marshall, Frank Brown, Mary 20 Apr 1904
Marshall, Noah Richardson, E. 20 Dec 1900
Massey, A. L. Bourland, Belie 6 Jan 1909
Massey, A. W. Tisdell, S. C. 26 Sep 1886
Massey, Wm. H. Jr. Brannan, Grace M. 21 Nov 1915
McBee, E. L. Roberts, Pearlie 30 Aug 1891
McBee, P. M. Steadman, Fannie 16 Oct 1892
McBee, R. W. Woodruff, Ora 5 Oct 1890
McBee, W. M. Russell, Fannie 5 May 1887
McDaniel, C. A. Gibbs, S. E. 27 Apr 1884
McDaniel, George E. Howard, Addie 30 Nov 1886
McDaniel, M. V.. Holland, Mollie 11 Dec 1887
McDaniel, T. R. Jones, Addie 7 Aug 1892
McDaniel, W. A. Landrum, Sallie 25 Dec 1889
McDaniel, Wort James, Etta 12 Dec 1893
Melton, James Brown, Rebecca 27 Apr 1898
Melton, Zack Hollingsworth A. 5 Nov 1898
Miller, J. P. Webb, Fannie M. 27 Sep 1883
Mock, Presley Miler Coleman, Ina May 1 Aug 1909
Morris, J. L. Henry, Annie 3 Jul 1910
Morris, Alva Yarbrough, Kittie 17 Oct 1939

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