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Hill County, Texas marriage records database transcribed from the county courthouse records and indexed by groom. 



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About our databases

Hill Co, Texas Marriage Records A

Hill County was created in 1853.  
A Court House fire destroyed marriage records earlier than 1873.
This database covers June 1873 thru Jan 1880 and is taken from the microfilm of the marriage books.
Be sure to check the miscellaneous marriages as there are some various records from other years and reader submissions listed in them.  Happy Searchin'.

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Abbott, James. M. Varnell, H. M. 7 Sep 1875
Abercrombie, T. J. Smith, Elizabeth 4 Sep 1873
Adams, Burrell Anderson, M. 25 Dec 1876
Adams, R. B. Turk, N. F. 12 Sep 1876
Adamson, James P. Washman, S. W. 24 Nov 1875
Adamson, Josiah McFaddin, Nancy 6 Jan 1876
Addison, N. C. Musick, Melissa 25 Dec 1876
Ainsworth, Millard Lynch, Mary 10 Jul 1879
Albert, William Mills, Susana 19 Jul 1879
Alexander, Isaac M. Aldridge, Emma 16 Aug 1877
Alexander, J. Q. Thompson, S. M. 14 Feb 1877
Allen, Alexander Turner, Mary 15 Jul 1874
Allen, C. W. Smith, E. N. 10 Oct 1875
Allen, J. C. Palmer, L. A. 25 Nov 1878
Allen, John Sellers, Margarett 25 Apr 1878
Allison, D. R. Champion, Mattie 8 Mar 1877
Anderson, H. L. Hatcher, Fannie F. 21 Dec 1873
Anderson, J. R. Yarbrough, Lanty 30 Dec 1874
Anderson, John Simpson, Martha 26 Dec 1878
Anderson, Wm. F. Colville, Sarah C. 25 Oct 1877
Andrews, J. H. Townsend, Louisa 14 Nov 1876
Andrews, W. P. Moore, M. E. 17 Jan 1875
Armstrong, J. T. Ward, Margaret 23 Dec 1875
Armstrong, W. F. Griffin, Mrs. Tennessee 8 Jul 1873
Arnold, B. Bruce, C. 13 Feb 1877
Arter, Jerry Gibson, Alice 12 Feb 1874
Ascue, Thadeus W. Daniel, Mary E. 27 Nov 1879
Atchinson, F. F. Jordan, M. A. 23 Nov 1873
Atchison, T. F. Higgs, P. H. 28 Nov 1875
Atkinson, W. S. Stanford, Willie 29 May 1879
Atwell, J. Z. Moss, Matilda 24 Aug 1879
Atwood, Isaac Mills, Mrs. Sarah 1 Jul 1875
Ausburn, James L. Williams, M. A. 19 Jan 1877
Austin, S. D. Taylor, Tennie 17 Dec 1878
Autrey, A. F. Cason, S. E. 14 Jul 1878
Autrey, G. D. Johnson, M. C. 22 Dec 1873

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