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Hill County, Texas marriage records database transcribed from the county courthouse records and indexed by groom. 



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Hill Co, Texas Marriage Records N-P     

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Nance, O. B. Green, Virginia 3 Jul 1874
Neal, James M. Landham, Mrs. Mattie 11 Aug 1879
Neal, M. R. Roberts, Amanda Susan 30 Oct 1879
Neel, David M. W. Akin, Dee 29 Sep 1878
Neely, R. H. Laurence, Maggie 11 Sep 1873
Nelson, Jerry Lewis, Cordelia 21 Mar 1874
Nelson, W. P. Webb, Sarah Ann Aliza 4 Mar 1875
Newberry, G. W. Cooper, Mrs. Eliza 17 Sep 1879
Newman, James Files, Mrs. M. R. 7 Oct 1878
Nunn, Jeff Halliburton, Gracey 30 Sep 1876
Nunn, George Lewis, Lizzie 16 Jun 1876
Oats, Jesse J. Sinclair, Julia A. 20 Oct 1874
Odom, T. C. Wade, M. A. 26 Jun 1877
Olive, J. C. Franklin, Ella J. 13 Mar 1875
Oliver, G. N. Harrison, Mattie 25 Feb 1877
Oliver, Henry Morris, Lizzie 1 Nov 1877
Oliver, Sam McCown, Lottie 21 Oct 1877
Olliver, Jo Bell, Mollie 10 Oct 1874
Onstott, D. Townsend, Mrs. E. 27 Aug 1879
Orr, Thomas S. Allison, S. E. 28 Dec 1876
Ovenbanne, J. B. Sutton, Sophronia 26 Nov 1879
Owen, F. D. Gillespie, Lydia E. E. 21 Sep 1873
Owens, S. H. Mills, Jo. 15 Nov 1877
Page, E. C. Stewart, A. 25 Jul 1878
Page, G. W. Riden, Laura 5 Oct 1876
Page, Wm. Ridens, Lula 15 Feb 1877
Palmer, M. B. Kennedy, Eliza 4 Dec 1879
Pardue, P. G. Stone, Mrs. Mattie 18 Sep 1878
Parham, J. W. Pogue, Annie 24 Sep 1878
Parker, J. B. Weldon, Mrs. H. P. or U. P. 15 Jun 1877
Parker, J. B. Dyer, O. C. 4 Oct 1877
Parker, J. D. Gatlin, Tracy Jane 20 Jun 1878
Parks, Samuel Jackson, S. H. 8 May 1879
Parks, J. William Lawrence, Sarah 19 Feb 1878
Parish, J. W. Stewart, Mary 13 Oct 1874
Parish, William Murray, Susan 1 Jan 1879
Parker, T. W. Robinson, Lydia 15 Jun 1876
Parrott, H. Z. McDaniel, S. A. 22 Apr 1875
Paschal, H. H. Scott, Allie 25 Nov 1874
Pate, G. S. Burnett, M. M. 23 Jan 1879
Patterson, T. G. W. Williams, Annie 29 Jul 1877
Patton, J. E. Johnson, Miss M. E. 20 Nov 1873
Patton, William Thomas Masre, Louiza 12 Aug 1873
Payne, Thomas E. Reynolds, Annie E. 3 Jul 1877
Pendleton, E. Neal, Elizabeth 1 Aug 1879
Pendleton, G. H. Simmons, Rebecca 31 Dec 1879
Perkins, A. B. Mahuren, M. S. 12 Dec 1878
Person, J. M. Connor, Lizzie 12 Oct 1879
Petty, George W. Gougly?, Florida C. 21 Oct 1875
Pickett, J. D. Smith, E. J. 23 May 1876
Pidcock, L. S. Johnson, A. A. 22 Dec 1875
Pierce, David Roy, Telitha J. 3 Feb 1876
Pierce, C. Rawls, N. J. 6 Oct 1878
Pierce, G. W. Lain, Bell 20 Sep 1877
Pierce, Jarome Mead, Mollie 10 Aug 1876
Pitts, J. G. Herrod, Martha I. 31 Nov 1878
Pledger, F. M. Pruitt, Elsy 18 Sep 1879
Pledger, Frank Hester, Mahala J. 22 Oct 1876
Pledger, J. P. Martin, C. A. 7 Oct 1878
Pogue, M. B. Ezell, Martha 7 May 1874
Polk, Abe Smith, Vina 30 Sep 1874
Polk, H. T. Deathrough, Ellen 22 Nov 1874
Polk, Sylvester Ince, Sarah Ann 28 Jul 1873
Pollard, R. J. Farmer, Mary R. 5 Jan 1874
Porter, Henry Buckley, A. 29 Jul 1875
Porter, J. D. Howard, Mrs. M. J. 22 Dec 1877
Porter, Jeff Nunn, Nancy 2 Dec 1877
Porter, T. K. Brooks, A. T. 15 Jan 1876
Potee, A. R. Hedge, M. E. 18 Sep 1873
Potter, B. H. Austin, Mrs. Eliza 19 Sep 1876
Powell, Samuel F. Triplett, Martha M. 18 Mar 1875
Powell, William L. Williams, Texana E. 17 Sep 1873
Powers, H. L. Harrington, E. H. 26 Sep 1878
Pressley, N. M. Lytle, Mattie 3 Jul 1878
Priddy, A. J. Underwood, L. A. 20 Nov 1879

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