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Black Hawk County, Iowa Marriages B    

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GROOM BRIDE DATE Mg. Book & Page #
Bachtell, Carl B. Horn, Anna 11 Feb 1903  
Ball, Wm. Contonwine, Mary L. 31 Oct 1866 B346
Bandfield, Harry G. Thompson, Rosa B. 26 Jul 1900  
Bandfield, H. M. Griffith, Lula 14 May 1904  
Bandfield, James M. Barnus, Emma 5 May 1909  
Banger, George Chapin, Mary Ann 3 Jul 1858 A2-71
Bannister, Charles B. Cole, Dora H. 21 Feb 1894  
Barber, Daniel O. Puckett, S. M. 12 May 1858 A2-69
Barber, Jazel W. Aurand, Robertie 3 May 1884 I133
Barker, Arch Campbell, Mary 9 Jan 1864 B84
Barron, H. Doolittle, Alice C. 5 Oct 1863 B74
Bartlet, Tillie Barnard, Mary 4 May 1887  
Baughman, Van Engle, Ivie L. 30 Oct 1894  
Beckel, Fred W. Franc, Tillie 13 Apr 1892 M27
Beehner, Casper Smith, Kate 15 Aug 1892  
Belzer, Louis Deilze, Mary 27 Sep 1862 B36
Benham, Chas. Webster, Ann E. 16 Sep 1859 A449
Benson, Bernard Leslie Ackerman, Anna Belle 21 Oct 1903  
Benson, Lauren A. Dunkelberger, Mrs. Anna 8 Nov 1902  
Benson, William J. Chadwick, Lestia 28 Aug 1894  
Bernody, Frank Weiland, Barbara 29 Sep 1909  
Besser, J. T. Ayer, Mary S. 2 Mar 1858 A2-64
Biemann, John H. Dos, Hattie 10 Apr 1899  
Bigelow, Clinton A. Dean, Grace E. 13 Apr 1903  
Boies, Horace Barber, Versalia M. 13 Dec 1858 A355
Boldy, Charles E. Watters, Emma E. 19 Apr 1905  
Boots, Joseph Redout, S. A. 28 Oct 1854 A2-9
Boss, Edward Weilein, Amelia 7 May 1903  
Bowers, Allen I. Watters, Lula May 2 Dec 1908  
Bowers, Emmet May, Anna 7 Nov 1871  
Bowman, S. A. Hoyt, M. A. 21 Apr 1874 D218
Boyd, Wesley E. Enloe, Nellie G. 30 Mar 1892 M18
Brackenbury, Benjamin Howe, Rosa 2 Apr 1883 H349
Braniger, Charles Shaulis, Alice M. 30 Sep 1902  
Brees, James W. Gibson, Dora F. 21 Dec 1896  
Brees, Samuel A. Bruard, Florence A. 15 May 1897  
Brink, Asa W. Anderson, Sophia C. 26 Jan 1898  
Brink, George Kamminga, K. 25 Jun 1859 A432
Brink, William Gifford, Carrie 18 Jul 1908  
Brown, E. L. Call, Anna Laura 14 Dec 1886 J255
Brown, Eugene Titus, Ida M. 30 Dec 1889  
Brown, G. S. Hoxie, E. V. 13 Sep 1877 F33
Brown, H. W. Doty, Alice M. 16 Jun 1875 C460
Brown, J. G. Corpe, Jennie 30 Dec 1860 A586
Buhr, August Tegtmeier, Sophia 21 May 1907  
Buhr, August W. Burk, Clara D. 7 Apr 1903  
Bundy, H. E. Tippy, Julia Ann 19 Jun 1860  
Burrier, M. Sabillia, Esch 12 Sep 1857 A2-56
Burt, W. T. Altlard, Jane 9 Nov 1876 E337
Butterfield, Bernie H. Brott, Louisa 6 Apr 1855 A2-15

Surnames:  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I-K  L  M  N-O  P  Q-R  S  T  U-Z

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