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Black Hawk County, Iowa Marriages H     

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GROOM BRIDE DATE Mg. Book & Page #
Hall, H. W. Armour, Jane 22 Dec 1863 B78
Hallman, Allan Nieth, Mary 21 Feb 1871 B584
Hammond, M. Bavel, Cynthia 8 Dec 1859 A477
Hammer, S. Millage, Catherine 9 Jun 1863  
Hanna, Harry H. McElhinney, Estella J. 27 Apr 1892 M34
Harkness, Asa Philips, S. 28 Feb 1857 A2-46
Harkness, I. H. Kelly, Emma 24 Jul 1876 E261
Hartman, Gottfried Epple, Karoline 19 Jul 1886 J159
Harvey, Arthur W. Campbell, Emma L. 25 Oct 1892 M149
Hawver, George W. May, Hattie 7 Nov 1871  
Henry, Fred Banfield, H. M. 3 Mar 1876 D410
Herber, George Belze, Elizabeth 6 May 1858 A2-64
Herrick, Nelson Hoyt, Elizabeth 11 Feb 1875 D387
Herriden, M. Terpening, Susan 6 Dec 1861  
Herrig, William O. Schones, Marie 9 Sep 1908  
Heskett, Elmer E. Cole, Ella 19 May 1897  
Hewes, Luther Parr, Elizabeth 21 Aug 1864 B114
Hiesch, Peter Arndt, Minnie 19 Feb 1875 D392
High, R. A. Gibson, Jennie M. 8 Sep 1880 L84
High, Rue Steed, Sarah 13 Jun 1872 C187
High, Rue R. C????, Sarah C. 15 Jun 1877 E463
Hill, S. J. Foye, Sarah M. 13 Jan 1868 B280
Hines, Damil A. West,Anna M. 19 Oct 1901  
Hoffa, Daniel Frey, Sarah 30 May 1870 B506
Holdiman, E. Buehner, Matilda 13 Feb 1873 C343
Hollingshead, G. W. Gipe, Mary C. 30 Dec 1864 B128
Hoover, Jesse B. Dahl, Ida May 16 Oct 1901  
Houck, George C. Rust, Adelia 25 May 1885 I358
Houck, Henry Troutman, W. 8 Sep 1860 A554
Hough, Warwick M. Gage, Elizabeth 22 Oct 1890 L126
Howe, James F. Dean, Printha 14 Jul 1880 G170
Howe, John S. Baker, Jennie M. 2 Jun 1888 K108
Howe, Lyman N. Finley, Mary 18 May 1876 E196
Howe, Robert Baker, Nellie 22 Sep 1990 L100
Howe, Wm. F. Ulrich, Lydia 29 May 1877 E452
Hoyt, Clinton Ramson, E. J. 8 Mar 1869 B384
Hoyt, Franklin J. DeGroff, C. C. 18 May 1869 B396
Hubbard, A. P. Covill, Clarissa 26 Jun 1857 A2-53
Hubbell, Weller N. Doty, Edith L. 11 Sep 1878 F224
Huck, Henry C. Lauerbrei, Emma 29 Apr 1889 K288
Hunt, Herman D. Husband, Sarah Ann 9 Jun 1854 A5
Hutchinson, Albert Harduo, Julia 14 Sep 1859 A449

Surnames:  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I-K  L  M  N-O  P  Q-R  S  T  U-Z

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