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Black Hawk County, Iowa Marriages P     

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Mg. Book & Page #

Page, Joel R. Ochs, Lottie B. 27 Aug 1890  
Palmer, Clark Brink, Mary 15 Jun 1908  
Parker, Henry Fight, Mary Jane 6 Apr 1864 B96
Parmenter, I. Ayers, Cornelia 10 Sep 1863 B14
Pashby, Charles Cook, Jennie 27 Jun 1885 I370
Pashby, Joseph Stears, C. S. 21 Sep 1875 E40
Pashby, Robert Eddy, Myrtle M. 21 Nov 1887 J461
Pashby, Thomas Tucker, Imogene 27 Sep 1882 H188
Pattee, Adam C. Leversee, Emmogene 22 Apr 1870 B496
Pattee, James Collins, Mary C. 13 Jan 1855 A2-11
Pattee, Morris Smalling, E. 20 Apr 1866 B186
Paul, B. W. Shaulis, Della L. 9 Nov 1899  
Perry, Charles Card, Martha 16 Dec 1871 B560
Perry, Frederick N. Abbie L. West 22 Dec 1899  
Peterson, Frank M. Shaulis, Jennie M. ??????  
Pett, Arthur S. Reinhart, Susie 28 Jun 1905  
Phillips, Wm. Ings, Mary P. 116 Jul 1879 F400
Pickett, John H. Besser, Mary L. 11 Oct 1884 I199
Pickett, Thomas C. Howrey, S. L. 8 Feb 1865 B134
Pierce, M. D. Jones, M. E. 8 Feb 1861  
Pint, Phillip Nisius, Barbara 4 Feb 1897  
Polk, Fred Null, Amanda 30 Sep 1870  
Purdy, Charles O. Weaver, Laura A. 8 Dec 1880 G273
Purdy, E. C. Gipe, J. H. 23 Nov 1865 B170
Purdy, Gardrier D. Jacobs, S. A. 11 Mar 1868 B302
Purdy, George D. White, A. V. 8 May 1873 C381
Purdy, John Howe, Ruth 2 May 1870 B500
Purdy, Nathan Hollenshead, Catherine 16 Oct 1867 B636

Surnames:  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I-K  L  M  N-O  P  Q-R  S  T  U-Z

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