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Early Texas Newspapers.  A collection of early death notices and obituaries from the Irving Index.  Irving, Texas is located in Dallas County.  These are extracted from early 1900 newspapers.
The Irving Index
Newspaper of Irving, Texas 1914
Names A-E
The following are obituaries and death notices extracted from the Irving Index.  This newspaper was one of the first newspapers in Irving, Texas.  Irving, Texas is located in the Northwest area of Dallas County.  These are presented in alphabetical order.  Spelling and punctuation was left as found.

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12 Feb 1914 
Sad Accident
Marion B. ALLEE
63 years of age, a dairyman whose farm is near Union Bower was struck and almost instantly killed at about 2 o'clock yesterday by a Katy passenger train at the Maple Avenue crossing.  Mr. ALLEE,  had been to town with his milk and was returning home with a load of feed when he was struck by the fast passenger train. 
Mr. ALLEE,  is one of the oldest settlers in this part of the county.  He has long been engaged in the dairy business near Union Bower and leaves many friends throughout the entire county who mourn his sad fate.
The remains to be entered at the Kit cemetery this afternoon between three and four 0'clock.
26 Mar 1914
Texas Boy, Weighing 600, Dies.
Bonham, Texas - Dewey ASHCROFT died at his home near Bantam last week.  He was thought to have been the largest person in Texas at the time of his death.  He weighed 600 pounds and was 16 years old.  A brother, aged 11 years, survives him, weighing over 300 pounds.
29 Jan 1914
Death of Mrs. Peter Bernard
Mrs. Augustine BERNARD was born at Baugh Maine, at Lair, France, Jan 25, 1850.  In the year 1882 she moved to Canada and remained 18 months after which the family came to Dallas.
About 20 years ago Mr. and Mrs. BERNARD moved from Dallas to this part of the County, and have lived here until her death Friday, Jan 23, 1914.
The funeral was held in the Catholic Church Saturday morning.  Mrs. Peter Bernard is survived by her husband and one daughter Mrs. Henry BEAUFFORD her only child.  She had lived a long and useful life and had many friends.  We join in sympathy with the bereaved ones.
30 July 1914
Another Pioneer Passes Away.
The entire Irving community is called to mourn the loss of one of the oldest and most respected citizens.
Joe H. BLACK, big hearted neighbor, true friend, honest citizen, kind father and loving husband, has been called to answer the last terrestial roll call.
The deceased was born in Pulaski Co, Ky., April 6, 1841.
In the summer of 1859, he an 18 year old boy in company with William NEWELL 17 and Jno CALLOP 19 made their pioneer voyage to Dallas County, Texas traveling over most of the long route on foot.  After about one year he returned to Kentucky and inlisted in the 3rd Kentucky Infantry, June 1861, he was soon promoted to Lieutenant rank, but on account of continued exposure and measles he resigned in very bad health.  After a few months he reinlisted in the army, this time as a private in the 1st Kentucky Cavalry.  He was again promoted until at the close of the war he was 1st sargeant.
In December 1864 he was married to Margaret Hellen BARRON of the same county.  In 1869 he and his little family migrated to Kansas being one of the many settlers who broke ?????? Wilson County, Kansas.  In 1877 he brought his family to Texas, returned to Kansas in 1884, but came to Texas the third time the following year 1885, where he continually resided until the end.
The deceased is survived by his first and only wife, and six children; Mrs. Jane Ellen BEARD of Kennefick, Okla; W. D. BLACK of Mangum, Okla.; Mrs. A. L. SMITH of the Irving community; Evan C. BLACK now with his mother in Irving; Horton H. BLACK of Attica, Okla. and Thomas J. BLACK of Dallas..
All the children were at the bedside before the end, which came after two days unconsciousness.
Death came almost sudenly, deceased was apparently well and hearth when on last Tuesday morning while out milking the cows he was suddenly stricken with a violent attack of appoplexy, physicians and neighbors were hurried called in but mortal assistance was of no help.
The index, like all the Irving people and many ?????? friend joins with the family in deepest and most profound sympathy.
12 Mar 1914
The three months old babe of Mr. and Mrs. John BOATRIGHT died suddenly last Wednesday morning; was buried at Kit.
9 Apr 1914
Dynamite Explosion Kills Man
Dallas, Texas - R. R. BOURLAND, a cement contractor, was killed by an explosion of dynamite.  The force of the explosion was such that particles of flesh were thrown 100 years.  The accident occurred in Junius heights, where BOURLAND was superintending the construction of a sidewalk.  No definite information was secured as to how the explosion occurred, but it is believed that BOURLAND dropped an iron bar into the tool box which contained two sticks of dynamite and probably 50 caps.  No one else was hurt by the explosion, though several men were not far away from BOURLAND when he met his death.
12 Mar 1914
Cannon Shell Bursts, Killing Boy.
Lawton, Okla - Robert CLARK, the 11-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. CLARK of Lawton, was instantly killed by the explosion of a cannon shell which he had secured in some unknown manner.  He was sitting in his back yard pecking upon the cap of the loaded shell with an ax when it exploded.  A portion of the steel shell entered a room where two other children were sleeping, barely missing them.  The shell was presumably picked up on the Fort Sill military reservation, where it had failed to discharge.
30 July 1914
Body Identified as San Antonio Girl.
Galveston, Texas - Dr. M. Charlotte SCHAEFER of the medical college of the university of Texas identified the body of the woman found on the beach front Tuesday morning with a bullet hole through her head as that of Miss Elvira DAVIS of San Antonio, librarian and private secretary to Col George W. BRACKENRIDGE of San Antonio.  Dr. SCHAEFER viewed the garments and the body and positively identified both.
26 Mar 1914
Bodies of Boys Blown to Pieces
Wheeling, W. Va. - Frank EARLWINE and John STOCKHOUSE, 15-year-old boys, were blown to pieces at Proster, 20 miles from here.  They found a can of nitroglycerin on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad and exploded it.  A section of the track was torn up and a fast passenger train was flagged just in time to avert a wreck.
19 Nov 1914
Mrs. Carl Ekrut Dies at Gainsville
Late Wednesday evening Mrs. Carl EKRUT died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. H. J. BAUMAN at Gainsville, Texas.
Mrs. EKRUT was 63 years old.  About three weeks ago she left here to visit her daughter.  Soon after arriving she became ill and was confined to her bed until the time of her death.
The services will be conducted by Rev. August BECKER of Denton and Rev. W. R. LAMBERT, at ten o'clock, Friday at Mr. EKRUT'S home, and the interment will be made at the Sowers cemetery at 11 o'clock.
She is survived by her husband and six children, E. B. EKRUT, of Irving; Mrs. H. J. BAUMAN, of Gainsville; Rev. Hugo EKRUT, of Dallas; Miss Mary EKRUT, Charlie EKRUT and L. D. EKRUT, all of Irving.
The Index and their many friends offer their sympathy to the bereaved ones.
19 Mar 1914
Engineer Killed in Wreck on Katy.
Henrietta, Texas - A Missouri, Kansas & Texas passenger train, running from Wichita Falls to Dallas was derailed about a mile and a half west of town, near the Texas Company pumping station, killing Engineer W. ELLSWORTH of Denison.  The engineer was crushed under the engine when it turned over.  The engine turned on the right side of the track and the fireman was thrown from the cab window on the same side of the track, but was not hurt.




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