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Early Texas Newspapers.  A collection of early death notices and obituaries from the Irving Index.  Irving, Texas is located in Dallas County.  These are extracted from early 1900 newspapers.
The Irving Index
Newspaper of Irving, Texas 1915
The following are obituaries and death notices extracted from the Irving Index.  This newspaper was one of the first newspapers in Irving, Texas.  Irving, Texas is located in the Northwest area of Dallas County.  These are presented in alphabetical order although there are many other names in each article.  Spelling and punctuation has been left as found in the articles.  An extensive list of deaths in Dallas was also published in The Irving Index in 1915.  They have been listed on separate pages.

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1915 Dallas Deaths
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8 Jul 1915
Zarona GONGALES had only been in Irving two days.  He was employed in the Rock Island section crew.  The nights were warm, and the men were sleeping out in the open air on cots.  About four o'clock Friday morning, a shower of rain drove them to shelter.  When his companions went to their room, Zarona got under a box car in the siding and pillowed with his sack on the rail - not suspecting that an engine would enter the yard.  He soon fell asleep; the switch engine came along, and pushed the car.  And while he slept, Zarona was completely beheaded.
His body was taken to Dallas by the Henniger-Brewer Undertaking Company.
3 Jun 1915
Doc HARRISON Died Tuesday
Doc HARRISON, aged near 60 years, died at his home in West Dallas Tuesday night, and was buried in the Sowers cemetery Wednesday evening.  The cortege came by automobile and the Ed. C. SMITH hearse bore the body.  The funeral services were by Rev. ADAMS of West Dallas.
Mr. HARRISON had lived in this area for about 30 years, and was well known in Irving.  He has numerous relatives in this vicinity.  Mrs. Sam EWALT is his daughter.
Friends extend kind sympathies.
29 Jul 1915
Little Ronda, 5-year-old son of Mrs. Adel HAWKINS and grandson of Mr. and Mrs. John MURPHY, was taken ill last Saturday night.  Appendicitis developed and Sunday he was taken to the Baptist Sanitarium in Dallas for an operation.  It was an interne case and Rondo passed away Tuesday morning.  But few days ago he was a robust looking boy.
The remains were brought to Irving and were laid to rest in the cemetery at Kit beside those of his father, who passed away a few months before Rondo was born.
The funeral services were held by Pastor DuLANEY at the Baptist Church Wednesday evening, and the Sunday School classes paid tribute to this one of their number.
The sympathy of their many friends goes out to Mrs. HAWKINS and to the grandparents.
29 Jul 1915
Relatives of Mrs. HAWKINS who have came for the funeral of her little boy Rondo who died Monday: Mrs. W. S. MURPHY of Smithville; Mr. and Mrs. J. M. STEPHENS and children of Cleburne, Mrs. N. A. STEPHENS and children of Teague, Mrs. M. F. STEPHENS and children of Smithville; Mrs. ARMSTRONG of Millsap; Mr. and Mrs. Lee BRITAIN and family of Tennyson.
1 Apr  1915
Death Calls Mrs. HODGE
After a protracted illness, Mrs. J. D. HODGE died Thursday, March 25, at the home of her daughter in Waco - Mrs. MILLER - whither she had gone several weeks ago, during a brief convalesant period.  Mr. HODGE was at their home one mile north of Irving when he was notified by telegram of the approaching end.  He hastened to her bedside, but death beat him there.
The funeral service and burial were at Waco.
Mr. and Mrs. HODGE had only lived here a year or so, but had made many friends, who extend sympathy to the husband and family.  She is survived by these children:  Mrs. MILLER of Waco, Mrs. WEAVER of Cement, Miss Alice HODGE, and William, James and John HODGE.
16 Dec 1915
Irving Boy Fatally Shot While Rabbit Hunting
The many friends and relatives of William IRBY, only son of our pioneer citizen, "Dave" IRBY, are plunged into sudden and unexpected grief.  Isaiah TOLER, Tom THORNTON and the deceased, on the afternoon of the 7th inst., were out at their common sport, rabbit hunting.  A rabbit jumped.  Tom saw the rabbit; he also saw William, but not till too late, the trigger was already touched, the fatal charge of shot was already piercing the air, before Tom realized that his gun was pointing directly toward his friend.
The young man was carried to the near-by home of his uncle, Bob IRBY.  Dr. GILBERT was summoned immediately, but there was not chance for recovery.  A ragged hole had been torn in the right side, just under the lung.
Young IRBY remained unconscious from the instant he was struck until death, about an hour later.
Everybody deeply regrets the accident, and young THORNTON is almost paralyzed with sorrow.
12 Aug 1915
Miss Arleen LEWIS departed this life August 7, 1915, at her home in Dallas, aged 20 years and six months.  The remains were interred in the Sowers cemetery August 9th, in the presence of a large number of relatives and friends.  All were deeply affected by the death of this devoted Christian girl, who was just entering the state of noble womanhood; the writer was correctly informed by friends that this girl was giving on-tenth of her earning to the cause of Christ.  Funeral services were conducted by Dr. L. COMBO.
To the nearby Irving relatives let us realize that our loss is her eternal gain.
28 Jan 1915
Death of Aged Lady
After an illness of several months, Mrs. Cornelia LUCAS died at her home at Polytechinc, January 20th.  The body was taken to Grapevine, where funeral services were conducted by the Rev. George F. KORNEGAY, and the interment was in Minters Chapel cemetery, on Thursday, the 21st.
Mrs. LUCAS was 75 years of age, and was one of the oldest families of this area, where a host of relatives reside.  Two sons and two daughters survive her.  Arthur LUCAS is one of the surviving sons.  Many friends join in tender of sympathy to the bereft ones.




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