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Early Texas Newspapers.  A collection of early death notices and obituaries from the Irving Index.  Irving, Texas is located in Dallas County.  These are extracted from early 1900 newspapers.
The Irving Index
Newspaper of Irving, Texas 1909
Names P-S
The following are obituaries and death notices extracted from the Irving Index.  This newspaper was one of the first newspapers in Irving, Texas.  Irving, Texas is located in the Northwest area of Dallas County.  These are presented in alphabetical order.  Spelling and punctuation was left as found.

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27 Nov 1909
Death of W. C. PADGETT
Dallas:  After an illness which had lasted for more than three months, W. C. PADGETT, for years, one of the foremost business men in North Texas died Thursday at his home in this city.
3 Apr 1909
Mrs. J. B. PARKER died at her home near Elm school house Tuesday evening, after an illness of only a few days.  The remains were buried at Shady Grove cemetery the following day.  Deceased was about 45 years of age, and leaves a husband and several children to feel the loss of her love and care.
10 Apr 1909
On March 30th, at 6 o'clock a. m., Mrs. Mollie PARKER died at her home near Elm School House, leaving her beloved husband and eight children ranging in age from four to twenty-one years.
Sister PARKER had only been sick three or four days.  It is quite a solace to the bereft family and friends to know that the broad hand of God's mercy was with this good wife and mother, as her entire illness was calm and seemingly painless.  So when death came the noble crossed the chilly waters without a fear.  Sister PARKER lived to love and be loved, and at the youthful age of sixteen she heard the call of Christ and answered by putting on Christ in all his commands, and for 28 years lived closely in the faith of Christ; and this faith never failed her in the serene hour of death.  The noble work of this good wife and mother was richly manifested by her aged companion and loving children at her death bed and grave.
A large concourse of friends and people followed the remains to the Shady Grove cemetery, where they were laid to rest, having ceased from all their labors of 44 years on earth.
The funeral ceremonies were appropriately conducted by Rev. Dr. L. COMBO.
The bereft family have the sympathy of the entire community.
4 Dec 1909
After eating the heads of twenty five matches the baby daughter of William A. PARKER, living south of Texhoma, Okla., died Sunday from the poison.
13 Nov 1909
Early Sunday morning a young man named PASS was mistaken for a burglar and killed by a load of buckshot while returning to his room one mile south of Joshua, after having been in the yard.  The shooting occurred before daylight.
16 Oct 1909
Il F. PERKINS, 50 years of age, was instantly killed in Lebau, S. D. Wednesday, when his automobile struck a rock.  Perkins' home was in Texas where the body will be shipped.
22 Oct 1909
Engine Kills Old Citizen
Laredo:  A telegram received late Thursday announced the death of W. R. PETERS, one of the oldest citizens of the town of Benavides, in Duval County.  He was killed by being run over by an engine.
17 Jul 1909
Thursday morning's News chronicled the death of J. C. PRUETT of West Dallas.  He was overcome with heat and died in Dallas Wednesday evening while in his wagon.
Mr. PRUETT formerly resided in the Irving area, and was a son-in-law of Mr. J. H. BLACK, one of our foremost farmers and citizens.  Deceased was 39 years old, and leaves a widow and several children.
His remains were laid to rest in the cemetery at Kit, Thursday.
The family have the sympathy of Irving friends and acquaintances.
17 Jul 1909
Death of J. C. PRUETT
Again that "Grim Monster, Death" has stolen into our ranks.  The wife and family of J. C. PRUETT, formerly a farmer of the Irving community, but for the past two years proprietor and manager of the Dallas Curtain Laundry, have been called to mourn the loss of a loving husband and father.  The deceased, while perhaps not entirely recovered from an attack of pneumonia last February, had for the last few weeks been able to be about, superintending his business.  Death occurred suddenly.  He had driver over town, and while not feeling well had succeeded in transacting all business for the day and was about to return home, when suddenly attacked by heart failure.  He died in his wagon in a few minutes after the stroke, and before a nearby physician who had been summoned by friends could arrive.  The body was removed to his home in West Dallas, form whence it was later removed to Irving, where it was interred, amid the sobs of many friends and relatives of Dallas and Irving who had gathered to witness the last sad rites.  The services were conducted by Rev. COVINGTON of Dallas.
Deceased is survived by a wife and two children at Dallas, and two sisters at Bremond, Texas.
17 Jul 1909
Infants Die
Tuesday night the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Will REDMAN died of summer fever.  Its remains were buried at the Sowers cemetery Wednesday.
Wednesday, Bert, the little two-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter HOLTZCLAW of near Kit, died. - It had meningitis more than a year ago and had never fully recovered.  The remains were buried at Kit cemetery Thursday.
4 Dec 1909
Woman's Injuries Fatal
Mexia:  As the result of burns received Tuesday, Miss Lila ROBERTSON died here.
29 Oct 1909
While taking a bath at his home near Nashville, Tenn. Sunday, Howard ROBINSON, a magazine and newspaper writer, was asphyxiated by fumes from a gas water heater.
22 Oct 1909
Ray ROBINSON, a 17 year-old employee in the St. Louis, Brownsville and Mexico shops at Corpus Christi, was caught by the clothing and pulled into the main shaft and instantly killed Monday.
4 Dec 1909
Ralph ROLAND, 9 years old, was killed by a tree falling on him Monday at Cushing, Texas.
4 Dec 1909
Kills Self In Prison
Sherman:  Up to the time that word was received in Sherman that Gus SARTIN had hanged himself in the Sacramento, Cal., jail Tuesday, interest still centered in the outcome of the efforts of two states, Texas and Arkansas, to secure the custody of a man who was held at Sacramento, Cal.  SARTIN was charged with the killing of Mrs. Annie WINKLEMAN at Fayetteville, Washington, County, Ark., and with the embezzlement of property over the value of $50.  to-wit:  A diamond ring at Sherman.
11 Dec 1909
W. J. SIMS, an employe of a company at Thicket, was brought to Beaumont Friday suffering from injuries received at the sawmill, and died at the Sisters Hospital.
9 Jan 1909
Uncle Jimmy Sitton Dead
Mr. Jim SITTON, familliarly known throughout this community, where he had resided for 25 years or more, as "Uncle Jimmy," died last Sunday morning at the home of his son Will SITTON, near Shady Grove.
Uncle Jimmy was about 78 years old, and had been almost an invalid since he suffered a paralytic shoke some four years ago.  (Brenda's note:  Should shoke be stroke?)
He came to Texas from Tennessee, and located in this vicinity many years ago.  His wife preceded him some six years.  He is survived by one brother , who resides near Bedford in Tarrant County.  His surviving children are:  Will, Cam and Rome SITTON, the first two residing near here; Mrs. Ben BARTON and Mrs. Charles BARTON and Mrs. Will CATES, the first two residing near here.
His remains were buried at Shady Grove cemetery Monday, Rev. M. H. Read of the Methodist church pronouncing the ceremonies.
This another of the pioneer links has been snapped, and an aged and good citizen gone to his reward.
11 Dec 1909
The young son of John SMITH of Wellington, Tex., died Saturday as a result of wounds received from a target rifle in his own hands.
25 Dec 1909
Rev. R. L. SNYDER was stabbed Tuesday from the effects of which he died on the spot where the altercation took place.  This trouble was near Huckaby, about twelve miles north of Stephenville.
18 Dec 1909
On the main street of Eufaula, Okla., Wednesday, a man named SPAKE was shot and killed.  Five shots struck SPAKE, who died almost immediately.
10 Jul 1909
Mrs. Margaret STEWART Dead
Mrs. Margaret STEWART, an aged lady and long time almost invalid, died Thursday morning at the home of her son-in-law, J. J. STORY, half mile west of Irving.
The funeral and interment took place at the Kit cemetery Friday evening, and was attended by a host of relatives and pioneer friends and many of the younger generation.
Mr. I. H. STORY hands Index this biography of Mrs. STEWART:
She came here from Tennessee in 1859, and has resided here ever since.  She was a half sister to Joe and H. W. BRITAIN and Mrs. W. K. STRANGE.  Her maiden name was COLLIER - being a sister to Jno. COLLIER, the father of the COLLIER boys of Irving: Albert, Will, Joe, and the late Charley.  She raised a large family of girls and one boy, all of whom are grown and married and got families except the boy, Bob STEWART.
She was an old and honored citizen of the Forks of the Trinity, and was always a hard worker.  Many are the days she has walked between the plow handles or rode the sulky plow and reaper or mower.  Such women are few and far between in this day and time.
During the civil war she was patriotic and actively devoted to the care of home.  Was always ready to go with the women, who had husbands in the army, to get cotton to spin into thread to make clothing for themselves and children.  She would mount the bale of cotton and pass around to the women waiting in turn.  She did not care what the officers in charge would say - she would tell them our men are in the army and cotton we are going to have, to make our clothing.
A good woman ha passed away.
25 Dec 1909
New York:  Timothy P. SULLIVAN, the "Little Tim" of the Bowery and power in metropolitan politics, died here Wednesday.  Death resulted from Bright's disease and inflammation of the heart.




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