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Early Texas Newspapers.  A collection of early death notices and obituaries from the Irving Index.  Irving, Texas is located in Dallas County.  These are extracted from early 1900 newspapers.
The Irving Index
Newspaper of Irving, Texas 1909
Names T-Z
The following are obituaries and death notices extracted from the Irving Index.  This newspaper was one of the first newspapers in Irving, Texas.  Irving, Texas is located in the Northwest area of Dallas County.  These are presented in alphabetical order.  Spelling and punctuation was left as found.

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14 Dec 1909
Mr. J. A. TAYLOR Dead
Mr. J. A. TAYLOR, one of Irving's staunch and highly respected citizens, passed away Monday morning.  Irving citizens paid personal tribute of respect at the sick bedside, at the funeral and at the grave.  Index yields to the following beautiful tribute in memory.
On Monday morning, Aug 9, as Aurora's light was heralding a new sun, while the inhabitants of our little town and countryside were just beginning to stir with the life of a new day, and our first thoughts on waking reverted to the home of a loved citizen, Brother J. A. TAYLOR, expectant yet fearing, surprise was evident nowhere, that the Death Angel had brought the dread summons that the kind and affectionate husband, the loving father in that house, was wanted in Heaven; that the Father had said, It is enough, His sufferings must cease, his joys must begin, His home is trinity.
For 22 days he had suffered with a complication of diseases.  His health had been failing for many months - and when at 4:55 o'clock the end came, while the blow to his family, relatives and friends, was so hard, expected though it was, there is the sweet consoling thought that our loss is his eternal gain.
None who knew Brother TAYLOR in the latter portion of his life can doubt his Christian character.  He professed faith in Christ and was baptized fifteen years ago in Kaufman county.  He loved to talk of religion, of his Heavenly Father, while his bible was his constant companion.
He was born Jan. 7, 18566 and his early boyhood was spent in Kentucky and in Rutherford county, Tennessee, near the battlescarred Murpheesboro.  He came to Texas in his middle teens and his father purchased the place near Sowers on which John LANOTTE now lives, familiarly known as the old TAYLOR place, and though he  has lived a few of the intervening years in Wise and Kaufman counties, the greater portion of his life was spent here, in what is known as the Forks of the River.
His magnetic ways and generous heart, won for him an innumerable host of friends, and every community that he entered welcomed him as sincerely as a preceding one regretted losing him, and the beautiful hospitable, friendly little town of Irving mourns its loss of him while it knows his place can never be filled.
His dear, good, heart broken wife, Mrs. Tryphena TAYLOR, and four sons, Willie, married and living at Grand Prairie, Tom, Grider, and Little Grady, one sister, Mrs. Anna POLLARD, near Grand Prairie, three brothers, Ben TAYLOR of Irving, Will of Colorado City and Booker of Iowa Park, survive him, while he has joined his parents, two sisters, his brother Lee TAYLOR, and a little daughter Lula, in the Beautiful City of Gold.
His family, his sister and brothers were with him in his illness, but a few days before he died Will and Booker were compelled to return home on account of their families, while Ben and Mrs. POLLARD remained to aid in administering to his wants and smooth his pillow till his light went out.  His nephew, Brooks POLLARD and his neice, Mrs. Ida BLACK of Kaufman county, with her husband were also present during the last hour.
At 4 o'clock a large concourse of friends and relatives started with the loved remains to the Baptist tabernacle, where his loved pastor, Rev. Tom GREEN of Dallas, conducted the funeral services, after which the long procession wended its way to the Sowers cemetery where the remains were interred with Praetorian honors.
May his loved ones, who have been the burden of his prayers, strive to meet him where there is not parting and the many good friends endeavor to show by cheering words and kindly visits how much Sister TAYLOR is appreciated and thus lighten the burden of her sorrows, while they admonish his boys to consider that they have the option of again grasping that loved hand that beckons from the others shore.
Mrs. Eugenia FOSTER
4 Dec 1909
Sammie THOMAS, a negro, about 23 years old, was lynched at Shreveport Saturday evening by a mob of nearly 500 white men and boys for attempting assault upon little Jennie McMILLAN, 7-year-old girl.
5 Jun 1909
Mr. and Mrs. Braden TILLERY had the sad misfortune to lose their infant boy, Otto E. Saturday night last, and the remains were interred at Lago, at 4 p. m. Sunday.  Funeral services were held by Bro. Leroy ANDERSON at the home on First Avenue, and Consul Commander Calvin REED and Manager HAWKINS  of Lagow Camp W.O.W. No 2160 were the pall bearers.  Though but an infant, due respect was paid the dead by the order - Sov. TILLERY being a member of the Lagow degree team.  At the regular meeting of the Camp on Monday night last resolutions of respect and condolence were read and passed.
2 Oct 1909
Death Calls Pioneer
Mr. John TRIGG, seventy-eight years of age and most of his life a resident of this vicinity, was stricken with paralysis at his home near Sowers on Monday of last week, from which shock he died Tuesday, September 28.  The deceased was one of the pioneers of Dallas County.  Mr. TRIGG is survived by his wife and several children, one son being the popular Deputy Sherrif Hayden TRIGG.  The funeral and interment was at Sowers cemetery Wednesday evening, attended by friends and neighbors.  Index extends the feeble comfort of its sympathy to its friend Hayden TRIGG and the others of his family.
?????????????illegible???????????????? Sowers cemetery Tuesday evening, where interment was made. Rev. W. F. Barcus of Christian church conducted the services and a large concourse of friends were present.
20 Mar 1909
Judge Charles Fred TUCKER, prominent at the Dallas legal bar and formerly judge of one of the district courts of Dallas county died suddenly Wednesday evening, at his home in Dallas.
13 Nov 1909
As the result of an automobile going over a six-foot bluff fifteen miles from Amarillo, Thursday night, an infant of Rev. J. H. UTECHT of Beloit, Kan., was killed instantly.
22 Oct 1909
Aged Priest Asphyxiated.
Chicago:  Rev. Adrian VAN HULST, aged 93 years and one of the oldest priests in the United States was found dead in his room at St. Ignatius' College here Tuesday from accidental asphyxiation.
25 Nov 1909
Engineer Tom WALKER and Fireman P. W. RAUER (or RANER), both of Tucson, were killed, ten persons seriously injured and thirteen others cut and bruised when eastbound Southern Pacific passenger train No-4 formerly known as the Golden State Limited, was wrecked three miles west of Benson, Arizona, Sunday morning.
22 Oct 1909
R. P. WALLACE, a Katy brakeman was killed while coupling cars Thursday at Whitesboro.  He was employed Wednesday and was out on his first trip.
20 Mar 1909
Grandma WALLS, died last night at her son's home, 3 miles southwest of Irving.  Funeral will at Shady Grove this evening.
25 Dec 1909
Capt. J. W. WATSON, for many years government weather observer in Abilene, and next to the oldest man in the service, was instantly killed here Saturday.  Falling down the basement steps of the government building his head struck the cement floor and his skull was fractured.
25 Dec 1909
One death resulting from cold has been reported in Ft. Worth.  Charles WEEKS, 17 years of age, who was found lying face downward in a snowdrift after all means for restoration were exhausted, died Monday at an early hour.
13 Nov 1909
Mrs. Delsy Guyer WEST of Knox City, was accidentally shot Friday and died soon after.  Mrs. WEST was cooking dinner, when a 5-year-old son in some way discharged a shotgun.  The charge entered her right lung and caused her death.
11 Dec 1909
Drinks Wood Alcohol by Mistake
Greenville:  Bulger WILKERSON, a well-to-do farmer of the Weiland community and a pioneer settler of the county, accidentally killed himself Wednesday by drinking wood alcohol.
25 Dec 1909
The corpse of George WITTICH, aged about 55 years and formerly of San Antonio, was found Friday morning hanging from a joist under the steps leading from the top of the seawall to the beach in Galveston.
4 Dec 1909
Col. F. H. WOOD, one of the early settlers and best known citizens of Hill county, died Friday near Vaughan, aged 81 years.




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