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Early Texas Newspapers.  A collection of early death notices and obituaries from the Irving Index.  Irving, Texas is located in Dallas County.  These are extracted from early 1900 newspapers.
The Irving Index
Newspaper of Irving, Texas 1912
The following are obituaries and death notices extracted from the Irving Index.  This newspaper was one of the first newspapers in Irving, Texas.  Irving, Texas is located in the Northwest area of Dallas County.  These are presented in alphabetical order although there are many other names in each article.  Spelling and punctuation has been left as found in the articles.

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25 May 1912
To my friends of Irving; to both Church and good Samaritan citizens of Irving - ??????m your words of kindness, and generous in deeds of good, in the most eternal hour of trouble and sorrow, that finds a man's entire being beyond seeming endurance:  To you, from the depths of my heart and whole nature, do I wish to tender my most grateful thanks for your attentive and kind acts toward my wife at the hour of her untimely death, and before my arrival at home; and again, for the expressions of sympathy and courtesies shown me since my return to Irving.  This touch of the world's warmness will I ever remember and cherish.  My vocabulary of words is inaduquate to express my feelings and my gratitude, but I thank you.
I love Irving and Irving's good people, and I expect to return to Irving to make my home.  
With a grateful heart,
Irving, Texas, May 1912
Last week Index stated that the funeral services of Mrs. McGEE was conducted in the undertaker's chapel in Dallas.  This was an error.  The body was removed to Sacred Heart Cathedral, where the usual Catholic formalities and service was held by Father McCARTHY.
5 Oct 1912
The remains of Mrs. Kate Rider McGEE, wife of R. M. McGEE, wife of R. M. McGEE, which have lain in the vault of the undertaker's chapel in Dallas since her tragic death in Irving early last spring, were finally put to rest last Saturday.  The body was buried in Oakland cemetery.  Father McCARTY conducted the funeral services at the grave, which receptable was by him "blessed".  A few Irving friends attended.
Mr. R. M. McGEE will visit with Irving friends Sunday.
7 Dec 1912
Arthur TURNER Shoots W. B. McKINNEY-Says Wife Insulted.
Grand Prairie - A charge of No. 4 shot brought almost instant death to W. B. McKINNEY, a contractor of Grand Prairie, as he was sitting in the interurban station at that place about 11 o'clock Wednesday morning.
A moment later, Arthur TURNER, young furniture painter employed in a factory here, handed over a single-barreled shotgun and surrendered himself to City Marshal W. J. ROBERTSON.
At the county jail, Arthur TURNER slender and little more than a boy giving his age as 20 years, said: "I had to shoot McKINNEY to protect my home.  He insulted my wife.  We were married seven months ago today and I shot him within five or ten minutes after he insulted her.  I got a shotgun and it was the first time I had seen him after I learned of it.  He went to my home and insulted my wife.
McKINNEY had lived in Grand Prairie about six years and had been engaged in a general contracting business.  He is survived by a wife, two grown sons and three other children.
TURNER came to Grand Prairie about a year ago and entered the employ of the Chase Furniture & Coffin Company as a furniture painter.  He was at work when a telephone message caused him to leave suddenly, a few minutes before the shooting.  He was regarded as quiet and steady and of a peaceable disposition.
The grand jury refused to indict Mr. TURNER.
14 Sep 1912
Little Edna NEWTON Dies
Little Edna, the eight-year-old daughter of Mrs. Ernest NEWTON, reported injured by the T. & P. motor car at Eagle Ford on Friday of last week, died in a sanitarium that evening.  The shock was too much for the young constitution. 
7 Dec 1912
Dallas:  Owing to the work of Officers LENZEN and ROBERTS, who were assigned to the case, the Fort Worth police were able to arrest Joe Parsons, a negro who is charged with the killing of Henry SCOTT, at 1406 Preston street, Dallas, Saturday night.
The officers found taht the man had taken a car to Fort Worth and notified the authorities where he might be found in that city.  The two policemen brought the negro back Monday morning and placed him in the city jail.
According to Joe PARSON'S statement, he acted in self defense.
"I was playing cards with the man and he lost some money.  He wouldn't pay it and instead, reached for all the money in sight.  I went to stop him and he reached his hand in his hip pocket.  I thought he had a gun, so I pulled out my knife and cut him in the neck."
Henry SCOTT'S neck was severed to the bone and his head was nearly cut from his shoulders.  He died instantly.
21 Dec 1912
Port Arthur, Texas - G. SAND, master of the Standard Oil barge No. 87, and the nine members of his crew were drowned Thursday night in the Gulf when a heavy storm tore the barge from its tow and it turned turtle.
23 Jun 1912
Death of Grandma SMALLEY
Grandma SMALLEY, wife of Philip SMALLEY, died at their home in Irving, early Tuesday morning, June 18.  Death was the result of an attack of apoplexy, paralyzing the body and reaching the brain.  She lingered in this helpless condition for a week or more before passing away.
Mrs. SMALLEY was about 75 years of age, and had resided in the Irving vicinity for a quarter of a century or longer, and was esteemed as a good christian woman-and loved by many friends.  She is survived by her husband, 2 sons and 5 daughters - all of the children being grown and married and all reside near Irving.  And there is a host of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
The body was laid to rest in Sowers cemetery, Wednesday evening, in the presence of very many of the relatives and friends.  In the absence of any minister in the community, of the Holiness creed, of which deceased was a member, the chapter in the Bible that applies to their service was read by an attending friend, accompanied by singing, which composed the funeral ceremony.
Friends join in the condolence with the bereaved. family.
21 Dec 1912
Negro Given Death Penalty
Dallas, Texas - "We the jury find the defendant guilty of murder in the first degree and assess his punishment at death."  With the reading of the verdict by the clerk the trial of Floyd STANTON, negro, who shot and killed his divorced wife, Naomi STANTON, on Dec. 3, was brought to a close on Dec. 17, in Judge Barry MILLER'S court within two weeks after the commission of the crime.  The verdict, returned was exactly ten minutes deliberation by the jury.
4 May 1912
Veteran of Two Wars, Pioneer Texan, Dies
Jonathan STORY, Pioneer of Kit, Passes to Final Home
Mr. Jonathan R. STORY died Tuesday, April 30, 1912, in Dallas at the home of his son, Mr. Carroll M. STORY.  His remains were brought to Irving and the burial was in the old family grounds in Sowers cemetery.  Funeral services were at the grave, conducted by Dr. L. COMBO, and many friends paid last homage to the pioneer.
Uncle Jonathan STORY was a veteran of two wars and a pioneer of Dallas county.  Uncle Ike STORY, a brother furnishes Index this biography of the deceased: 
Jonathan R. STORY, who died April 30, 1912, was born in Illinois in 1825.  In 1846 he enlisted as a soldier in the Mexican war and served to the end, under General SCOTT.  Returning home he was later married to Sophrona HUNSAKER, and pursued farming.  Afterwards, in 1855, he moved by wagon with his family to Texas - and settled where Kit now stands, in December of that year.  Here he farmed again until the civil war in 1861, when he joined the army and served 4 years fighting for the Lost Cause, in DARNELL'S command which went from Dallas.  At the end of this war he returned to his wife and children, and lived on the farm here until his death.  He leaves, to mourn his death - two sons, Carroll and Francis STORY; one daughter Mrs. Mary CLARK, wife of Lum CLARK, and several grand and great-grand children; two brothers, Uncle Ike and Alexander STORY; and a host of friends and relatives.
3 Aug 1912
T. A. TEDFORD, a brave and efficient officer of the Dallas police force, answered his last call Friday last when he went to arrest Leonard POTTS, a negro, who was trying to shoot another negro.  "POTTS shot the officer three times, the first shot taking effect in the thigh, the second shattering the bones in his right hand and arm, and the third passing through his body.  Officer TEDFORD shot twice at the fleeing negro as he broke to run, but having to use his left hand his marksmanship was not good.  Officer WRIGHT, TEDFORD'S partner, also shot at the negro as he ran, but the negro soon gained the bushes and was lost to view.  The negro at this writing, is still at large, but a reward sufficient to bring him in has been offered, and it will be quite difficult for him to get away entirely.  $1000 is the reward, and that is a sum not to be passed up nor a chance taken for.
Officer TEDFORD is dead and buried, but the negro is still at large.  With the dilligent search being made for the negro it is thought that more than likely he will be run down.  The sheriff's department is doing everything possible to capture him.
Later: On Tuesday, POTTS was located in Red River county, where he shot and killed Sherriff STEVENS of that county when he went to the home of POTT'S mother-in-law in Clarksville to arrest him.  As Sheriff STEVENS fell he returned the fire, which erred and killed the mother-in-law - while POTTS again escaped.  Wednesday's report had him captured, but Thursday's report says he is still at large.  But a posse of a thousand determined men are in pursuit and will surely get him - when likely a stunt will be pulled off.  
While we do not advocate lynching yet we believe such a course would save both Dallas and Red River counties large suns of money - especially so, if lawyers like the defenders of Burrel OATES can be found to take the case in hand.  ARNOFF was not an officer, but he was a citizen of Dallas.  Had he been an officer his death would have been accounted for lo! these many days ago, and that by the hemp route.
25 May 1912
Pink WALTERS, a robust young negro who was working on the Allen SEALE farm, on Bear Creek, dropped dead while at work in the field Tuesday.  It was attributed to heart failure.
10 Feb 1912
Mrs. Cora VOIRIN Dead
Mrs. Cora VOIRIN, wife of Mr. Gus VOIRIN, died at their home in Telluride, Colorado on January 26, leaving the husband with several small children.
Mrs. VOIRIN was a daughter of Mr. C. O. CLARK of Irving, and formerly resided here.  But owing to poor health, they had been for several years in Colorado, seeking relief.
The many friends of the family in Irving and vicinity bear full sympathy for the grief stricken ones.




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