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Early Texas Newspapers.  A collection of early death notices and obituaries from the Irving Index.  Irving, Texas is located in Dallas County.  These are extracted from early 1900 newspapers.
The Irving Index
Newspaper of Irving, Texas 1913
The following are obituaries and death notices extracted from the Irving Index.  This newspaper was one of the first newspapers in Irving, Texas.  Irving, Texas is located in the Northwest area of Dallas County.  These are presented in alphabetical order although there are many other names in each article.  Spelling and punctuation has been left as found in the articles.

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6 Sep 1913
Lightning Kills Two.
Purcell, Okla. - During a wind and rainstorm Sunday afternoon Clifford DEAN and his wife, a farmer living near Washington, Okla., ten miles west of Purcell, were struck by lightning and killed.
6 Sep 1913
Live Wire Kills Lineman
Milford, Texas - T. S. DODGE, a lineman, was killed while t work in the edge of town.  While stringing a wire he accidentally touched the trolley wire and received 1250 volts of electricity, which resulted in ?????? instant death.
26 Apr 1913
Death Claims Mrs. Francis MOUNT
Mrs. Francis MOUNT, of Rhome, Texas, died in Irving at 9 o'clock Tuesday night in the home of her daughter.  Mrs. H. H. BAIN - wife of Superintendent BAIN of the Irving public school.
The remains were shipped Wednesday morning to her Rhome home for interment.  Mr. BAIN being also sick Mrs. BAIN could not accompany the body of her mother to its resting place.
Mrs. MOUNT came to Irving recently on a visit to her daughter, and a week or so ago she was taken sick and pneumonia developed, resulting in her death.  Her three sons - S. H., Y. S. and E. C. MOUNT - and two daughters - Mrs. BROWNING and Mrs. TROXELL - were summoned to her bedside and were with their mother at the end.
Irving friends of Mr. and Mrs. BAIN tender their warmest sympathies.
25 Jan 1913
Fatal Automobile Collison at Enid
Enid, Okla. - William GENSMAN, 35 years old, is dead:  George DEAN, a fireman, is seriously injured, and six others hurt as the result of a collision between GENSMAN'S automobile and the city automobile fire truck.  GENSMAN was hurled forty feet and struck the pavement on his head.  He never fully regained consciousness and died five hours later.  DEAN has a fractured shoulder and a broken arm, but will recover.  The fire truck was returning from a run to a fire that had destroyed a $5000 automobile.
6 Sep 1913
Four Killed in Boiler Explosion
Itasca, Texas - Four men were killed as the result of a boiler explosion at the Itasca cotton oil mills.  The dead are: C. E. HARRIS, superintendent; H. V. ALLEN, laborer; James M. WILSON, the fireman, and Lige PATTERSON, a workman.  HARRIS came here from Houston a few weeks ago.  The other men all live here.  The bodies of both HARRIS and WILSON were blown about 100 feet across the railroad into a cotton field.  Damage to the oil building and machinery will amount to about $15,000.
8 Feb 1913
Walks Into Uncovered Tank and Is Drowned
Contained Creosote and Shrieking With Pain and Body Badly Acid Eaten the Unfortunate Man Lost His Life, Rescue Unavailing.
Joe HERNANDEZ, a Mexican, met a horrible death when he fell into an abandoned creosote tank near the old gas plant at Dallas.
HERNANDEZ was a Katy railway section hand.  He had spent the night on a working car with several other men and had been delegated at 5 0'clock in the morning to get firewood.  In the darkness he walked in the tank, level with the ground, about thirty feet deep and half filled with creosote and water.  Creosote entered his eyes and he was blinded.  Shrieking with pain and fear, he swam about the tank vainly endeavoring to secure a foothold on the sheer brick walls.
Fellow laborers, aroused by the cries of HERNANDEZ, tumbled from bed and ran to the tank.  Before a rope could be secured, however he sank in his death in the slimy burning fluid.
After day break police officers with a hook brought the man's body to the surface horribly disfigured.  HERNANDEZ had been in Dallas but a day or two, going there from San Antonio.  Gas Company officials say they sold the lot on which the tank is located to the Katy railway over a year ago.
4 Jan 1913
Mrs. Eugene JOFFRE Dead
Mrs. Eugene JOFFRE, whom Index mentioned last week as being critically ill and in the care of a trained nurse, died on Friday night, December 27, 1912.  The funeral services and the burial were at the Sowers Cemetery.
Mrs. JOFFRE was formerly Miss Edna MOSHER, and had resided most of her live in this vicinity.  She leaves the husband and five children - one the infant just born last week.
Sympathy of friends in the community go to the stricken family.
1 Mar 1913
Mrs. G. W. MILLER Answers the Summons at the Age of 86 Years.
At the home of her daughter, Mrs. C. L. COLE, in Garland, Texas, at 1:30 a. m., February 21, 1913, Mrs. G. W. MILLER passed quietly and peacefully to her eternal rest.
Sunday, Feb. 23, at 2 p. m., after funeral services, the body was laid to rest in Pleasant Ridge cemetery, near Newhope, beside the remains of her companion for 62 years - who answered the call March 29, 1911.  A host of the family and friends bowed in homage at the grave.
A long span of life was that allotted to Mrs. G. W. MILLER - 86 years on the 2nd day of last October.  And she had lived a beautiful christian life.
Referring to the death of Mr. G. W. MILLER, in its issue of April 1, 1911, thus quotation applies aptly at this time:
Mr. G. W. MILLER would have been 85 years old on the 12th of this month (April).  He was born and reared in Kentucky, but came to Texas in 1870, and bought a farm and located where is now Newhope, and where he has ever since resided.  He was a staunch and ardent member of the Methodist church for near sixty years, and most of this time an active steward.
"His wife, who survives him, was Miss Martha MARTIN, and also came with him from Kentucky.  She too, is past 84 years of age.  They were married Feb. 11, 1849.
Three generations of children survive them.
Their only two surviving sons reside in Irving, and are of the leading business men here - Mr. C. G. MILLER being an extensive merchant, and Mr. W. F. MILLER cashier of the Irving State Bank.
"Four daughters survive:  Mrs. A. W. LANDER ? of Newhope, Mrs. T. M. JONES of Mesquite, Mrs. C. L. COLE of Garland, and Mrs. G. H. WELLS of Big Springs.
The grand children and great-grand children are hosts." 




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