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Barren Co, Kentucky Marriage Records B

Sandi Gorin has kindly published these marriages on the Barren Co, KY mailing list.

Extracted from the original records at the County Clerk's office.

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Surnames Index

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Babb, William Shipman, Tempy 2 May 1808
Baber, John S. Boatman, Mary 9 Oct 1839
Bachatti, John F. Edwards, Mary 6 May 1818
Bagby, Albert K. Wooten, Maratha ?? Dec 1838
Bagby, Daniel Douglas, Elizabeth 12 Nov 1813
Bagby, Joseph Finn, Elizabeth 16 Mar 1824
Bagby, Landon Fields, Nancy 24 Dec 1818
Bagby, Richard Field, Sarah 5 Jul 1825
Bagby, Roderick Wood, Virginia 30 Oct 1823
Bagby, Sylvanus Courts, Frances 4 Jun 1813
Bagby, Walter McClure, Eliza J. 2 Jan 1831
Bailey, Charles J. Hunt, Susannah 15 Feb 1810
Bailey, Charles J. O'Daniel, Rose 12 Dec 1815
Bailey, David Hamilton, Martha J. 21 Jan 1847
Bailey, Elder Hamil, Nancy L. 14 Feb 1833
Bailey, Jacob Madox, Kitty 23 Dec 1813
Bailey, John Snowden, Mary 3 Jan 1806
Bailey, John G. Perkins, Elizabeth G. 26 Nov 1846
Bailey, Julius Jr. Jones, Neoma 17 Jul 1846
Bailey, Nimrod Shirley, Betsy 18 Nov 1819
Bailey, Tarlton Bagby, Rebecca 28 Oct 1833
Bailey, William Foster, Betsey 26 May 1812
Bailey, William T. Spencer, Nancy 1 Mar 1824
Bailey, William W. Bailey, Susan Jane 10 Feb 1836
Bailey, William W. Lucas, Patsey 16 Apr 1840
Bainbridge, Alexander M. Bowles, Mary M. 3 Dec 1821
Baird, J. Milton Watson, Mary 11 Jan 1833
Baird, John Monroe, Mary 17 Mar 1825
Baker, Jerman P. Brockman, Cynthia E. 25 Sep 1839
Baker, John Buford, Sally 22 Oct 1805
Baker, John E. Stockton, Catharine B. 18 Feb 1845
Baker, Josias Gillock, Polly 7 Sep 1813
Baker, William L. Higdon, Sarah L. 13 Sep 1838
Baldock, Faulkner Huffman, Wyrinda 1 Oct 1840
Baldock, George Wilson, Martha 4 Feb 1830
Baldock, John W. Witty, Minerva J. 9 Sep 1845
Baldock, William Bybee, Julia 29 Jun 1849
Baldwin, Isaac Bridges, Susannah 18 May 1806
Baldwin, William Kinslow, Jerusha 19 Feb 1828
Bailey, Benjamin Fergason, Catharine 8 Nov 1815
Baley, Henry Wells, Nancy 14 Jan 1822
Baley, William Maggard, Sarah A. 15 Oct 1846
Balinger, Samuel McCombs, Margaret 2 Dec 1830
Ball, James Pulliam, Celia 12 Aug 1836
Ball, John Griggs, Catharine 27 Mar 1834
Ball, Samuel O. Flint, Ann 26 Oct 1826
Ballinger, William McConnell, Margaret 26 Mar 1833
Barbee, Baxton B. James, Hannah 3 Oct 1833
Barbee, Braxton B.  James, Adaline N. 25 Mar 1824
Barber, Beverly Lane, Emily 16 Mar 1843
Barber, William Ralston, Lucinda 21 Nov 1825
Barbour, Thomas Ralston, Talitha 6 Nov 1824
Barclay, Hugh Hall, Luann L. 20 Nov 1827
Barclay, John Wright, Tempy 14 Dec 1817
Barclay, Philander W. Garnett, Elizabeth R. 6 Nov 1828
Barlow, James Cockran, Doshia 4 Feb 1814
Barlow, John T. Gillock, Julian 7 Sep 1840
Barnett, James M. Rhea, Elizabeth E. 19 Dec 1847
Barnett, John Tod, Rachel 18 Nov 1802
Barnett, John Piper, Mary 28 May 1828
Barrack, Rusel M. Colvin, Sally S. 27 Oct 1834
Barret, John Wood, Polly 16 May 1818
Barret, Lewis Wood, Virginia 14 May 1823
Barrett, John Allen, Jenny 25 Oct 1809
Barrett, John Chamberland, Susannah 31 May 1826
Barrett, Joseph L. Skaggs, Nancy 12 Dec 1849
Barrett, Middleton Walter, Rebeckah 29 Apr 1830
Barrett, Samuel Pedigo, Nancy 25 Nov 1828
Barrett, Thomas C. Skerlock, Clarissa 8 Apr 1849
Barrick, George W. Allen, Elizabeth 24 Dec 1846
Barron, James H. Bennett, Martha A. 22 Jul 1841
Barry, John Robertson, Elizabeth 21 Feb 1828
Barry, Joseph Wilkinson, Sally 6 Aug 1812
Barry, Richard Smith, Nancy 3 Mar 1808
Barry, William Browning, Fanny 18 Jan 1844
Bartlett, John Richey, Elizabeth 29 Dec 1818
Bartlett, Elijah Jett, Winnefred 28 Feb 1805
Bartlett, Perry Clark, Sally 19 Apr 1818
Bartley, Thomas Burcham, Peggy 1 Jan 1801
Bartley, Thomas Wilson, Mary Helen 20 Feb 1840
Barton, James Hardin, Elizabeth 22 May 1816
Barton, James Jewell, Susan 20 Dec 1838
Barton, James H. Peers, Mary M. 1856
Barton, James F. Edmunds, Frances B. 7 Dec 1847
Barton, John M. Edmunds, Caroline 4 May 1843
Barton, Noah Reed, Polly 9 Feb 1817
Barton, Samuel Hardin, Hannah 17 Mar 1818
Barton, Thomas Gassaway, Mary A. D. 23 Dec 1847
Barton, Tilman Groom, Rachel 7 Dec 1825
Bas, John Thompson, Polly 26 Aug 1817
Basham, Barnett Wyatte, Sally 21 Feb 1820
Basham, Obadiah M. Payne, Nancy 29 Aug 1832
Bass, Methildred Jenkins, Lucretia 5 Jan 1812
Bass, Tollibart Lawrence, Sarah 27 Jul 1826
Bassham, Nathan Preston, Mahala 20 Dec 1841
Baston, Thomas Shofner, Luanna 22 Oct 1841
Bates, James Edgar, Susannah 28 Jul 1807
Bates, James Brock, Sealley 12 Jan 1809
Bates, James P. Barrick, Harriet Jan 1834
Bates, John A. Robertson, Lucetta Jane 17 Feb 1842
Bates, Moses Childres, Mary Ann 26 Aug 1805
Bates, Thomas Davis, Patsy 2 May 1808
Baugh, Joseph Moore, Polly 26 Dec 1812
Bawldock, Levi Wilson, Levisa 8 Oct 1828
Bayley, Henry Wells, Nancy 15 Jan 1822
Bayliss, John Lattamore, Polly 24 Sep 1807
Surnames Index

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Li   M   Mc   Me   N   O   P   Pe   Po   Q   R   Ro   S   Sk   St   T   Ti   U-V   W   We   Wi   Wo   Y-Z

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