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Barren Co, Kentucky Marriage Records Co

Sandi Gorin has kindly published these marriages on the Barren Co, KY mailing list.

Extracted from the original records at the County Clerk's office.

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Kentucky Marriage Records at Ancestry

Surnames Index

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Coats, John Richardson, Rachel 17 Dec 1806
Coats, Richard Allen, Eliner 7 Nov 1833
Cockerel, William W. Rodes, Caroline 19 Feb 1844
Cockrell, Benjamin F. Shirley, Amanda 1 Apr 1845
Cockrell, John B. Haley, Mary A. 29 Oct 1840
Cockrell, William Jr. Clayton, Elizabeth 17 Apr 1806
Cockrill, Joseph Foster, Nancy 3 Feb 1817
Cockrill, Joseph G. Arnett, Elizabeth 4 Nov 1856
Coddington, Joseph Leeper, Jane 17 Jul 1826
Codington, John Deweese, Lucinda 20 Jan 1814
Coffey, James Russell, Mahala 2 May 1827
Cogdal, William Bell, Mary 18 Jun 1812
Colbert, Thomas Thomas, Jane 14 Feb 1828
Colbert, Valentine Staples, Louisa 7 Jun 1841
Cole, Amos Cole, Elizabeth 28 May 1819
Cole, Ira M. Parrish, Louisa Ann 17 Dec 1835
Cole, Ira M. Richardson, Virginia 28 Dec 1845
Cole, John Jr. Lawrence, Simbly 25 May 1839
Cole, John M. Martin, Nancy E. ?? ??? 1856
Cole, William Job, Rachel 12 Jan 1802
Coleman, Ambrose Carpenter, Emily 27 Jun 1835
Coleman, John Townsend, Emily 27 Mar 1844
Coleman, Joseph Kinslow, Nancy 27 Aug 1807
Coleman, Joseph Wheeler, Elizabeth 3 Dec 1817
Coleman, Micajah Emerson, Henrietta 18 Jan 1854
Coleman, Phillip Merrit, Anny 21 Jan 1805
Coleman, Phillip Middleton, Elizabeth 9 Mar 1816
Coleman, Samuel Cosby, Nancy 24 May 1824
Coleman, William Marr, Lucy Jane 22 Jan 1846
Collins, Francis M. Monroe, Polly B. 31 Aug 1855
Combs, Benjamin Goodin, Anne 27 Apr 1824
Combs, Benjamin Combs, Susan 6 Aug 1858
Combs, James Hunt, Zilpha 21 May 1833
Combs, James Kinslow, Nancy 18 Dec 1857
Combs, James R. James Mary J. 14 Apr 1854
Combs, Samuel Harrison, Mary Ann ?? ??? 1859
Combs, Thomas Johnson, Elizabeth ?? ??? 1859
Combs, Thomas J. Austin, W. F. ?? ??? 1858
Combs, Zur Peck, Sarah 23 Jun 1831
Compton, James Sulivant, Elisabeth 18 Jun 1800
Compton, Joseph R. Hatchett, Martha N. 10 Apr 1838
Conan, David C. Gillaspy, Elizabeth 7 Jan 1823
Condra, John Alderson, Rebakah 21 May 1812
Conger, Josiah Runyon, Catey 12 Jan 1802
Conlee, Robert Doyle, Celia 19 Dec 1822
Conley, Levi P. Gillock, Jane L. 29 Feb 1820
Conlie, Alexander Waddel, Rebekah 22 Sep 1811
Conner, Jacob Tadlock, Betsey 13 Sep 1806
Connoway, Jessee Johnston, Becky 30 Apr 1807
Conway, Patrick Ryan, Catherine 28 Jul 1856
Conyer, David Satterfield, Nancy 30 Aug 1802
Conyer, William Price, Susanna 2 Aug 1802
Conyers, Pashcal G. Ralston, Eliza Ann 4 Dec 1832
Cook, Albert Johns, Joannah 30 Aug 1832
Cook, Albert G. Jackson, Mary 1 Jun 1842
Cook, Albert G. Jones, A. 8 Oct 1849
Cook, Asa Miginnis, Rebeckah 11 Dec 1826
Cook, George Howel, Nancy 11 Jul 1813
Cook, George W. Leeper, Eliza 27 Oct 1844
Cook, Jesse Crain, Elizabeth T. 4 Mar 1837
Cook, Jonathan F. Smith, Mildred 11 Oct 1827
Cook, P. Henry Naylor, Mary E. 3 Feb 1842
Cook, Uriah W. Martin, Elizabeth 19 Jul 1855
Cook, William Gumm, Nancy 223 Jan 1813
Cook, William Pool, Elizabeth C. 6 May 1813
Cook, William J. Watson, Frances Ann Temple 1 Sep 1835
Cooke, Valentine Leeper, Amanda 13 Nov 1856
Cooper, James Merret, Betsy 8 Feb 1818
Cooper, John Davis, Sally 23 Dec 1811
Cooper, John Merrett, Jane 13 Dec 1817
Cooper, William Forester, Julian 19 Jun 1834
Cops, Henry Carter, Johannah 18 Mar 1816
Coran, Champion McCoy, Jane 16 Mar 1846
Cornwell, Samuel Jennings, Elizabeth 2 Jul 1818
Cosby, Eli Morris, Susannah F. 18 Aug 1846
Cosby, William Conney, Sophia 3 Mar 1823
Costlow, John Holder, Jean 15 Feb 1809
Cotham, Thomas Holligan,  ??? 3 Jun 1802
Cotton, Benjamin Maynard, Franky 23 Sep 1839
Coulter, Alexander Niks, Esther 9 May 1807
Coulter, James Emberton, Martha 19 Jan 1812
Courts, Braxton B. Woods, Virginia Oct 1826
Courts, Ellison Woods, Nancy 1 Jul 1856
Courts, Francis L. Huffman, Salina 12 Apr 1825
Courts, Jesse W. Price, Mary Jane 16 Aug 1820
Courts, John Stalsworth, Elizabeth 20 Mar 1843
Courts, Richard McCombs, Palina 1 Mar 1842
Courts, William Ritter, Charity 30 May 1818
Courts, William Jr. Wells, Nancy 24 Nov 1841
Cowden, James Bridges, Polly Ann 15 Jan 1843
Cowden, James M. Barton, Elvira 28 Jul 1835
Cowden, William O. P. H. Bridges, Rachel 2 Apr 1839
Cowel, Samuel Cook, Elizabeth W. 25 May 1818
Cowley, William Franklin, Nancy 23 Dec 1825
Cox, Beverly Murray, Nancy 31 Mar 1809
Cox, Bolin T. Forbis, Mahala 16 Dec 1847
Cox, Charles Oliver, Martha A. 15 Apr 1844
Cox, David Gassaway, Mary F. 17 Feb 1859
Cox, Isom Terry, Ann 13 Sep 1842
Cox, Israel Wood, Louisa 30 Nov 1823
Cox, Jesse Rowntree, Polly 9 Jun 1808
Cox, Jesse Rowntree, Lucy 27 Apr 1811
Cox, John Bernard, Vianna 27 Dec 1833
Cox, John Bennett, Polly Ann 5 May 1839
Cox, John Huffman, Jamima E. 16 Aug 1846
Cox, John C. McGuire, Anny 23 Dec 1823
Cox, John W. Harris, Jane J. 8 Dec 1836
Cox, Josiah Buress, Amanda Melvina 30 Sep 1852
Cox, Levi Wade, Elizabeth 13 Aug 1829
Cox, Levi Wines, Lucinda 4 Jul 1839
Cox, Lewis A. Baird, Caroline 3 Dec 1835
Cox, Moses Duese, Salley 28 Sep 1800
Cox, Radford Richardson, America Ann 13 Oct 1835
Cox, Radford Rowntree, Lucy 28 Apr 1811
Cox, Samuel P. Morton, Celista A. 7 Jul 1842
Cox, Samuel P. Richardson, Ellen M. 19 Apr 1849
Cox, William May, Jane 12 Mar 1844
Surnames Index

A   B   Be   Bo   Br   Bu   C   Co   Cr   D   Di   E   Em   F   Fl   G   Go   H   He   Ho   Hu   I-J   K   L

Li   M   Mc   Me   N   O   P   Pe   Po   Q   R   Ro   S   Sk   St   T   Ti   U-V   W   We   Wi   Wo   Y-Z

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