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Barren Co, Kentucky Marriage Records Cr

Sandi Gorin has kindly published these marriages on the Barren Co, KY mailing list.

Extracted from the original records at the County Clerk's office.

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Kentucky Marriage Records at Ancestry

Surnames Index

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Crab, Richard M. Dale, Jemima 23 Oct 1819
Crabb, J. R. U. Jones, Elizabeeth 11 July 1857
Crabtree, Alexander Lowe, Elizabeth 31 Jan 1833
Crabtree, James McKay, Henrietta 22 Aug 1851
Crabtree, James D. Cristy, Sarah F. 20 Jan 1855
Crabtree, John R. Lowe, Mary Frances 22 Mar 1858
Crabtree, Martin S. Hudson, Martha A. 11 Jun 1846
Crabtree, Samuel Russel, Elizabeth 4 Oct 1810
Craddock, Archie Harper, Elizabeth 8 Mar 1815
Craddock, William Boone, Mary 6 Nov 1799
Craig, Andrew Wallace, Nancy 13 May 1818
Craig, Clement Twyman, Elizabeth 25 Jul 1827
Craig, James Higdon, Mary 27 Jan 1855
Craig, James B. Wheeler, Eliza 21 Dec 1844
Craig, William Branstetter, Mary Ann 14 Jul 1823
Crane, Anderson Isaacs, Polly 29 Jul 1818
Crawford, Alfred Bridges, Kittey 22 Oct 1812
Crawford, James F. Love, Rebecca 24 Dec 1840
Crawford, James F. Evans, Emily 23 May 1850
Crawford, John Kemble, Lucretia 26 Jul 1814
Crawford, Moses Walker, Rachel 28 May 1805
Crawley, Beverly Saturewhite, Caty 20 Sep 1820
Crawley, Mithcell Loyd, Sarah 9 Feb 1803
Crawley, Samuel West, Elizabeth Francis 26 May 1851
Crawley, Thomas Beam, Catharine 29 Dec 1826
Crawley, William Stalswworth, Mary 4 Mar 1841
Creacy, Joseph H. Anderson, Emily 18 Apr 1839
Creasy, Daniel Smith, Lucy Jane 17 Mar 1859
Creek, Abraham Howdeshell, Sarah 28 Dec 1802
Creek, Isaac Lee, Sarah 12 Jan 1832
Creek, John Bush, Rebekah 17 Dec 1800
Creek, John Jr. Denison, Emily J. 20 Jul 1838
Creek, Lodaway Luckett, Nancy 26 Jan 1828
Creek, Samuel Isaac Garrison, Martha Ann 17 Feb 1857
Creek, William Neal, Elizabeth 20 Jan 1842
Crenshaw, Anderson Pouson, Elizabeth 26 Dec 1836
Crenshaw, Benjamin King, Nancy 26 Mar 1846
Crenshaw, Benjamin R. Jr. Browning, Louisa 24 May 1845
Crenshaw, Dabney Waggoner, Elizabeth 28 Oct 1818
Crenshaw, Littleberry P. Starr, Edmonia 15 Feb 1846
Crenshaw, Richard W. Monroe, Mary M. 19 Mar 1844
Crenshaw, Thomas J. Short, Agnes P. 6 Jan 1825
Crenshaw, Walter Hughs, Nancy 31 Dec 1818
Crenshaw, William A. Love, Harriett 16 Dec 1853
Crews, David Smith, Betty S. 17 Feb 1815
Crews, Matthew Blair, Mary 6 May 1817
Crews, Peter Monroe, Patsy 15 Jan 1824
Croghan, Melton Hale, Frances 10 Mar 1857
Crouch, Charles R. Fowler, Lydia 3 Jul 1827
Crowden, James M. Barton, Elvira 25 Jul 1825
Crowder, Burrell Dry, Sally 24 May 1804
Crump, Archibald Harper, Elizabeth 16 Mar 1815
Crump, Benjamin N. Logan, Elizabeth 1 May 1834
Crump, Romeo Harper, Rhody 30 Jan 1812
Crump, William Brooks, Nancy 31 Aug 1824
Crumpton, John S. Kinslow, Mary E. 12 Jun 1856
Crumpton, Lemuel W. Bradshaw, Virgin Mary 6 Apr 1856
Crumpton, Wm. Henry Burton, Phebe Ann E. 3 Mar 1853
Cruse, James Munro, Nancy 9 Feb 1805
Cruse, Matha Owen, Elizabeth 19 Aug 1828
Crutch, Albert B. Murrell, Sarah Jane 4 Nov 1830
Crutcher, Albert B. Field, mary Ann 23 May 1854
Crutcher, Henry Buford, Polly 1808
Crutcher, James L. Hord, Mary E. 7 Apr 1841
Crutcher, Thomas Tompkins, David Ella 30 Mar 1847
Cullins, Manoah Cullins, Sally 10 May 1820
Cullins, William Shirley, Lettice 18 Jul 1813
Culp, Daniel Richardson, Salley 20 Aug 1807
Culp, Josiah C. Shirley, Frances G. 26 Nov 1817
Culp, Peter Bailey, Martha 6 Jul 1816
Cumins, James Gill, Peggy 1 Oct 1822
Cumins, Samuel Holsclow, Eliza 29 May 1822
Cumins, Samuel Cochran, Sally 8 Oct 1822
Cummins, James Shirley, Sophia 14 Aug 1856
Cunningham, Geo. S. Ritter, Paulina 22 Oct 1853
Cunningham, Jacob Wade, Sally W. 25 Dec 1841
Cunningham, William King, Lucinda 28 Jul 1823
Curd, B. D. Stark, Maria L. 22 Nov 1849
Curd, Benjamin S. Saunders, Mary F. 24 Jan 1843
Curd, Daniel Trigg, Fanney 18 Mar 1801
Curd, Haiden T. Edmunds, Mary Ann 26 Feb 1830
Curd, Jasse Saunders, Martha 7 May 1844
Curd, John J. Grubs, Mary D. H. 1 Oct 1832
Curd, Obadiah E. Reynolds, Elizabeth 11 Aug 1831
Curd, Obadiah E. Dickinson, America 13 Oct 1842
Curray, John Lemmons, Nancy 2 Apr 1829
Currie, George B. Miller, Caroline 19 Apr 1853
Curry, Benjamin F. Toomey, Nancy A. 18 Sept 1849
Curry, George W. Wilson, Julia Ann 27 Feb 1853
Curry, John Bragg, Nancy 22 Mar 1821
Curtis, Fielding Jr. Woods, Lenna 18 Apr 1816
Curtis, William D. Birdwell, Peggy 31 Jul 1813
Curtis, William S. Middleton, Susan A. 18 May 1837
Custer, Nathan Gray, Nancy 20 Feb 1814
Custer, Ruel Allen, Patsy 31 Oct 1816
Surnames Index

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