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Barren Co, Kentucky Marriage Records Di

Sandi Gorin has kindly published these marriages on the Barren Co, KY mailing list.

Extracted from the original records at the County Clerk's office.

More Barren County, Kentucky Marriages

Kentucky Marriage Records at Ancestry

Surnames Index

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Dickenson, Archer McGuire, Nancy 8 Feb 1821
Dickenson, Benjamin T. Bowles, Sally 3 Jun 1835
Dickenson, William Hall, Kitty 5 May 1813
Dickerson, Albert Boatman, Elizabeth 27 Nov 1833
Dickerson, Arthur C. Gillock, Catharine A. 12 Oct 1854
Dickerson, Cephas McPherson, Mary 5 Aug 1812
Dickerson, Henry Burris, Anny 2 Oct 1810
Dickerson, H. M. Jamerson, Gilly H. 8 Aug 1826
Dickerson, James Brown, Lucinda 17 Jun 1852
Dickerson, John Maguire, Phebe 1 Oct 1818
Dickerson, John M. Hatchett, Nancy 13 Jun 1844
Dickerson, Temple Harris, Betsey 10 Apr 1806
Dickerson, Thomas Owen, Nancy 4 May 1843
Dickerson, Thomas West, Mary E. 8 Mar 1849
Dickerson, Thomas C. Day, Martha Virginia 22 Aug 1844
Dickerson, Thomas J. Parrish, Judith 23 Dec 1830
Dickerson, Thomas J. Chapman, Sarah 26 Feb 1849
Dickerson, Thomas M. Higdon, Jane T. 24 Jan 1844
Dickerson, Thomas M. Pulliam, Eliza Jane 12 Dec 1846
Dickerson, William H. Ford, Emily Jane 16 Aug 1838
Dickerson, William H. Pedigo, Mary Ann 17 Dec 1859
Dickey, Benjamin F. Curd, Mary W. 12 Nov 1844
Dickey, Elisha Duke, Tabitha A. 23 May 1842
Dickey, Josiah W. Davis, Eugenia 6 Nov 1856
Dickey, Thomas M. Ritter, Jane 1856
Dickey, William Haley, Elizabeth 23 Mar 1826
Dickinson, Benjamin T. Sanders, Polly 26 Jul 1821
Dickinson, James F. Terhind, Elizabeth P. 18 Jun 1839
Dickinson, Stephen McFerran, Mary 11 Aug 1812
Dickinson, Thomas Hall, Fanny 26 Oct 1830
Dickinson, William Hall, Hetty 6 May 1813
Dickison, Thomas M. Mahan, Gilley Ann 7 Aug 1826
Dickson, John R. Leeper, Elizabeth C. 21 Nov 1850
Dicky, Joseph M. Self, Sarah Ann Elizabeth 3 Oct 1850
Dicus, Arthus Rogers, Sally 26 Feb 1807
Dicus, William Herington, Sary 23 Nov 1800
Dilener, Clement Mize, Sally 10 Mar 1825
Dillingham, Jacob Huffman, Elizabeth 22 Oct 1840
Dillingham, James Wright, Eliza 12 Jul 1836
Dillion, Jacob Duncan, Mary J. 14 Feb 1849
Dillion, Silas Vaughn, Elizabeth J. 4 Mar 1847
Dillon, Jacob Greer, Naoma 13 Sep 1836
Dilly, James G. Hayes, Martha J. 22 Dec 1844
Dilly, Joel W. Hufman, Willy Ann 13 Aug 1832
DINWIDDIE, Alexander GAINS, Kitty 8 Oct 1806
DINWIDDIE, Thomas CLAGHORN, Pheby 27 Nov 1809
DINWIDDIE, William BAS, Franky 12 Oct 1841
DISHMAN, James A. LACKEY, Isabella G. 15 Oct 1841
DISHMAN, John C. BISHOP, Mahala A. 25 Sep 1849
Dishman, Nathan S. Cickinson, Sarah F. 7 Sep 1859
DISHMAN, Peter S. SIMONS, Susan 22 Aug 1845
DISHMAN, Robert C. NORMAN, Mary W. 6 Jun 1844
DISHMAN, William S. GREER, Elizabeth 13 Dec 1848
DIVES, Joshua HAGANS, Jinny 8 Aug 1808
DODD, Allen RODES, Dorothy E. 2 Sep 1824
DODD, Edmund GARNETT, Elizabeth 15 Sep 1836
DODD, Hayden SETTLE, Mary W. 6 Jun 1844
DODD, Isaiah DODD, Margarett 20 Dec 1821
DODD, James Jr. BELL, Emily 25 Dec 1817
DODD, John HALL, Jane 3 Sep 1811
DODD, John SETTLE, Sally 29 Oct 1818
DODD, Marshal LAWRENCE, Peggy 25 Mar 1813
DODD, William B. EUBANK, Susan F. 11 Oct 1849
DODDY, John GLAZEBROOK, Eliza 4 Nov 1819
DODSON, Samuel YOUNG, Freances 17 Jul 1822
DOKE, James KELLEY, Eunice 21 Sep 1801
DONALDSON, James M. MURRELL, Elizabeth 28 May 1844
DONAN, Davi C. GILLASPY, Elizabeth 15 Jan 1823
DOOLEY, George RICHEY, Betsey 12 Jul 1803
DOOLEY, Moses DOWNEY, Pheby 24 Feb 1802
DOOLEY, Thomas KIRKHAM, Jane 7 Apr 1802
DORSEY, Kintchen D. CHARTER, Elizabeth 1 Feb 1821
Doss, Clifton Lee, Elizabeth J. 29 Dec 1847
Doss, George W. Duvall, Mary J. 4 Nov 1833
Doss, James McMahon, Martha 21 Sep 1820
Doss, William Edwards, Elizabeth 8 Mar 1821
Dossey, John A. Colbert, Nancy 5 Apr 1849
Dossey, Parker M. Kenady, Martha 16 Sep 1841
Dougherty, Gallatin Slemmons, Mary 15 Feb 1838
Dougherty, Harvey Coram, Susan 5 Jun 1827
Dougherty, Henry Nevill, Polly 23 Feb 1829
Dougherty, James W. Smith, Isabella 24 Feb 1825
Dougherty, Joseph Carter, Mary Jane 21 Nov 1841
Dougherty, Mark Clark, Sarah A. 31 Jul 1839
Dougherty, Michael Glover, Nancy 4 Apr 1811
Dougherty, Robert S. Anderson, Ruth A. 1 Dec 1847
Douglas, John Jameson, Peggy 30 Mar 1803
Douglas, William Latemore, Jemimah 8 Jun 1801
Douglass, Daniel McCracken, Ruthy 8 Oct 1850
Dowdy, John Boydsteen, Sarah 3 Jun 1830
Downing, Benjamin Campbell, Isabella 28 Nov 1811
Downing, James Downing, Sophiah 27 Mar 1813
Downing, James C. Ritter, Jamima 27 Feb 1834
Downs, Burwell Bullington, Nancy 1 Feb 1814
Downs, Elias Munk, Sally 6 Dec 1810
Doyal, Samuel Conlie, Polly 12 Nov 1812
Doyle, Richard G. Garrison, Sarah 1 Apr 1817
Drain, Anthony Settle, Fanny 9 Oct 1823
Drain, Thomas Williams, Mary 1 Feb 1838
Drake, Greenberry Lane, Nancy 20 Oct 1811
Drake, James Trigg, Sally 23 Feb 1818
Drane, Judson S. Clayton, Louisiana 7 Dec 1845
Draper, John Lard, Deborah 21 Oct 1807
Dresser, Henry Causey, Nicey 15 Oct 1805
Driskell, John P. McGee, Polly 10 Jan 1825
Driskill, James D. Stallsworth, Elenor 17 Mar 1828
Driskill, J. G. Church, Nancy 31 Dec 1847
Duff, Edmund Evans, Eliza Jane 23 Dec 1847
Duff, Fielding Willis, Betsy B. 19 Dec 1816
Duff, Hubbard Drain, Sarah 5 Sep 1820
Duff, Hubbard Barlow, Nancy 28 Jun 1844
Duff, William Button, Winnie 12 Mar 1842
Dugger, Joseph Bailey, Elizabeth 11 Sep 1810
Duke, Fountain Martin, Sarah 30 Oct 1838
Duke, Thomas Curd, Ann E. 14 May 1835
Duke, Thomas T. Malone, Elvira 16 Oct 1849
Duke, William Mallory, Mary M. 1 Mar 1831
Dunaway, Aquilla Deweese, Mary 19 Feb 1833
Duncan, Hiram Davidson, Betsy 19 Aug 1833
Duncan, Joseph Vinyard, Amy 8 Nov 1804
Duncan, Joseph S. Park, Mary Ann 14 Jan 1836
Duncan, Thomas Foster, Judah 19 Dec 1816
Duncan, William Hensley, Nancy 16 Dec 1839
Dunigan, Acre Huggins, Permelia 9 Aug 1817
Dunn, Gabriel Froggett, Elizabeth 15 Oct 1808
Dunn, John Hoover, Betsy 26 Jan 1808
Dunn, Spencer Wooten, Mary S. 5 Oct 1847
Dunn, Thomas S. Morrys, Emily 4 Oct 1832
Dunn, William Edwards, Mary Jane 19 Feb 1835
Dunnigan, Thomas Richardson, Matilda 2 Mar 1817
Durham, Berryman Renfro, Elizabeth 29 Mar 1838
Durham, John Wines, Sarah 15 Mar 1831
Duval, Samuel S. MIddlton, Marilda B. 27 Apr 1838
Duval, Silvester H. Holman, Martha A. 11 Jun 1839
Dyer, Joel Gist, Betsy 27 Jun 1805
Surnames Index

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