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Barren Co, Kentucky Marriage Records F

Sandi Gorin has kindly published these marriages on the Barren Co, KY mailing list.

Extracted from the original records at the County Clerk's office.

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Kentucky Marriage Records at Ancestry

Surnames Index

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Fagg, Joseph A. Lee, Julia A. 31 Dec 1850
Falin, Thomas S. Steffey, Elizabeth 17 Jun 1853
Fancher, James M. Hizer, America Almarinda M. 24 Dec 1855
Fancher, John Conyers, Nancy 24 Dec 1812
Fant, Gustavus H. Settle, Sarah E. 22 Apr 1842
Fare, William Jones, Minney 26 May 1810
Faris, James Wilson, Martha A. 26 Sep 1850
Faris, John T. Bird, Jane 8 Jul 1822
Faris, William B. Johnson, Judith 22 Nov 1849
Farley, Clay Evans, Sarah 1 May 1819
Farley, John Evans, Barsheba 23 Jul 1823
Farrell, James Lawrence, Nancy 12 Mar 1835
Farris, Isaac Smith, Polly 26 May 1812
Farris, John T. Newell, Sophia 12 Jun 1834
Farris, W. S. Smith, Sarah Ann 13 Oct 1860
Faulkner, Alexander Dale, Nancy 6 Oct 1825
Faulkner, Alexander Dale, Polly 16 May 1831
Faulkner, Alexander Ford, Charlotte 21 May 1838
Faulkner, David Autridge, Polly 6 Nov 1815
Faulkner, David Slaughter, Emma C. 27 Nov 1823
Faulkner, David Shirley, Permelia 29 Jun 1825
Faulkner, David Hizer, Nancy Jane 31 Oct 1850
Faulkner, John Joliff, Elizabeth 1 Jan 1817
Faulkner, John Hiser, Rachel 15 Dec 1825
Faulkner, Marcus G. Williams, Elizabeth 9 Feb 1830
Faulkner, Samuel Faulkner, Jane 23 Sep 1830
Feland, John C. Button, Martha V. S. 23 Nov 1845
Feland, John C. Griffith, Martha 18 Jan 1855
Feland, Samuel Hamil, Nancy L. 1 Oct 1835
Feland, Thomas Sterrett, Mary Jane 3 Jan 1831
Feland, Thomas Logan, Sally 22 Oct 1834
Fenny, Job Wat, Elizabeth 26 Mar 1801
Fergison, William Rock, Rosanna 19 May 1847
Ferguson, Andrew J. Rock, Elizabeth 8 Jun 1851
Ferguson, Archibald Smith, Frances 6 Dec 1827
Ferguson, David E. Ford, Patsy 8 Jan1846
Ferguson, D. D. Ralston, Julianne 6 Oct 1836
Ferguson, Elijah Houk, Mary 18 Sep 1838
Ferguson, James Wright, Elvinia 13 Dec 1827
Ferguson, James J. Edwards, Arminta 8 Jun 1851
Ferguson, John Edwards, Sally 18 Apr 1820
Ferguson, Joseph Branstetter, Louisa J. 18 Oct 1849
Ferguson, Lewis Deweese, Rachel 23 Feb 1832
Ferguson, Thomas M. Montgomery, Martha J. 1858
Ferguson, William Deweese, Elizabeth ???
Ferguson, William Dean, Jinny 11 Jun 1805
Ferguson, William Write, Dorinda 30 Oct 1828
Ferguson, William G. Douglass, Nancy 10 Nov 1842
Fermault, Andrew J. Parrish, Lucinda 20 Mar 1851
Ferrel, Edmund Beard, Polly 29 Jan 1819
Ferrell, Anderson Hensley, Mary Ann 6 May 1855
Ferrill, Gabriel Courts, Matilda 27 Dec 1843
Ferris, John Byrd, Jane 8 Jul 1822
Ficklin, Robert P. Courts, Catharine J. 9 Dec 1812
Field, James W. Yancey, Elizabeth 22 May 1834
Field, Joseph Crenshaw, Lucy G. 19 Dec 1825
Field, Robert B. Everett, Elizabeth 21 Jan 1849
Fields, James Bibb, Nancy 27 Jul 1809
Fields, John Isbel, Elizabeth 30 Jul 1801
Fields, Thomas Hindman, Mary 28 Mar 1826
Fiers, Ausman D. Murray, Mary Jane 6 Jan 1845
Fillpot, Robert Moreson, Kitty 25 Jul 1802
Finn, James Harrison, Polly 17 Feb 1817
Finney, Franklin Hizer, Nancy J. 28 Sep 1845
Finney, Henry Hayden, Elizabeth F. G. 18 May 1820
Finney, Job Wat, Elizabeth 26 Mar 1801
Finney, Thomas Curry, Fetta A. 19 Sep 1849
Fishback, James Everett, Julia Ann 8 Feb 1846
Fishback, John Button, Elizabeth 12 Nov 1829
Fishback, William Martin, Mary Ann E. 14 Feb 1842
Fishburn, John Russell, Margarett Feb 1835
Fisher, David Elliott, Martha 29 Nov 1832
Fisher, David Barbour, Sally 15 Jul 1844
Fisher, George W. Peden, Lucy 14 Nov 1835
Fisher, James Gash, Lucy C. 29 Sep 1845
Fisher, James Jr. Bennett, Eliza 3 Nov 1836
Fisher, James R. Martin, Maratha J. 14 Dec 1844
Fisher, James R. Martin, Susan T. 6 Feb 1853
Fisher, James W. Bush, Salley 11 Jan 1802
Fisher, Jefferson Harrison, Eliza 7 Dec 1838
Fisher, John Meador, Emily 26 Dec 1844
Fisher, Oliver P. Barbour, Mary L. 25 May 1841
Fisher, Robinson Mainard, Phoeeby 19 Jan 1829
Fisher, Thomas Francis, Matilda 17 May 1832
Fisher, William Cook, Rhoda 25 Oct 1828
Fisher, William Jr. Moran, Sophia 8 Mar 1838
Fisher, Woodford Gillock, Polly 2 Sep 1830
Fitzgarel, James Faris, Wilmoth 30 Apr 1809
Fitzgerald, Almaritia L. M. Murry, Sarah S. C. 14 Mar 1843
Fitzgerald, Enoch Philips, Eliza Jane 9 Nov 1837
Fitzgerald, George W. Kinchelow, Nancy A. 15 Aug 1858
Fitzgerald, James Reed, Mary 29 Jul 1857
Surnames Index

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