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Barren Co, Kentucky Marriage Records Hu

Sandi Gorin has kindly published these marriages on the Barren Co, KY mailing list.

Extracted from the original records at the County Clerk's office.

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Surnames Index

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Hubbard, John Montgomery, Sarah 24 Jan 1821
Hubbard, John J. Jeffries, Malinda 12 Aug 1842
Hubbert, J. E. Long, Nancy 1855
Huchens, WilliamN. Britt, Elizabeth 26 Dec 1848
Huckabee, Joshua McGuire, Nelly 3 Mar or April 1826
Huckabee, Nathan Williams, Patsy 1 Feb 1816
Huckabee, William Bridges or Williams, Rebekah 17 Jan 1811
Huckaby, Joseph Kinslow, Agnes 23 Jun 1841
Huckaby, Joseph Sanders, Elizabeth 8 Nov 1848
Huckaby, Thomas Bridges, Margaret Jane 8 Feb 1848
Hudson, George Duval, Martha A. 24 Feb 1841
Hudson, James Wheeler, Mary 12 Oct 1837
Hudson, James L.? Jones, Nancy 13 Sep 1849
Hudson, John Feland, Elizabeth 9 Jul 1829
Hudson, John G. Feland, Mary 11 Apr 1831
Hudson, Miles W. Huffman, Susan C. 18 Nov 1841
Hudson, William Herndon, Matilda Ann 20 Oct 1825
Huff, William Cameron, Eliza 3 Jul 1806
Huffines, William Wright, Nancy 31 Dec 1844
Huffman, Albert Nunnally, Eliza Jane 23 Dec 1857
Huffman, Allin Lyon, Patsy 30 Sep 1812 or1813
Huffman, Ambrose Huffman, Elizabeth 3 Dec 1815
Huffman, Armstead Button, Nancy 26 Nov 1805
Huffman, Barnett Tuder, Nancy 14 Oct 1820
Huffman, Burkett Settle, Evelina 1 May 1826
Huffman, Edward Cockran, Nancy 5 Dec 1811
Huffman, Elam Nuckols, Polly 24 Feb 1820
Huffman, Ezekiel Crow, Betsy 7 Jul 1806
Huffman, F. Marion Pedigo, Nancy J. 26 Jun 1844
Huffman, Gavin Button, Sarah 26 Dec 1832
Huffman, George Wade, Rachel 17 Feb 1831
Huffman, Henry O'Neal, Eliza 11 Mar 1828
Huffman, Henry Right, Permelia 27 Oct 1828
Huffman, James M. Camp, Elizabeth 1858
Huffman, John Wright, Rebecca 21 Oct 1822
Huffman, John C. Tribble, Virginia 24 Jan 1839
Huffman, Josephus Bowles, Salina I. 9 Nov 1854
Huffman, Julius Crow, Nancy 30 Apr 1807
Huffman, Lewis Harlan, Elizabeth S. 12 Jan 1854
Huffman, Lewis Murry, Virginia 16 Jun 1855
Huffman, Teter Edwards, Letty 7 Jan 1817
Huffman, Thomas Pedigo, Olive 2 Jan 1820
Huffman, Uriah T. Tomlin, Nancy 7 Aug 1856
Huffman, William E. Hay, Mary Ann 31 Aug 1846
Huffman, William H. Dougherty, Nancy 6 Jan 1848
Hufman, Cornelious Ritter, Rosanna 7 Mar 1805
Hufman, Jese Gee, Nancy 12 Dec 1822
Hufman, John Cockran, Elenor 16 May 1832
Hufman, Uriah T. Cox, Lucy 21 Dec 1826
Huggens, Reuben Rions, Nancy ?? Jun 1818
Huggins, Reubin Berry, Roksina 26 or 27 Apr 1838
Huggins, William E. Reynolds, Sallie E. 26 Mar 1857
Huggins, William J? Dollin, Polly Ann 1 Jan 1845
Hughes, Robert Nevill, Julian 18 Dec 1832
Hughes, William D. Williams, Martha F. 23 Nov 1846
Hughs, Joseph Miller, Jane 27 Jun 1821
Hulbert, James Edwin Lay, Nancy 19 Feb 1855
Hulsey, Adonijah Hulsey, Margaret 18 Oct 1841
Hulsey, Carroll Wilson, Martha J. 1 Jul 1852
Hulsey, James M. Wilson, Elizabeth 20 Sep 1837
Hulsey, Jesse Hester, Frances 27 Dec 1827
Hulsey, William B. Harlow, Mary 1 Dec 1842
Hulsey, Wales Hester, Mary Jane 26 Dec 1855
Hume, Joseph Bailey, Katherine 21 Feb 1839
Humes, Henry R. Gassaway, Nancy H. 22 Oct 1856
Humes, John Smith, Lucinda 31 Aug 1828
Humphrey, Benjamin Wheatley, Nancy 23 Jan 1811
Humphrey, David Adwell, Elizabeth 11 Dec 1850
Humphrey, Jackson Pace, Susan 14 Nov 1832
Humphrey, James Walters, Sarah 30 Mar 1826
Humphrey, James Dougherty, Nancy Bond date 23 Mar 1826
Humphrey, Robert Brooks, Delphy 30 Mar 1831
Humphrey, Wm. M. Pace, Elizabeth 1858
Humphries, Lewis Browning, Peggy 1 Oct 1815
Humphris, Richard Puckett, Polly 18 Apr 1816
Humphry, Jackson Pace, Susan 14 Nov 1832
Hune, Thomas R. Bevill, Margarett Ann 22 Oct 1856
Hunley, James D. Swinney, Nancy 13 Jul 1837
Hunt, Aleneth Richardson, Virginia 15 Jan 1838
Hunt, Alexander Beard, Mary 11 Feb 1827
Hunt, Daniel Bailey, Agnes 8 Apr 1813
Hunt, Daniel Smith, Charlotte 20 Jun 1816
Hunt, Jackson Simmons, Margaret 8 Mar 1838
Hunt, Jeremiah B. Clay, Elizabeth M. 3 Aug 1839
Hunt, Joel T. Shive, Eliza Ann 8 Dec 1842
Hunt, John Simins, Patsey 20 May 1815
Hunt, John S. Shive, Janetta 3 Jul 1851
Hunt, Jonathan Stewart, Jean 7 Aug 1810
Hunt, Robertson Walker, Poley 21 Jun 1802
Hunt, William Jones, Nancy 11 Sep 1811
Hunt, William G. Shive, Catharine 8 Apr 1856
Hunt, Wilson Clark, Elizabeth 25 Oct 1842
Hunter, Allen Howard, Betsy 1 Oct 1821
Hurdle, Abel Armstrong, Marinda 19 May 1843
Hurt, Edward Pedigo, Sarah J. 26 Apr 1853
Hurt, James Clarke, Ruthy 7 Aug 1808
Hurt, Joel Levi, Frances 6 Jul 1826
Hurt, Leonard Kennard / Kinnard, C. Bell 31 May 1855
Hurt, William McMurry, Betsey 7 Jul 1817
Hutchanson, Matthew Bradford, Nancy 3 Oct 1815
Hutchens, George Wilbourn, Sarah J. 11 Nov 1847
Hutchens, James M. Pace, Elizabeth 20 Oct 1842
Hutcherson, C. B. Burks, Lu Ann 17 Apr 1848 (bond date)
Surnames Index

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Li   M   Mc   Me   N   O   P   Pe   Po   Q   R   Ro   S   Sk   St   T   Ti   U-V   W   We   Wi   Wo   Y-Z

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