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Barren Co, Kentucky Marriage Records Pe

Sandi Gorin has kindly published these marriages on the Barren Co, KY mailing list.

Extracted from the original records at the County Clerk's office.

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Kentucky Marriage Records at Ancestry

Surnames Index

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Peacock, John Hardwitch, Catherine 13 Oct 1808
Pearce, Richard Trent, Sally 24 Aug 1811
Pearce, William Clark, Jane M. 2 Feb 1832
Pearson, James Dicken, Sary 21 Aug 1809
Pearson, William Franklin, Phebe 23 Apr 1815
Peck, Daniel Withrow, Nancy 21 May 1802
Peck, Jacob Littrell, Elizabeth 9 Apr 1837
Peck, Joseph Thompson, Elizabeth 26 Jan 1838
Peck, Lewis W. Bradshaw, Elizabeth 19 Dec 1844
Peck, Salisbury McGinnis, Narcissas Jane 15 Dec 1844
Peddigo, John Polson, Nancy 14 Oct 1829
Peden, Benjamin Payne, Letitia Y. 26 Oct 1824
Peden, Benjamin Harrison, Malinda 26 Sep 1833
Peden, Benjamin S. Pursley, Virginia S. 20 Dec 1843
Peden, Eleazer Harrison, Sarah M. 20 Jan 1820
Peden, John Elliott, Elender 19 Oct 1812
Peden, Moses Wells, Elizabeth 30 Dec 1841
Peden, Stephen Jones, Martha 18 Aug 1831
Peden, Thompson Wilkerson, Sally 31 Oct 1811
Peden, William Underwood, Maracia 23 Dec 1841
Pedigo, Charles T. Pedigo, Matilda 14 Sep 1841
Pedigo, Edward Gill, Lettice 2 Nov 1826
Pedigo, Edward T. Ferrell, Thurza A. 23 Sep 1841
Pedigo, Elijah Meredith, Frances W. 5 Aug 1835
Pedigo, George E. Pedigo, Dolly 6 Dec 1839
Pedigo, Henry Farley, Judy 24 Jul 1823
Pedigo, Henry C. Ferrell, Calphurney 30 May 1848
Pedigo, Henry P. Pedigo, Mary C. 7 Feb 1844
Pedigo, Israel Edwards, Artimaes 14 Feb 1811
Pedigo, James A. Whitlow, Elizabeth F. 18 Sep 1845
Pedigo, Jesse Tanner, Polly 6 Jan 1824
Pedigo, Jesse Hay, Juda 14 Sep 1842
Pedigo, Jesse C. Wilson, Nancy H. 29 Feb 1848
Pedigo, Jesse S. Richardson, Jane 15 Jan 1837
Pedigo, John Hill, Frances 20 Dec 1810
Pedigo, John Oldham, Sally 18 Dec 1817
Pedigo, John G. Pedigo, Mahala A. 15 Jul 1841
Pedigo, John P. Hester, Eliza 14 Feb 1828
Pedigo, John P. Denham, Ruth 17 Mar 1830
Pedigo, Joseph Poynter, Elizabeth 14 Nov 1830 / 1831 ??
Pedigo, Lewis T. Whitlow, Evaline 17 Dec 1848
Pedigo, Thomas Tanner, Lidia 23 Jan 1820
Pedigo, William Dale, Perlina 19 Dec 1834
Pedigo, William Payne, Elizabeth 25 Nov 1841
Pedigo, William F. Pedigo, Mary Jane 2 Jan 1845
Pedigo, William P. Ferrill, Avaline 14 Jan 1841
Peers, James H. Freeman, Mary C. 20 May 1839
Peers, James H. Johnson, Mary N. 16 Nov 1847
Pemberton, Buford Roberts, Cassandra 1 June 1841
Pemberton, John Ferguson, Dorothy 8 Feb 1820
Pemberton, John W. Thompson, Elizabeth W. 29 Oct 1835
Pemberton, Johnson W. Emory, Ann 6 Aug 1840
Pemberton, Spottswood Graves, Emily 20 Apr 1841
Pendleton, James M. Garnett, Catherine S. 13 Mar 1838
Penick, Charles Lock, Milly 28 Jul 1831
Pennington, Burwell Thacker, Patsy 23 Nov 1831
Pennington, Daniel Railey, Esther 20 Aug 1805
Pennington, Joshua Gist, Polly 20 Feb 1806
Pennington, Stewart Howser, Jemima 24 Mar 1807
Perdue, Hezekiah Tinsley, Martha A. 23 Mar 1846
Perdue, Joseph Britt, Frances 8 Nov 1841
Perece, William Wilburn, Jeremiah 15 Dec 1815
Perkins, Charles Settle, Lucy 4 Apr 1811
Perkins, David Piper, Racheal 13 Mar 1828
Perkins, Jesse Allen, Polly 15 Jul 1807
Perkins, Joel S. Webb, Mary Jane 26 Mar 1844
Perkins, John Winlock, Martha Y. 15 Oct 1829
Perkins, Reuben Branstetter, Mary D. 4 Jan 1846
Perkins, William Nevill, Lucy 12 May 1849
Perkins, William A. Perkins, Virginia 5 Jan 1848
Perkins, William H. Camp, Lucy C. P. 24 Dec 1844
Perry, Bartlett Clarke, Sally 23 Apr 1813
Perry, David Clarke, Nancy 27 Aug 1812
Peters, Charles M. Swinney, Hannay 20 Jul 1820
Petty, Henry Ratliff, Louisa Jane 9 Apr 1848
Petty, Joshua McInteer, Martha A. 8 Apr 1841
Petty, Ralph Walden, Lucy E. 18 Apr 1831
Petty, Ralgph Pedigo, Elizabeth 21 Oct 1847
Peyton, Alexander Wilcoxen, Rachel 19 Aug 1847
Phelps, John Q. Logsdon, Rhodey 7 Dec 1807
Philips / Phillips, Jeremiah Brown, Ann 6 Oct 1803
Philips / Phillips, James Flatt, Honor 14 Jan 1819
Philips / Phillips, Morris Coran, Nancy 16 Jun 1832
Philips / Phillips, Ransom McNew, Mary 1 Nov 1846
Philips / Phillips, Warren Wilcoxson, Milly 19 Sep 1848
Philpot / Philpott, William Jr. Jett, Martha 20 Jun 1831
Philpot / Philpott, David Bradley, Jane 20 Jul 1842
Philpot / Philpott, Jesse Smith, Mary 31 Dec 1826
Philpot / Philpott, Joseph Marshall, Margaret 2 Jul 1807
Pickett, Bob S. Carpenter, Margaretta 16 Oct 1824
Pickett, Bob S. Carpenter, Permelia 27 Apr 1829
Pickett, George W. Munday, Virginia 3 Dec 1848
Pickett, John Tinsley, Rachill 23 May 1826
Pickett, William Sutle, Sally 8 Mar 1807
Pierce, James J. Innis, Jane 18 Sep 1837
Pierce, John Laswell, Peggy 1 Apr 1805
Pierce, John Shofner, Sally 18 Jul 1844
Pierce, Paschal Ennis, Melissa Ann 19 Jul 1836
Pierce, Richard Smith, Sukey 14 Mar 1814
Pierce, Washington Martin, Patsy 14 Apr 1814
Pierce, William Hilbury, Jemimah 13 Dec 1815
Piland, Willis Stephens, Susanna 14 Aug 1820
Pilford, Augustin Miller, Betsey 9 Nov 1815
Pinckley, William Huckaby, Polly 26 Dec 1824
Piper, Benjamin Gooden or Goodwin, Mary 30 Apr 1818
Piper, John Johnston, Winny 26 Mar 1812
Piper, John Yarborough, Betsy 17 Aug 1817
Piper, John Deweese, Jane 14 Feb 1825
Pitchford, Cyrus Gilleland, Mary Jane 18 Nov 1847
Pitchford, Samuel Wright, Nancy 21 Apr 1805
Pitchford, William Hatler, Eliza 18 Sep 1809
Surnames Index

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