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Mexia, Texas Newspaper Clippings
of 1899
Extracted from The Mexia Evening Ledger

These newspaper articles are extracted from the Mexia Evening Ledger.  They mention many names and events in Texas including obituaries.  Articles have been selected for genealogy value.  Spelling has been left as found in the articles.  I hope you enjoy them.  Be aware, there are clippings from all over the state included in these, so don't be put off by the fact that they were copied from Mexia newspapers.  

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January 6, 1899 January 9, 1899 January 11, 1899 January 13, 1899
January 16, 1899 January 18, 1899 January 20, 1899  

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January 6, 1899

Page 1


Joe WALLACE has the grip.

W. L. BOND in in the city.

J. W. BLAKE went to Terrell today.

Mrs. Sanford SMITH is on the sick list.

Mrs. VUNS is visiting friends in the city.

Charlie GREEN went to Ennis this evening.

Maj. J. H. VICKERS visited Groesbeck today.

Miss Elenor BELL left for Cleburne this evening.

Mrs. BARTLETT returned to Ennis this afternoon.

P. H. COLLINS left this afternoon for St. Louis.

D. S. SESSIONS came in from the north at noon.

Mrs. ABERNATHY is quite ill at her home in Mexia.

Mrs. TRUNDISS returned to Dallas on evening train.

Frank TATE, of Fairfield, came in on the noon train.

W. R. SPARKS went to Groesbeck on the noon train.

Miss Myrtle MARTIN went to Wortham this evening.

Mr. DAn CORLEY, of Dallas, is visiting his brother John R. CORLEY.

W. D. PITTMAN has a New and Select Stock of fine jewelry just in.

Misses Bessie and Ethel SMITH of Tehuacana, were in the city today.

Lee SATTERWHITE passed through the city on his way to Austin to be present at the opening of the legislature.

Editor W. O. PEERY left for Austin last night to personally look after his candidacy for the chief clerk of the house representatives.


Page 3

Little News Items

Last night the Knights of Pythias Lodge was treated to an oyster supper by Mr. HOVEY.  The lodge is in the habit of visiting the oyster palor after each meeting, so Mr. HOVEY did the honors last night, and has the thanks of all who were present.


Jabe OVERTON is authorized to solicit and recieve payment for subscriptions to The Evening News.


J. D. SAWYER, W. L. MURPHY and Geo. TUCKER, of Mexia are on the petit jury for the second week of district court and will report at Groesbeck next Monday.


Grand Chancellor D. B. BLAKE, of the Knights of Pythias of Texas will visit the Mexia lodge on Friday night the 20th inst, at which atime there will be a public installation of officers, and possibly an address by Bro. H. P. BROWN, P. G. C. who has been invited to be present on the occasion.


John RETO, the Mexican arrested for complicity in the bank robbery, has been released, as one of the negroes acknowledged taht RETO had nothing whatever to do with the affair.


January 9, 1899

Page 1


Geo. BELL is at Groesbeck today.

Ed WALLER went to Groesbeck at noon.

Frank HUGHES went to Austin yesterday.

J. L. WORTHAM left for Austin yesterday.

Gene HARWELL visited Corsicana yesterday.

H. B. CABINESS went to Groesbeck today.

Bud THOMASON returned from Ennis at noon.

Mrs. W. F. ROBERTS is quite sick with La Grippe.

Judge DOYLE paid the county capital a visit today.

W. M. SEELY came down from Wortham at noon.

Sandy GORDEN went to Groesbeck on the noon train.

Miss Roxie BOYD of Tehucana, was in the city today.

Miss Julia WOLVERTON returned from Corsicana today.

Miss DISERT of Trenity University left for Temple today.

Mrs. Kirk Patrick, of Waco, visited friends in the city yesterday.

E. L. DUKE has returned from a several days visit to his father near Kirk.

E. L. BLANKENSHIP went to S. Louis Friday night with some beef cattle.

R. L. REECE and wife, of Corsicana are visiting the family of Chas. STEVENS.

Prof CAMPBELL, of Tehucana, paid this office a pleasant visit Saturday afternoon.

Mrs. T. A. KINDRED rrived in the city last night and will take charge of the Evening Ledger.

A. J. BITTLE and wife returned today from Sherman where they have been visiting Mrs. SHEEKS.

Mrs. Julia LEAK of San Antonio, who has been visiting her brother, Dr. R. S. JOHNSON, left today for her home.

Rev. J. A. COULSON, of Corsicana, representing Texas Baptist and the Guardian paid our sanctum a friendly visit this morning.


Page 3

Little News Items

W. A. LANNING will soon move his clothing stock one door north of his present stand, thus giving him more room.


J. W. KINCHELOE has a sick baby at his home.


C. J. KAUFMAN will move his stock of groceries to the rear of the SMITH building, formerly occupied by J. M. BARNES, as soon as some necessary repairs can be made.


Died -- News has reached here the Mrs. Fannie DRIVER died at her home in Laredo.  Deceased was a sister of Mrs. Lizzie WATSON of this city, and had a number of friends here who will be sorry to hear of her demise.


Prof. CAMPBELL sings at the opera house on the 17th.

January 11, 1899

Page 1


Capt. BARBER was in town today.

Mrs. N. Y. LONG is on the sick list.

Geo. BELL went to Groesbeck today.

Dick JACKSON went to Groesbeck at noon.

W. L. MURPHY left for Dallas this evening.

Chas. GREEN went to Ennis this afternoon.

Little Georgia HALL is sick with la grippe.

Hester ARNOLD of Palestine, is in the city.

J. O. HARPER visited the county capital today.

John ALLEN came down from Corsicana at noon.

W. H. BESSLING went to Dallas today on business.

N. PRAGER went up to Wortham on the afternoon train.

Miss Roxie BOYD of Tehuacana was in the city today.

T. BENNET is out again after quite a seige of slow fever.

Miss Luna MOODY went to Groesbeck on the noon train.

Capt. Whit BUCK, a well known knight of the grip, is in the city.

Sam LANNING went down to Groesbeck today on important business.

W. D. PITTMAN has a New and Select of fine jewelry just in.

Capt. J. M. BARRY of the Tehuacana community was in town today.

Constable Geo. WILDER, of Wortham came down on the noon train.

B. F. MARTIN a prominent farmer of the Personville country was in town this morning and paid this office a business visit.

Mrs. CLARK and little son, who have been visiting Mrs. CLARK's father, Rev. J. S. GROVES, returned to her home in Ennis this afternoon.


Page 3

Some of the ads



The New Optician and Jeweler

Mexia, Texas.




Mexia, Texas

All the Rage -- Photo Buttons

Your wife, baby or sweetheart reproduced from a photo or tin type on a beautiful pin or button.  Link cuff button for ladies or gents; novelty photo jewelry.   Portraits and frames.



Attorney at Law

Land and Collecting Ag't

Groesbeck, Texas



(Late of New York.)

Phisician and Surgeon.

Gives general attention to Medical and Surgical practice, but is specially prepared to give Medical and Surgical care to all cases of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.  Spectacles scientifically fitted.  No charge for examination.  Office over Clark's Pharmacy.






Will practice in all of the courts of the State.  Have been practicing in the counties of Limestone, Freestone and Navarro for 18 years and are acquainted with the people and the business enterprises of the country.  Give us you business and we will attend to it.




East Texas lands are attracting the attention of the home seeker.  The low price of land, in connection with the certainty of crops, makes this a most desirable location for the farmer.  Most of the counties penetrated by the International & Great Northern R. R. between Longview, Galveston, and Columbia through local organizations are making flattering offers to settlers.

Inquiries addressed to me regarding any particular location, will be placed in the hands of responsible parties for reply.

D. J. PRICE, A. G. P. A.,

I. & G. N. R. R., Palestine, Texas.


Little News Items

Justice ROBERTS' court is grind-away today on the civil docket.

The compress is having trouble today in getting hands to run the business.


Cards are out announcing the fifteenth (crystal) wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas JACKSON on Friday eve, 20th inst.


Frank HUGHES was elected assistant sergeant at arms of the senate yesterday, which is good news to his many friends here.


Prof. CAMPBELL sings at the opera house on the 17th.


Q. L. McDONALD is now captain of his company, having been promoted from first lieutenant on the resignation of Capt. PARISH, who is a member of the Texas legislature.  Congratulations, Mac.


George KIMBROUGH, the printer charged with forgery and who has been confined in the Waxahachie jail for more than a year, is again a free man, the last case against him having been disposed of.  He is well known in Mexia, having worked here for some time.


January 13, 1899

Page 1


Walter LEWIS went to Groesbeck at noon.

Ed WALLER went to Kosse on business today.

S. B. ROBINSON went to Corsicana this afternoon.

R. J. ELLINGTON paid the county capital a visit today.

H. M. ROBERTS returned from Groesbeck this afternoon.

Herman NUSBAUM came up from Groesbeck this afternoon.

Geo. BELL went through the mud to Groesbeck today to attend court.

W. D. PITTMAN has a new Select Stock of fine jewelry just in.

Miss Annie KEELING returned this afternoon from a visit to friends in Calvert.

Rev. J. F. McKENZIE paid our office a pleasant visit yesterday afternoon.

H. M. SHIVE, late of Corsicana, is in the city and will embark in the grain and commission business.

J. L. NEWBERRY of Chicago representing Meyer & Co. tailors, is in the city on business with W. T. KEELING.

Miss Sallie E. SMITH returned from Calvert this evening where she has been visiting relatives for several weeks.

J. I. SINCLAIR had his hand badly mashed this morning while unloading freight, necessitating the attention of physician.

R. L. HOLLINGSWORTH, representing the N. D. NELSON manufacturing Co. of St. Louis, is in the city on business with the Water Works Co.

Mrs. L. WILLIAMS, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Dr. J. R. THOMAS for several months, left for her home in Memphis this afternoon.


Little News Items

For Sale or Rent - Place 4 1/2 miles west of Mexia; 100 acres; about 80 acres in cultivation.  Apply to S. J. JACKSON, at Campbell's lumber yard.


The last case tried by Justice ROBERTS was NUSBAUM v TUBBS suit on note; judgment for plaintiff.  This will probably wind up the business of the present term, as there are only a few motions yet to be argued.


There has been a general moving in town yesterday and today.  Dr. CARRUTH moved into the W. S. BRYANT place, Mr. BRYANT has moved to the ROBERTS house, just vacated by W. L. HALL, who now resides at the DEVINE place, near the Methodist church.



From Rev. BASDEN's place near Wortham, on Thursday night Dec. 29, a red cow with a nearly black head, branded H and a heart on the left hip; marked swallow fork and under bit in left and upper bit in right.  Five dollars reward of cow to me.


Pursley, Texas.


Have you found information in Texas Siftings that helped you in your research?  Drop us a line.  We love to hear about your "finds".

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