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Mississippi marriage records listing bride, groom, date of marriage, county of marriage and location at court house. 

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Mississippi Marriage Records B-Barnes

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with B contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

B-Barnes Barnett-Bee Bend-Berryman Bi-Bonds Bonner-Brand
Brandon-Bright Brimage-D Brooks E. Brooks-P. Brooks R. Brooks-Brunt Bryant-Byras






PG #



           , Andrew Smith, Ida 09/13/1901 Washington 22 27
Barber, Albert Grant, Allie Ray 05/03/1914 Yazoo C 56 Woods, J. W.
Barber, Israel Washington, Josephine 09/10/1916 Yazoo D 554 Thompson, B. F.
Barber, Jeff Barksdale, Heneretta 12/22/1914 Yazoo C 283 Tardy, E. E. M. G.
Barber, John Dudley, Clara Yazoo W 560
Barber, Nelson Clark, Correy 05/19/1920 Holmes 16 537 Davis, G. W. Minister
Barber, Nelson Haskins, Missouri 03/26/1889 Holmes K 31
Barber, Sam Chatman, Cora 12/14/1913 Yazoo B 335 Jenkins, J. M.
Barber, William McDowell, Virginia 06/21/1902 Holmes 5 411 Parks, J. W. Minister
Barber, Wilson Cooper, Henretta 10/19/1906 Holmes 8 482
Barbour, Jeff Smith, Annie 01/02/1914 Yazoo B 452 Polk, W. M. M. G.
Barbour, Jeff Thurman, Bettie 08/18/1911 Yazoo V 473 Franklin, W. M. Minister
Barbour, Nela Jr. Grace, Mattie Willie 07/18/1915 Holmes 14 57 Little, R. H. Minister
Barbour, Nelson Nixon, Louisa 10/04/1909 Holmes 10 462
Barbour, Nelson Blackman, Nancy 06/06/1912 Holmes 12 428 Johnson, W. Minister
Barbour, Will Howard, Hattie 11/19/1918 Holmes 16 24
Barbur, L. L. Robertson, Mary 01/31/1901 Holmes 4 504 Carson, E. T. M. G.
Barker, Daniel Byrd, Rhoda 03/31/1895 Holmes H 594
Barksdale, Cleveland Williams, Amie 09/22/1913 Holmes 13 149 Edwards, R. M. J. P.
Barksdale, Cleveland Davis, Hettie 02/02/1900 Holmes 4 57 Taylor, J. T. M. G.
Barksdale, Cleveland Sanders, Jane 02/15/1898 Holmes 2 489
Barksdale, Irving Bryant, Roselee 05/22/1902 Holmes 5 389 Taylor, J. T. Minister
Barksdale, James Brister, Alice 01/20/1901 Holmes 4 475 White, C. S. Minister
Barksdale, Jerry Porter, Jessie M. 10/01/1922 Holmes 18 90 Shephard, J. R. Minister
Barksdale, Jesse Lashley, Catherine 02/28/1913 Holmes 13 77
Barksdale, Ned Thomas, Frances 09/14/1909 Holmes 10 435
Barksdale, Willie Larras, Mary Ella 12/26/1918 Holmes 16 64 Coleman, D. L. Minister
Barnard, Johnson Gibson, Pearl 01/22/1912 Sunflower 13 602 Madison, J. M. Minister
Barner, Albert Broadnax, Christiana 12/23/1925 Holmes 19 362 Wade, J. C. Minister
Barner, Sam Lewis, Mary 02/07/1903 Yazoo R 485 Taylor, J. T. Minister
Barnes, John Baines, Mary 12/14/1913 Holmes 13 219 Adams, Cary Minister
Barnes, John R. Herbett, Lucinda 11/26/1870 Yazoo 3 446 Julian, Caniel M. G.
Barnes, John Travis Buckles, Willie 12/25/1916 Holmes 15 120 Wright, J. T. Minister
Barnes, John Turner Jackson, Lizzie 03/04/1920 Holmes 16 496 Shepherd, J. R. Minister
Barnes, Johnnie Williams, Minnie 03/17/1913 Yazoo B 47 Robinson, A. G.  
Barnes, Johnny Long, Cleotha 12/11/1923 Holmes 18 409    
Barnes, Keeney Lloyd, Dicy 02/26/1905 Holmes 7 517    
Barnes, Lonzo Gason, Florence 08/29/1907 Yazoo W 444 Oliver, L. A. M. G.
Barnes, M. Hanley, Sarah 12/29/1873 Yazoo 2 559 Goodlow, G. W.  
Barnes, Marshall Davis, Mary Ann 06/09/1883 Yazoo B 483 Penny, B. F. Minister
Barnes, Mathew Sherman, Lula 12/28/1925 Yazoo T 81 Taylor, J. E. Minister
Barnes, Ollie Bulter, Rosa 09/23/1906 Yazoo F 522 McNair, A. J. M. G.
Barnes, Peter Rhodes, Louisa 12/01/1887 Yazoo D 201 Johnson, Amos M. G.
Barnes, Richard Dorr, Margaret 08/29/1894 Yazoo H 298 Renfrow, A. C. Minister
Barnes, Roscoe Tucker, Maggie 03/17/1925 Yazoo 19 206 Birdlong, Wm Minister
Barnes, Roscoe White, Maude 01/03/1924 Holmes 18 458 Roberson, W. H. Minister
Barnes, Scott Ervin, Annie 10/20/1894 Holmes H 290 Nash, Rich C. M. G.
Barnes, Silas Green, Mary 12/13/1923 Yazoo J 61 Chambers, K. C.  
Barnes, Thomas Penn, Susan   Yazoo 3 379 Brown, Jesse D. D.
Barnes, William McGee, Rhoda 05/23/1889 Holmes K 61 Walker, Nelson Minister
Barnes, Willie Holmes, Lee Anna 02/28/1899 Holmes 3 281 Wright, W. F. Minister
Barnes, Willie Harrington, Lillian 12/8/1918 Holmes 16 39 Broadnax, A. Minister
Barnes, Willie Tyler, Mamie 10/10/1910 Yazoo X 395 Martin, Samuel Minister
Barnes, Willie Carter, Mattie 05/05/1894 Yazoo H 212 Burnfield, Jno J. P.
Barnes, Willie Denton, Mary 01/03/1917 Holmes 15 138 Howard, Anthony Minister
Barnes, Willie Mitchell, Nannie 12/31/1902 Holmes 6 49 Wiley, L. D. Minister
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